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Published on May 9th, 2017 | by Merion


Caron Cakes Yarn Review

Merion reviews Caron Cakes and makes a Frozen-inspired cushion!

caron cakes cushion spike stitch

Reviewing yarn is one of the most fun activities for a yarnoholic. Getting to squish a new yarn and explore options for potential projects is great fun! When a ball of Caron Cakes arrived on my desk I couldn’t wait to get started – so the first thing I did was look online to see what other people had crocheted with it.

Caron Cakes are heady concoctions of different shades, sliding from one to another all together in one ball! This is a kind of paradise for crocheters, who generally loathe sewing ends in when switching colours, and perfect for working big striped blankets in any stitch! The Caron Cakes have long colour repeats, sometimes tonal, sometimes not. You can choose something zingy like Rainbow Sprinkles and Funfetti, which leap from bright to bright, or a gentler slide, like Pistachio or Cookies & Cream that make good use of neutrals and paler shades that have more of an ombré effect.

Crocheters are a creative bunch, and will manipulate these colour repeats in all kinds of fabulous ways. I have seen the colour repeats worked in sequence, or started and stopped to accommodate certain patterns. It is a fabulous way of playing Russian Roulette with colour, especially if you make granny squares, just taking a leap and making a square in whatever shade comes next. This is not like working with variegated yarn, however. With variegated yarn, the colour changes are constant and combined, Caron Cakes are most definitely self-striping yarns.

I’m playing with the icy blue shade Faerie Cake, and it reminds me so much of the very popular film Frozen, so I just had to get some icicles happening with some fun spike stitch!  It slides from a blue sky to teal via white, a minty aqua and some very well placed speckles of the darkest teal to tie the connect the colour changes together.

Caron Cakes Faerie Cake

First things first, it feels beautifully soft, and makes up to a firm fabric with a 5mm that would be perfect for blankets or accessories.  The combination of 80% acrylic with 20% wool makes this yarn washable, and the wool content will help keep you warm.

spike stitch caron cakes


For my Icicle Cushion, which measures 14×14″, I chained 49 to begin (48 + 1) with a 5mm hook.

I used an easy tutorial from our lovely friend Hopeful Honey (otherwise known as Olivia Kent!) to create my spike stitch, working on a multiple of 6 stitches + 1, but rather than keep it an even spike repeat, I played around with the depth and frequency of my spikes – of course you can keep them regular if you prefer!


Hopeful Honey’s spike stitch works on a multiple of six rows, and this is something that I varied too – but you’ll find, once you start, that it’s very easy to make this stitch your own!  I simply worked until I had enough fabric to fold over a 14″ cushion insert, and then merrily whipstitched the sides together. I had approximately 40g of yarn left, enough to add a final flourish of pompoms or corner tassels!

There are so many exciting ideas for Caron Cakes – what will you crochet?

Show us your Caron Cakes projects in the Community!



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  1. Sharen Downen says:

    Dearest Marion,

    I wanted to express my thoughts to you about how much I enjoy everything you do. I absolutely love your patterns and am so grateful for your free tutorials. My home burned to the ground 5 months ago and buying things for myself is out of the question at the moment. I enjoy your talent and it’s nice to have a peaceful moment to myself thru you.
    Once again, Thank you!
    Sharen Downen

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