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Win £75/$75 worth of yarn in our Woolentine’s Day Competition!

Before you know it, stores will be filled with flowers, chocolate and all things romantic, which can only mean one thing: it’s Valentine’s Day! But before that comes Woolentine’s Day!

While it’s always nice to give and receive presents to and from loved ones, we all know who your true love really is: yarn!

Because that relationship deserves as much attention as any other, we at LoveCrochet will celebrate Woolentine’s Day a month before Valentine’s Day, and we are giving you the chance to win £75/$75 worth of yarn!

Here’s what you need to do:

Just tell us why yarn is your one true Woolentine in the comments below to enter! Be creative! You can choose a favorite yarn, or a favorite brand, or just tell us about why you love alpaca in your wool! Make us laugh, make us cry, just catch our eye. You have until the 21st January, 11:59pm EST! The best comment will win £75/$75 worth of yarn! Click here to read the full Ts & Cs.

Tell us who your Woolentine is and why! Find inspiration here!

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70 Responses to Win £75/$75 worth of yarn in our Woolentine’s Day Competition!

  1. Cindy S says:

    Love the idea for alpaca yarn for a baby outfit. I’m thinking light grey and pink for our new granddaughter. I’m just getting back to knitting and have a few projects started including a knit baby hat. I was taught by my 5th grade Scottish teacher. We would be able to pick from recess or learning to knit. It was a great experience that I’ll always remember.

  2. Minta Fung says:

    I really don’t have a favorite Yarn. I just love Yarn. It is just so versatile, any thing you can dream of you can make with hands and needles. To me it just exciting to see the project come to completion, like a dream come true. I love the glow on people’s faces when they unwrap something I made for them and they just gently touch it like it might break and then that big smile appears with the words “you made this for me”. Nothing makes me happier.

  3. Theodora parry says:

    Yarn is a symbol of true love as it is always there for you, in sickness and in health. It comforts the broken heart, it inspires the joyful. Yarn accepts all without judgment and it produces beautiful creations. There is no gift more humbling than one made of yarn, each stitch and details are made full of hopes and emotions.

  4. Angela D says:

    Yarn never asks why you are having a bad day, it’s just there for you to knit/crochet your stress away. Watching patterns emerge from variegated yarn while you are working a blanket or piece of clothing. There is no better stress release than a new ball of yarn.

  5. Becky K says:

    I love anything chunky.
    Being self taught I can struggle with certain patterns. If I switch to chunky it works.
    I taught myself to crochet to help with anxiety after my daughter was born with an undiagnosed heart condition.
    Keeps the mind busy.
    Hopefully I can get good enough to make the ward plenty of blankets and hats.

  6. Anna Bjorg says:

    Yarn never lets me down. Yarn is there for me when I need it. Yarn makes me feel like I can be myself around it. New yarn gives me butterflies in my stomach and dreams of future projects. I love my yarn with all my heart <3

  7. Sarah Milkins says:

    Why is yarn my one true woolentine? Here are just a few reasons.
    Yarn can be dependable and predictable or it can be exciting and spontaneous and everything in between. It can warm you up and cool you down, clean your face and your dishes. (As long as you pick the right one for the job obvs ;P)

    All of that and it doesn’t even I care if I haven’t brushed my hair, I’m still in my pjs and my socks don’t match.

    Without yarn I’d just be a rather strange woman muttering away at a hook and two sticks.

  8. Elizabeth Wilson says:

    Nothing quite compares, to the sense of peace and calm
    Of creating something special, with a hook and ball of yarn
    Wool is a comfort in many ways, you can never have enough
    The joy of making still lives on, as a gift for someone you love

  9. Emma Liza Fay says:

    Yarn won’t lie, it won’t ever shout and make me cry.
    Yarn’s not mean, and certainly won’t tell me, “your bum’s too big in them there jeans”!
    It just glides on my hook with it’s incredible look.

    Yarn can be big or small it doesn’t matter cos it’s not like a man, where size always matters!
    Yarn is there when I need a cuddle, it lifts me up when I’m in a muddle!

    I love my yarn, and my yarn loves me.
    I caress it, cuddle it and smell it too.
    And I know it loves it when I give it a kiss or two.

    Please send me more yarn cos I’ve got the flu, plus it’s helping me through these January blues xx

    (All the above is totally true, I just don’t usually tell anyone about my yarn addiction!!) By Emma Liza Fay xxx

  10. gwen says:

    I tried skiing. It was cold, wet, and windy. I fell down. It hurt! Next was hiking, but I didn’t fair much better. I think the wildlife was out to get me. I was feasted on by hoards of Mosquitoes, pooped on by a goose with diarrhea, and a snake slithered over my foot. I screamed! A shiny new bike for Christmas, and 3 stitches in my chin for Easter after my first cycling jaunt. I cried! I now crochet. The yarn is soft. My favorite spot in front of the fireplace is warm, and the only wildlife is a very old, fat cat curled up on the blanket I am making. I love yarn because it’s so safe and squishy!

  11. Claire says:

    I love yarn! I love searching the different colours, different components, different thickness and dreaming of all the beautiful presents I could make for my family. I love rainbow colours for my children, very classic neutral colours for my sister and mum. Sadly I am limited by funds but love the idea of trying new and different yarns. I have a constant mental list of yarns and patterns I’d love to try.

  12. Paula Tandon says:

    I love yarn because I make baby hats for the hospital. They always need them for the newborns. It’s easy to do.

  13. Jennifer Horsfield says:

    Roses are red,
    And yarn can be too,
    But yarn can make creative dreams come true.

  14. Bo Peep got the sack when her sheep went astray,
    She was with Little Boy Blue, just playing away.
    Then she spied an Alpaca and thought “now there’s a good yarn”
    With Boy Blue by her side they made off to the barn.

    They spoke to the farmer and then made a deal.
    A dozen Alpacas for a £100, what a steal!
    Boy Blue then proposed and made Bo his wife
    Together with their Alpacas they enjoy the high life!

  15. Abigail Parsons says:

    Yarn is my therapy 😊

  16. Heidi Bradshaw says:

    Whenever I crochet, I always do it with my daughter in mind. She’s 17 years old, and is my miracle baby, due to 8 previous losses. With my crochet, I think to myself if I can please Sophie with my work, then I know other people will enjoy it. She is my strength and stay.

  17. Linzi Culbertson says:

    I love all sorts of yarns even proper wool ones though my hands don’t agree with that part. I’m always looking for a new pattern or stitch to try. The Crochet Crowd is a constant source of inspiration.

  18. Samantha Mann says:

    I love yarn because it keeps my granny company! Without Yarn she would be bores, sitting at home alone just waiting to go to bed. Yarn gives my granny a purpose. She make hats for newborn babies and donates them to two local hospitals so they benefit so many babies. Its nice when I see people on social media posting pictures of their newborns and then it turns out that they’re wearing a hat my grandma has made! So If i was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner, id give it to my grandma to keep her favourite hobby going and helping hospitals around us.

  19. Jackie Green says:

    Yarn is….. a kind of heaven, but only better.

  20. Emily Taylor says:

    I love wool in all shapes and sizes. Theres just something so therapeutic and calming about it. There is always a project on the go, whether it be knitting or crochet and its has to be the best way to unwind after a day at work or exams. It’s now a hobby me, my mum and my gran share. Theres nothing better than working on a project and turning a ball of yarn into something beautiful.

  21. Jessica Kendall says:

    Caron cakes, be my woolentine?😍
    I began crocheting just a few months ago and always loved the look of these Caron cakes but never knew what would be the best way to use them up to their full potential, now, me and my son are moving into our own house and I want to make some beautiful blankets, throws and cushions all in Caron cakes!😍 And maybe one get get a chunky yarn to make a foot pouffe!

  22. Judith says:

    Hi, I’m Judith. One year ago when I was sixteen I learned myself the basics for crochet with youtube. My family thought it was lame and just not of this time anymore but I kept going with learning how to crochet.
    Nowadays my family loves my hobby and I often crochet for them amigurumis or I make them for children. For the babies that were born in my community I’ve made babyblankets with lots of lots of love😝. Crocheting brings me peace and makes me relax. It also helped me connect with people around me and made me less lonely.
    I’d love to buy yarn and look around in stores. I don’t have much money but I crochet a lot so my option to get yarn is the thriftshop.
    You would make me the happiest person with this amazing gift. I already start to shine thinking about a box with fresh, clean, new yarn.
    I would start making something for the lovely people at the thriftshop because they always look out for cottonyarn for me and are very kind.
    Ps, it’s a bit stupid but I’m allergic for wool so if I win is it possible to get acryl or cotton. I’m not sure since it’s WOOLentine’s day but I thought I can always try.

    Kind regards, judith from the Netherlands

  23. Emma-Louise Gillespie says:

    I’ve just started making blankets and toys with paintbox chunky. It’s amazingly versatile and the colours are beautiful. Our local maternity accepts blanket donations, I love how quickly you can make a lovely blanket with this chunky yarn. It was so important to me to be organised when I had my daughter, if parents are in with premature babies I love the idea that someone could give them a handmade blanket for their little one rather than a generic hospital blanket.

  24. Zoe says:

    Yarn is my Woolentime as it’s my escapism, it’s my calm of being a working Mum with little downtime. With school runs, washing and food shopping in the day and then working 6pm until midnight Mon-Fri I need my yarn time.

  25. Becca says:

    I love yarn. My grandmother used to go to jumble sales and buy old jumpers that she would unwind to use in her crochet blankets. And a while ago my mum got sick and she uses crochet as a coping mechanism for her illness. I never got to meet my grandmother but my mum taught me to crochet and I feel like using yarn to create whatever we can think of has brought our generations together.

  26. Elaine Taylor says:

    I’ve been with my husband 13 years married for 7 and so far I’ve had one present from him for Valentine’s day in all that time (apparently I’m hard to BUY for). I have a thing with gifts I prefer thing that lasts, chocs are lovely but once there eaten there gone. Flowers are nice but they only last so long.
    But yarn, yarn can be a ball in the cupboard for that project your going to make one day. Yarn can be something you need to make now. And yarn once it’s been worked with, made in to something, can turn In to something really special. A babies first hat, booties or blanket. A cancer patients beanie or fake breast. A dementia suffers twiddle muff. A blanket for a loved one or just a item of clothing. And the gift or giving is something that lasts forever.

  27. Emma says:

    I love wool as it is my escape route. It has also bought me and my best friend even closer as we love sitting down and crocheting at my house. We are also enabling each other to buy amazing yarns haha.

  28. Erica says:

    Hi im erica and im 12 and i love wool
    It just makes me smile When i make someone something out of wool it is so nice to see the smile on there face but no matter how much wool i have there is always room for more wool just makes me happy and it is just nice to come home sit down and crochet or knit it is just relaxing my favorite wool is paint box when i buy wool i never know what i am going to do with it but i just know i want it i have been crocheting now for about a year and a half now and i dont plan on stoping anytime soon i am crochet a doghnut pillow at the moment and cant wait till it is finished it just brings me joy to finish a project 😀

  29. Gillian York says:

    Sirdar has been one of my favourites from when I started knitting in the 1950’s, cost a tanner a ball in the 60’s, had a break of 20 years from the 90’s, took up knitting again 2 years ago, rather a shock to the system what it costs now but I love home made again, new yarns as well.I go for feel of the wool and the colour, still love a bargain though well who doesn’t and my needles are clicking away again quite happily even crocheting again, wonderful for keeping my mind active.

  30. Victoria Babcock says:

    I love yarn, it doesn’t yell at you or make you cry. It doesn’t laugh at you if you make mistakes. It does make you feel wonderful for each project that you complete. And it doesn’t make you feel guilty if you make something for yourself, like a shawl or slippers. My love of yarn is over 50 years long and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  31. Cheryl says:

    Yarn is the thing I can make into what I want, when I want and it will stay with me until I give it away. It’s warm and cuddly, soft, and adorable!

  32. Katy says:

    I think that wool is my oldest friend,
    Used for centuries to create and mend.
    In ancient Egypt you created socks,
    Perhaps to keep Pharaoh tootsies hot!
    Although sometimes you drive me crazy,
    You make gorgeous clothes for my baby.
    Cashmerino is what catches my eye,
    So I’d love to win an excuse to buy!

  33. Samantha Andes says:

    I love yarn because it’s always here for me! It feeds my soul; aesthetically. It keeps me warm, keeps my mind from unraveling, stimulates my creativity and never talks back! I have bowls, boxes, totes and baskets of yarn. Hidden in closets, under my bed, sitting in glorious piles of delicious textures and colors all over my home! There is no such thing as too much yarn, just too little time!

  34. Bianka Sharpe says:

    After a very difficult 4 years, wool has helped me pick myself up and keep going! I don’t have a particular favourite but do love chunkier to the skinny dk. I have learnt to crochet and made so many things but being a single parent to 2 beautiful daughters doesn’t leave me with much cash for wool.

  35. Marie says:

    I simply love yarn, I want it all on hand so that when I get the urge to crochet, I have the yarn to whip something up. I just finished a baby pod for my non existing great grandchild. I got a blue and a pink shade for whichever one comes first. Nothing like looking to the future.

  36. Mary Ellen says:

    Love all kinds of yarn. I use it to make slippers, dishcloths and hotpads. I make several afaghans a year and raffle them off to my family at Christmas. They all look forward to see what will be next. It is really fun.

  37. Suzanne R says:

    I wish I was a ball of yarn because then it would be ok to be chunky. LOL 🙂

  38. Lucille Beck says:

    I am a Happy Hooker. I only hook for free. But only on Wednesdays From one to three. This is the motto of a group of senior citizens who only crochet for charity. We would love the yarn to be able to make something war for our local vets.

  39. Lucy Beck says:

    I am a Happy Hooker. I only hook for free. But only on Wednesdays From one to three. This is the motto of a group of senior citizens who only crochet for charity. We would love the yarn to be able to make something warm for our local vets.

  40. maureen colvard says:

    without my Husband — YARN is my “LIFE” crocheting one day at a time
    “YARN” that I know will look good with a pattern
    the right color “YARN” for the pattern
    “YARN” that the person who is going to get the afghan will like
    all “YARN” all colors
    box after box of “YARN” to be used one day at a time
    afghan after afghan crocheted with LOVE — all afghans are used for gifts
    you want my attention just say “YARN” “YARN” I’ll hear you
    each “YARN” store I go into I hear the “YARN” calling my name “G’ma over here”

  41. roxane Wintour says:

    Yarn, any yarn, and working it: defines my happy place. Yarnwork (knit, crochet or woven) is a must in cold Canada… where I am from!

  42. annette thivierge says:

    I crochet and enjoy working with sport weight yarn especially. I’m currently, (and often), “grounded” from stores that sell yarn, 😉; all the pretty colors, it’s like a special gift to get new yarn! I sometimes get carried away—the last time I went yarn shopping I had to put yarn back. It was really hard to choose which ones to put back lol. I have a couple of go to patterns that practically crochet themselves. It would be such a blessing to win this prize but so hard to choose what colors!

  43. Jean Hayes says:

    I love to knit something fun for our grandkids for Christmas. Everything from knitted minon slippers to finding a knitted pickle on the Christmas tree. I’m always on the lookout for ideas for the next year.

  44. MJ Banish says:

    My husband is my Woolentine! I taught him to crochet this winter! He had shoulder surgery and was miserable. I got him big yarn and big hook and he is now totally “hooked”. He loves to watch his yarn change color as he goes into rows. It has quieted his mind’s worrying. This has become his new therapy! Simple blankets have become gifts for children we know. We yarn shop together now! Now we’re making items for elderly and homeless to share.

  45. Dara Hollingshead says:

    As a person with a mental disorder I have times when yarn and my knit / crochet class is a life line. If you graced me with the yarn I could give back to the lovely women who have given me so much more over the years.

  46. Taylor K says:

    Crocheting keeps me sane, it feels like.
    I have Major Depressive Disorder, Postraumatic Stress Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc etc. I’m only 24 and day to day life gets overwhelming, so I crochet tons, especially for my 6 year old niece. But I’ve just moved from the U.S. to Germany to live with my fiance and had to leave behind all of my projects, yarns, and needles and it’s left me in a serious slump in more ways than one. I’m practically mourning the loss of all of it! 😓

  47. Jean Dwyer says:

    I love my yarn
    Oh gosh darn
    My hubby keeps trying
    To keep me from buying
    It would make him grin
    If I were win
    Would cost him no cash
    To add to my stash

  48. Janis says:

    I’ve never been able to afford the wool yarn. I would love to try it be with having to live on a fixed income getting to buy any yarn is hard. This is such an amazing sale yet I’m just not able to buy anything. I do love to look at all the beautiful colors though and think about what I would crochet with it. I wish everyone a beautiful blessed day.

  49. Margay Roberge says:

    Well, women are often accused of making something out f nothing, so I decided to take that in the literal sense and make a lot of something out of nothing. And when I’m done, I have a whole lot of something to show for it. So yarn is my perfect Woolentine because it’s always there for me; it comforts me when I’m feeling down, warms me when I’m feeling cold, and supports me when I’m feeling inspired. And it doesn’t have to bring me flowers because, with yarn, I can knit or crochet my own.

  50. Gillian o Brien Murray says:

    Would love to win for myself and daughter , I am new to knitting using looms and I don’t know which is more addictive looming or buying yarn!
    My daughter is big time into knitting a crocheting she is the 5th generation to take it up going back to my great grandmother 😊 She gets lost for hours in a yarn shop it’s her ( toy shop) 😉 While other kids are on games and watching tv she’s on her bean bag surrounded in yarn and hooks making things she would be over the moon to win this and said she would let me get a ball if she wins 🤣🤣

  51. Tonia Dorrington says:

    Had a bad day? Yarn consoles you.
    Had a great day? Yarn celebrates with you.
    Had a busy or stressful day? Yarn can help you unwind.
    Someone’s birthday? Make something with yarn for them.
    Your birthday? Make yourself something with yarn.
    Ran out of yarn? Buy more yarn.
    Have too much yarn? Buy more yarn.
    Too cold? Crochet a blanket.
    Too hot? Crochet a vest top.

    Yarn is versatile and always has your back. It’s basically everything a Valentine should be, but without all the drama! 😉

  52. Cathie Anderson says:

    It’s very simple. Yarn is always there for you, never complains when you have to tear out your crocheting, and is a warm fuzzy at the end of the day. What’s not to LOVE????? Yarn has been my Woolentine for forty-one years and counting. What a pal!

  53. Nancy says:

    I have a problem. I am a yarn addict. I have a room where I keep my stash. I have a hard time finding space for my grandchildren to sleep (NOT on top of my yarn, please). I also love Homespun, and I really want to make me a cape, BUT I live in Hawaii and it would be a hot garment to make and to wear, so I have not done so. I am such an addict that when I see an item I want to make, I order the yarn and when the yarn comes in I put the pattern & yarn in a bag for later (HAHAHA). One saving grace is that both of our children & their families live in cold Europe and I get to make things for them (scarves, beanies, shrugs, throws, and shoes from flip flops (slippahs, here in Hawaii). I have started my Valentine’s gifts for 5 g kiddos. Thank you for this wonderful contest.

  54. Theresa says:

    I like using yarn to create toys and blankets for the dogs and cats at the animal shelter. So often the animals come in abused and scared and having a blanket to curl up on can provide some warm comfort. If an animal is lucky enough to get adopted, he/she gets to go home with their blanket and toys. So there is a continual need to make more.

  55. Sally says:

    For my valentine, I wish to make
    A gift showing love for him to take
    Along to work, where it gets a bit chilly,
    It needs to be warming for his willy

    Chunky or Aran might be a bit bulky
    Lace may be fine, but not very hunky! Cotton yarn’s strong but isn’t as flexible
    Definitely Merino then to cradle a testicle!

    • Sally says:

      Alternative ending if it’s a bit to rude!:

      For my valentine, I wish to make
      A gift showing love for him to take
      Along to work, where it gets a bit chilly,
      It needs to be warming for his willy

      Chunky or Aran might be a bit bulky
      Lace may be fine, but not very hunky! Cotton yarn’s strong but isn’t as flexible
      Definitely Merino then to Prevent too much tickle!

  56. Hadiyah Azmi says:

    Yarn is my woolinetine because it just makes me happy holding it and how can I decide on a favorite brand! They’re all amazing. I mostly crochet baby sets, Winter hats, winter scarfs, purses and slippers! I never ever made mittens or gloves…they ARE EVIL.

  57. Maia Chinnick says:

    Yarn is my woolentine because who needs a partner when you have yarn to make scarfs and blankets and pillow covers to keep you warm. My family love when I bring my creations to share with them and bring a smile to their faces. There ‘wool’ be no other way. : )

  58. Michaele Figueroa says:

    I started to crochet not too long ago. I say about half a year now and I absolutely enjoy it! The week before Christmas last year, I was crocheting non-stop to make gifts for my family members and I loved using my favorite brand of yarn Lily Sugar N’Cream. To be really specific, my favorite yarn from that brand is the Moondance Ombre yarn. If I had 50 bundles of those yarns, I would have a blast making mug cozies to soap savers to sell on my Etsy shop. I wouldn’t mind covering my whole craft room with it! I just love the color combo of navy, purple, white, and light blue! Such an awesome yarn and I can’t get enough of it! I would probably split my 50 bundles and stuff them into pillow cases so I can sleep on top of them, and dream of more crochet ideas.

  59. Liesl says:

    crochet or knitting with yarn keeps me sane and gives me a reason to keep going

  60. Mary Ann Stoll says:

    Yarn A Wooentines Haiku

    Yarn for crocheting
    Feels like comfort, embraced by
    Warm, soft, tender touch.

    Yarn for crocheting
    Looks like explosion of bright
    Colors I breathe in.

    Yarn for crocheting
    Inspires creativity
    Design and delight.

    Yarn for crocheting
    Meditates by slip, single
    Double, triple stitch.

    Yarn for crocheting
    Hats, love, blankets, health, shawls, care
    Gifts that I breathe out.

    Yarn merged with crocheting inscribes a circle of vast positive energy – imparting comfort, calm, creativity, and inspiration; and prompting an outpouring of care and consideration given to and for others as the craftsperson stitches thought, compassion, healing, and love into each stitch and each piece. I am honored to be a part of that circle.

  61. Mary Storm says:

    Making blankets is one of my favorite pastime things to do. Any type of yarn will do, but of course nice and thick makes them nice and warm. Wool makes them even warmer.

  62. Rebecca Griffiths says:

    Yarn is my go to thing everyday I suffer with depression and anxiety and I find just sitting down crocheting with a cup of tea really chills me out and makes me fell good seeing the things I make 😁

  63. Carol says:

    Yarn, how I need you, let me count the stitches
    without you in my life my psyche inevitably unhitches
    as I work with you, your value my life enriches
    if I go some time without you I start to get the twitches

  64. Patricia Blair says:

    There’s something about yarn. You know the way you smile when you see someone you love? That same smile lights my face when I see a beautiful color in a yarn that feels like silk in my hands. Joy is a big word for only 3 letters, and sometimes it’s over used, but joy is what I feel when my granddaughter hugs me, when someone I love comes home, and when I hold something beautiful I’ve made from yarn.

  65. Judy Taylor says:

    It must be the ancient hunter gatherer gene in me, but walk into a store full of yarn ifilled with colors and I MUST touch it all and certainly buy some. No other shopping experience compares. From buying pretty colors in the beginning I now want to know what kind of sheep made the wool and where it comes from. Wool is the best and it’s makers have the sweetest faces.

  66. Dianne Boodram says:

    One of my favorite yarn to crochet with is Lion 24/7 cotton.

    Dear Lion Brand Yarn,

    I’m hooked on “hue” 24/7,
    Coz you’re naturally gorgeous with just the perfect weight

    A gentle shine is what you bring,
    So cuddly soft but versatile

    You define my stitches impeccably well,
    No hint of splitting, so easy to care

    Will you please be my woolentine?


  67. Mary Ann Stoll says:

    You Are My Wool-en-tine
    A tribute to Stylecraft Special
    (sung to the tune of You Are My Sunshine)

    You are my wool-en-tine
    My special wool-en-tine
    You make me happY, when you are blue
    You may be as-TER, tur-quoise, DUCK egg,
    Pe-trol, bluebell, or storm blue will do.

    You are my wool-en-tine
    My special wool-en-tine
    Lovely tomatO, my fav-rite red
    Lipstick is nice too, as is burgundy
    Take the matador but leeeeave claret.

    You are my wool-en-tine
    My special woole-en-tine
    Bright green excites ME, sage stills my soul.
    Grass green and meadow, spring green and bottle,
    How-do I chooose, cool, caaalm, or bold?

    You are my wool-en-tine,
    My special wool-en-tine,
    Let’s stitch together, yes let’s crochet!
    You never know dear, just what awaits us,
    Our work will chase the storm clouds away!

  68. Emily says:

    Yarn is my woolentine because it makes me so happy. I love the bright and beautiful colors it come and to make my friends and family warm and cozy gifts with it.

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