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What Will Santa Bring You for Christmas?

Christmastime always comes with the excitement of giving and receiving gifts! But what does Santa have in store for you this year? Find out with our quiz!

Quiz Time!

What’s your favorite hobby?

1. Taking long walks.

2. Reading.

3. Crafting.

4. Playing board games.

What’s your favorite holiday drink?

1. Mulled wine at the Christmas market.

2. Hot tea.

3. Hot chocolate with a twist.

4. Prosecco with my friends.

What do you like best about Christmas?

1. Eating all the food.

2. Sitting in front of the fire.

3. The parties!

4. Spending time with the family.

What’s your favorite yarn weight?

1. The chunkier the better!

2. Aran is the way to go.

3. Do I have to choose?

4. DK all the way.

How do you usually greet your friends and family?

1. A kiss on the cheek.

2. A hug.

3. A secret handshake.

4. A high five!

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

1. Baby it’s Cold Outside.

2. Last Christmas.

3. Deck the Halls.

4. Do They Know it’s Christmas?

Where would you like to spend this Christmas?

1. Skiing.

2. In a cabin in the mountains.

3. At home is fine.

4. Going on an adventure.

How well do you handle cold weather?

1. I love it!

2. Fine, as long as I wear five layers.

3. I’d rather it be summer.

4. I don’t go outside when it’s cold.

What’s the best present ever?

1. Something homemade.

2. Something that will last forever.

3. Something useful.

4. Something fun.

Which is your favorite yarn material?

1. I like a wool/acrylic mix.

2. 100% wool, no synthetics for me!

3. I love a good alpaca or merino wool!

4. Cotton or acrylic please!

All 10 questions completed!

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Quiz Time!

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