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Always the most popular motif by far, hearts always make us smile!  We’ve picked some of our favourite heart patterns for you this week from our fabulous independent designers!

We love: heart! Top 5 heart themes crochet patterns. Read more at LoveCrochet!

We learned this week, that the first recorded heart shape drawn was by Cro Magnon hunters in Europe – depicted on cave walls along with some pretty fabulous drawings of animals.  In that context, it probably was a drawing of a leaf – but the shape is there!  Later, during the Middle Ages, the heart shape became associated with love, and we’ve been in love with it ever since!

1. Julie Harrison’s Big Heart Blanket

Julie Harrison's Big Heart Blanket in Cascade Ultra Pima - on the LoveCrochet blog

Fabulous Julie Harrison of the Little Woollie blog in Victoria, Australia is one of our favourite bloggers and her inspirational patterns are absolutely gorgeous, so we’re thrilled that she’s signed up as one of our independent designers!

The Big Heart Blanket is crocheted in Cascade Ultra Pima, so it’s a perfect warm weather blanket, and a great introduction to colourwork.   It uses the super clever tapestry crochet method, where you crochet with two yarns together, entrapping one inside the other until you need to change colour.  This makes the pieces reversible – and Julie shows you exactly how to do it with a photo tutorial in the pattern.

Cascade Ultra Pima is a fabulous 100% pima cotton yarn, in a whopping 60 shades!  It’s a crochet dream – DK weight, with a firm twist (no splitting!) and these heart motifs can be made up to make a cushion, or a just a single square of another blanket if you don’t feel you want to make the whole blanket!  It’s a fabulous technique to learn!

The colours that Julie used are listed in her pattern (ten x 200m balls of different colours to make up the 110cm x 80cm blanket) but some of the shades have changed name.  Similar matches are:

  • Row one: China Pink (3711), Cobalt (3725), Sprout (3740)
  • Row two: Aqua (3732), Poppy Red (3751), Primrose (3712)
  • Row three: Spring Green (3762), Ice (3736), Cool Mint (3775)

Cascade Ultra Pima - ultra special for crochet! LoveCrochet blog

Of course you could use different yarn – not necessarily cotton – any DK yarn will make up beautifully for this blanket, in any colour palette!

2. Hearts of Love Sweater by Pattern Paradise

Hearts of Love Sweater by Pattern Paradise on the LoveCrochet blog

Just how delicious is this beautiful heart cardigan?  This very comprehensive pattern offers sizes from 6-12 months right up to 6 years old, and the stitches are shown in US crochet terms (Remember our handy Crochet Conversion Table if you need to switch from UK/US crochet terminology!)  A detailed photo tutorial takes you through construction, step by step, for all sizes and for either short or long sleeved versions.

Hearts of Love is crocheted in a worsted weight yarn, and we love Phildar Partner 6, a blend of wool, acrylic and nylon that will make up beautifully and wash in the machine too!

Phildar Partner 6 - a blend of wool, acrylic and nylon on the LoveCrochet blog

3. Crochet beaded necklace by Nailya Plaskey

Crochet beaded necklace by Nailya Plaskey on the LoveCrochet blog

Crochet a beautiful beaded heart necklace!  They would make wonderful party favours and gorgeous quick-to-make gift ideas!  Nailya Plaskey’s clever pattern is just three rows of crochet, (using US crochet terms, see our clever conversion chart if you need it) and a few tiny beads.

DMC Petra Crochet Cotton Perle No. 5 is a lustrous thread that has a fabulous pearly shimmer – perfect for jewellery, and it comes in 35 gorgeous shades.  The obvious choice for this necklace is red – but why not pinks, yellows, blues and greens?  Below, from left to right: this glorious gold (05436) is an elegant evening choice, or heart red (05321), duck egg blue (53849) and a beautiful ballet pink (05224).

DMC Petra Crochet Cotton Thread - on the LoveCrochet blog

Happy heart crochet!  Don’t forget to upload your finished articles into our fabulous Projects area, where you can inspire other crochet fans and find hundreds of fabulous crochet ideas!

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      It’s fabulous isn’t it Elsie! We love the tapestry technique too – so clever!
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