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Published on May 15th, 2017 | by Merion


Jazz Up Your Bathroom!

Transform your bathroom with homemade washcloths in your favourite cotton yarns!

Making your own washcloths is a perfect way to personalise your bathroom. With a huge variety of coloured cottons and any stitch under the sun you can make washcloths for any colour scheme! They make a beautiful housewarming gift, wrapped up with delicious soap tied with a ribbon too!

1. Starlet Washcloth by Sophie Wire

Starlet washcloth by Sophie Wire

I love this sweet washcloth with its gorgeous scalloped edging! There are two different edgings to try in this pattern, with a 5mm hook. Try Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran, it comes in 56 shades!

2. Linen Stitch Washcloth by Ellen Terry

Linen Stitch washcloth by Ellen Terry

Linen stitch produces a fabulous nubbly texture that is perfect for a washcloth, you’ll feel beautifully clean after using these! Make them in solid colours or stripes in your favourite aran cotton!

3. Waterlily Washcloths by Peter Franzi

Waterlily washcloths by Peter Franzi

These beautiful waterlily inspired washcloths are worked in crochet thread, so they are finer and more delicate than washcloths worked in aran cotton.  You could work them in any weight yarn – but the DMC Petra Crochet Cotton Perle No 3 comes in some fabulous shades works up with a 2.5-3mm hook.

4. Shelley’s Washcloths by Shelley Husband

Shelley's Washcloths

Shelley has designed a washcloth that is totally reversible! Her clever pattern includes two different washcloths and you can crochet them in any weight yarn. Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK has 60 shades to choose from, and a good twist that won’t split, and Lily Sugar and Cream Solids is a well known worsted weight cotton that is perfect for washcloths too!

5. Crochet Cotton Washcloth by Betsymakes

Crochet cotton washcloths by Betsymakes

Betsymakes’ classic washcloth uses front post stitches to create a ridged surface, perfect for exfoliating or scrubbing mud from little knees! A perfect pattern for DMC Natura Medium and a 5mm hook!

Kate Eastwood’s Pamper Set

Pamper set

Kate Eastwood’s pamper set includes three washcloths, scrubbies, a shower exfoliator and a little pot to keep them in! This would make a wonderful gift, or set for your own bathroom! The full tutorial is free here. Kate uses Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, which comes in the Debbie Bliss signature colour palette – whimsical and vintage, or bold and modern, with a firm twist that won’t split!

Transform your bathroom with crochet today!

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4 Responses to Jazz Up Your Bathroom!

  1. Gau Totoro says:

    Kate Eastwood’s Pamper Set, my favorite <3 Looks good in my room <3

  2. Louise M. says:

    Can’t seem to find these patterns. Everywhere I click just brings up the Pinterest save icon 😱

    • Deb says:

      Louise, I think you have to buy the patterns as I couldn’t find them for free. If you click on each washcloth itself, it goes to a page where you can purchase the pattern and the yarn to make them.

      • Louise M. says:

        That sucks 😜
        Guess I’ll have to just use the Pamper Set for my charity auction 😍

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