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Meet Your True Woolentine – Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix, and Win 10 Free Balls!

This Valentine’s Day we’re jumping up and down in excitement to reveal Wool Mix, the latest line from Paintbox Yarns! This new yarn is 50% wool, 50% acrylic, and comes in aran, chunky, and super chunky weights. It’s available in all 60 fabulous Paintbox shades! Read on to find out how you can win 10 free balls of Wool Mix!

Who is your true Woolentine? Deliciously soft, and in our favorite 60 shades, Paintbox Yarns has launched aran, chunky, and super chunky yarns in a 50% acrylic, 50% wool mix! (Yes! 60 shades of chunky and super chunky yarn!) It’s as easy to crochet as the Paintbox Simply range, and machine-washable too – but made with 50% wool, to bring a warmer woolly finish.

Why blend wool and acrylic?

Blending two of our favorite fibers together brings the best of both worlds! It also reduces the ‘woolliness’ of the yarn, which means that even people who are sensitive to wool can wear it. Blending wool with acrylic brings breathability to the yarn as well, helping it to keep you warmer and regulate temperatures while still retaining all the benefits of acrylic durability. It’s still machine-washable, and the colors are just as vibrant!

Knitflix with your Woolentine this Valentine’s Day!

Paintbox Yarns have created a fabulous collection of movie-inspired blankets and throws called the Knitflix collection!  What better way to celebrate how much we LOVE the 50% extra wool in Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix! The Knitflix collection includes beautiful crocheted patterns for the Amour Afghan, the Broadway Blanket and the Comedy Cover that are perfect for curling up on the sofa with your one true Woolentine!

The Amour Afghan is a gorgeous granny that will keep you cozy watching your favorite romantic film! Make it in this gorgeous pink colorway, or turn to blues, lavender and grey!

Perhaps you love old black and white movies? This monochrome colorway in the Broadway Blanket is thoroughly modern, with all the swish of a classic!

You’ll be laughing with delight when you curl up with the Comedy Cover, a fabulous multi-coloured blanket in Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Aran! Mix and match your shades or make it in these zingy brights!

Win 10 balls of Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix!

Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix comes in aran, chunky, and super chunky weights, all super soft and deliciously warm. If you had to choose your favorite color combination of THREE SHADES, which would they be – and in which weight yarn?

Tell us in the comments for a chance to win 10 balls of your choice!

Full T’s and C’s here.



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Merion dreams in colour and adores crochet! From glorious granny blankets to ethereal shawls and lace cardies, she's never very far from her hooks! She loves cake, knitting, heavy horses, books and Mozart. Her favourite colour is duck egg blue.

311 Responses to Meet Your True Woolentine – Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix, and Win 10 Free Balls!

  1. My color combo will be as follows:

    1) Slate Green (1026)
    2) Mustard Yellow (1023)
    3) Coffee Bean (1010)

    I’m in love with this color palette, and could spend whole day making combinations 🙂

    • My colour combo would be
      Neon green
      Neon orange
      Neon yellow
      I love bright colours and i am going to make a lovely bright bedspread.
      I would choose super chunky.

    • Annie Tracey says:

      I would choose the following colors in Aran weight for a blanket:

      Dusty Lilac
      Washed Teal
      Pistachio Green

  2. Lesley says:

    Hi I would probably choose Dusty Lilac, Dusty Rose ,and Candyfloss Pink in DK

  3. Polly says:

    I would choose Aran washed teal, slate green and racing green

  4. Ruth Alard says:

    I would choose stormy grey, sky blue and dusty rose in wool mix Aran.

  5. Valerie says:

    O so many choices how do I narrow it down . Ok seen in tea rose, sailor blue and pansy purple. My granddaughter would love a throw in these.xx

  6. Julie says:

    I love seafoam blue, tea rose and bubblegum pink, thanks for a fab giveaway x

  7. R phelps says:

    Hello! And thank you! I love the dk in rose, lilac and pink! Good luck everyone and thank you again love crochet!

  8. Bethany C says:

    Duck egg blue (835)
    Midnight blue (837)
    Candy floss pink (849)
    I’d chose these in Aran, to make a nice winter baby blanket

  9. RomanyRowan says:

    I love the combination of Grass green, Buttercup and Seville Orange as they remind me of a big bunch of spring flowers. I would choose Aran as I like the weight of Paintbox simply aran.

  10. Susan Carter says:

    Aran weight:

    Evergreen (830)
    Spearmint Green (825)
    Pistachio Green (824)

  11. Anita hards says:

    I would choose slate green, washed teal and vintage pink in aran for a snuggly blanket

    • Emma Bailey says:

      I love them all but I think Duck egg blue (835),Midnight blue (837)
      Candy floss pink (849) in Aran, would love to make a scarf 🍀

  12. Teresa McWilliam says:

    Seafoam Blue
    Antique Pink
    Banana Cream
    Aran weight

    I have these colours (and many others) in DK cotton and I have been wanting to use these three colours in a knit fair isle design, but not in cotton. So, it’s wonderful that you have wool now! I’ve just started fair isle and fallen in love with it, so I appreciate your colour pallets! Thanks.

  13. Jordan Seamarks says:

    I love Tea Rose, Vanilla Cream and Dusty Rose together! 😍 They are such delicate and beautiful colours together that compliment each other and no one colour dominates. Perfect for clothing, blankets and all sorts of projects!

    • Jordan Seamarks says:

      I would chose Aran weight as I think they work up better for the projects I make. Thanks for a great competition and give away!

  14. Amanda says:

    It’s a really hard choice! But I’ll go with Sky Blue, Evergreen, and Mustard in the wool mix Aran. The combination takes me straight back to the sunflowers of Provence in the summertime.

  15. Wendy says:

    Champagne white, duck egg blue and slate grey

  16. Sandy says:

    I would choose Pure Black, Pansy Purple and Marine Blue. I like Aran weight the best as it’s really versatile. Chunky yarn often ends up making garments look clunky. Double Knitting projects can seem to take forever unless they’re baby clothes, but Aran yarn is my Goldilocks zone where time taken and results achieved balance out just right.

  17. Hazel says:

    Lime Green, Raspberry Pink and Champagne White in DK. Lovely and fresh for spring.

  18. Karla Griffiths says:

    My three fave colours would probably be:
    Blush Pink
    Misty Grey
    Pistachio Green
    In Wool Mix Super Chunky

  19. Larainne says:

    Pansy purple
    Pale lilac
    Misty grey

    Can’t resist a bit of purple!

  20. Sam Jeffries says:

    All the paintbox colours are lush, but I’d probably go for;

    vanilla cream
    blush pink
    mustard yellow

    … in the super chunky and make a cosy blanket for my bestie who is having a baby in June <3

  21. Barbara Youngren says:

    Such gorgeous colors! I think I would lean to the seafoam, misty grey and white, in the aran. It would make a gorgeous sweater or blanket.

  22. Tasha Roundtree says:

    My three colors would be
    -kingfisher blue
    -mandarin orange
    -and daffodil yellow

  23. Terri Patterson says:

    Tearose, vanilla cream, and evergreen in Aran weight.

  24. Eleanor Outram-Rees says:

    For me it would be:
    Tea Rose
    Raspberry Pink
    Rich Mauve

    Purples and maybes are my favourite colours and I love the paintbox yarns. They feel and look amazing!

  25. Nita Wessel says:

    Wool Mix Chunky in Misty Grey 1003, Stormy Grey 1004, and Black 1001. The Broadway Blanket monochrome design is stunning.

  26. Brenna says:

    Dusty Lilac
    Peach Orange
    Pansy Purple


  27. I like the chunky in pinks blues purples

  28. Sandy Chiarizio says:

    I would like: Neon Orange 857, Neon Green 859, and Neon Yellow 858. I love the paint box yarns for all the baby blankets, and sweaters that I make. They are real soft and look great.

  29. Barb M says:

    I would definitely pick Wool Mix Chunky in Pansy Purple, Dark Aubergine, and Dusty Rose to make an afghan. I have a pattern that requires using 3 strands of yarn at once and I think these colors would look good.

  30. Lynette Meredith says:

    i would choose
    paper white , misty grey and buttercup yellow for my first afgan then maybe something in the pinks for another with eitheer a grey to break it up a little to add interest.

  31. Kathleen Yates says:

    neon pink, raspberry pink and blush pink.

  32. Sharilyn says:

    Melon Sorbet, Light Caramel, Soft Fudge

    Sounds good enough to eat!

  33. Mary Ann Stoll says:

    Oooo, aran, definitely!
    Pure Black
    Slate Grey
    Stormy Grey!

  34. sandy shannon says:

    I would love aran buttercup yellow and misty grey mix i love making messy bun hats and stocking hats for the family and friends at xmas time i donate a bunch to charity for the ones that need them

  35. Kathy Shaw says:

    I love the combination of paper white, dolphin blue and spearmint green. Those are the colors I use in my master bedroom.

  36. Stace says:

    I think I might go with a peacock theme, with Spearmint Green, Kingfisher Blue and Marine Blue. Probably in Aran? But it might be fun to do something chunky.

  37. Dawn Wood says:

    Only three….oh dear what a selection!!
    I’m a neutral kind of person – I’d have to go with Slate Grey, Granite Grey and Stormy Grey in Aran weight.
    Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Valentines Day!!

  38. Deb Griffiths says:

    I would choose the slate, granite, and stormy greys in Aran weight as they would go great in my living room. I love all the colors though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Cynthia M Marchand says:

    I love to crochet. My color choices would be as follows.
    Pansy Purple 847
    Dusty Lilac 846
    Pale Lilac 845
    Or maybe I would go …
    Pansy Purple 947
    Marine Blue 933
    Paper White 900
    I can’t really say I have a particular favorite because all yarns are my favorite. I always have at least 2 projects going at a time, which makes it even more fun.

  40. Gwen says:

    I’d choose mustard yellow, daffodil yellow, and vanilla cream in super chunky! What a cheerful combination!

  41. Donna Dye says:

    Yum Yum! I would go for:
    Buttercup yellow 822 and Racing green 827.

  42. Cheryl Newman says:

    Neon green, grass and buttercup
    Too many beautiful colors to just choose 3. Any weight would be fun to try.

  43. Tiffin Filion says:

    Aran in Ballet Pink, Royal Blue & Stormy Grey

  44. Patricia says:

    I would choose Paper White and Pure Black for maximum contrast, along with Rich Mauve for deep color. In aran weight.

  45. Marilyn Prince says:

    Simply DK in Neon pink, bubblegum pink and candy floss pink.

  46. Sonya Marquez says:

    I would choose
    Marine blue
    Washed teal
    Dusty rose…

    Perfect for mermaids

  47. Maria Barr says:

    I love this! I would go for a southwestern feel with Marine Blue, Vanilla Cream and Soft Fudge.

  48. Susan Griffith says:

    I like Pure Black, Red Wine and Light Caramel in the wool mix Aran or Chunky!

  49. Charlie M says:

    I would combine the slate green, granite grey, and pistachio green in aran weight for a textured throw with blocks of different crochet stitches.

  50. Sue says:

    duck egg blue, blush pink and ballet pink in paintbox cotton dk to make a throw to coordinate with my bedroom colours

  51. Mary Goulddemong says:

    I would love to have the Dusty Lilac – Pansy Purple and Daffy yellow
    I would be making a little bralette with the yellow and some slippers with the rest.

  52. Sharon Walker says:

    Oh I love these colors..I crochet and knit for domestic abuse clients…question can these yarns be used for washcloths as well? 💜

  53. Lucie Paquin says:

    Love the Aran weight and my choice of colors is
    Daffodil Yellow (821)
    Buttercup Yellow (822)
    Mustard Yellow (823)
    Looking forward to start a new project with these colors.

  54. Rebecca Paddock says:

    I’m loving this combo right now, it makes me think of Spring being just around the corner.

    Blush Pink
    Misty Grey
    Pistachio Green
    In Wool Mix Super Chunky

  55. Lisa munroe says:

    Arab in bubble gum, tea rose and sea foam.

  56. Sharon says:

    I love the Broadway Blanket in the black, grey and cream.

  57. Jesse says:

    Honeydew, light raspberry, and real teal, chunky size 6 or size 4

  58. Mandy Park says:

    My choices would be washed teal, stormy grey and slate grey in chunky, crocheted into a beautiful modern cosy stripe blanket 💗😊

  59. Sue Mahnk says:

    Your yarns are SO YUMMY! So hard to narrow it to just 3! Narrowed it down to: PEACH ORANGE, BRIGHT PEACH and VANILLA CREAM. Here’s hoping! <3

  60. Emma Liza Fay says:

    I would love love love the Aran in Dusty Rose, Misty Grey and Washed Teal! They’re also my 6 year olds favourite colours so I’d definitely make her a blanket out of them, she’s being poorly with a chest, throat and ear infection so she’d love a surprise lovey!!

  61. Anna Dreyfuss says:

    I know you wanted my three colors, but any earth tones would be lovely. I also LOVE the Harvest color of the new Chunky Pots. Would love to try this new yarn.

  62. Deborah says:

    I love this combo of the aran weight:

    Coffee Bean
    Soft Fudge
    Marine Blue

  63. Dolores Petri says:

    I would choose the Wool Mix Chunky in Vanilla Cream, Light Caramel and Soft Fudge crocheted into the Broadway Blanket… Gorgeous! Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  64. Diana says:

    Evergreen, sailor blue and tearose in chunky weight. Strange combo, but trust me, theyre meant to be together.

  65. Karen Gower says:

    Pansy purple, pale lilac and tea rose in the aran weight would be perfect!

  66. Sharon says:

    No matter where my eyes turn, the slate green pulls me back; so does the mandarin orange, which is the colour of the leaves on the tree in my brother’s front yard in the autumn; and the coffee bean grounds them both. Altogether these colours give me the comfortable, protective feeling of a thick, warm Aran-wool cloak in the fall, my favourite season, the season in which I was born – on the same day as my now 90-year-old mother!

  67. Eileen says:

    I love working with Chunky yarn. The colors I choose are Rich Mauve (1044)
    Pale Lilac (1045) and Dusty Lilac (1046)

  68. Juanita T Tabarez says:

    1. Raspberry Pink
    2. Tea Rose
    3 White
    Seeing a very feminine vintage style afghan.

  69. Nancy says:

    I would choose:


    Wine Red (815)
    Raspberry Pink (843)
    Vanilla Cream (807)

    I would make a throw for those rare cool evenings in Hawaii

  70. Leah says:

    In Aran weight I would choose
    Pale Lilac 845
    Tea Rose 842
    Pansy Purple. 847
    I would make an afgan for my grand daughter

  71. B says:

    Evergreen, Royal Blue, and Rich Mauve in super chunky. Because I let the ex keep the good duvet, and the hour a night I get to crochet after the kids are in bed isn’t enough for anything less than a P hook if I want a replacement this winter!

  72. Angela says:

    Raspberry Pink
    Sailor Blue

    Simply DK 🙂

  73. Ceri Powell says:


    My favourite shades are in Special DK;

    1) Vintage pink
    2) Pistachio green
    3) Vanilla cream

    Gorgeous spring vintage combo!

  74. Mandy F says:

    I would choose black, white/cream, and grey in worsted weight. What girl doesn’t look good in black? 😁

  75. Sam Phoenix says:

    I would go with these ones in Aran:

    Grass green
    Mustard yellow
    Sailor blue

  76. Pat Reynolds says:

    I would choose
    Rich Mauve
    Raspberry Pink
    Tea Rose
    in Aran

  77. Jessie says:

    In the Aran weight, I’d opt for

    Marine Blue (833)
    Neon Pink (856) and
    Dark Aubergine (848)

    Why? I love neon colours used as a feature colour rather than fighting it out with other neons: pairing up crazily bright pink with a fresh teal against a *very* dark purple would make it *pop*, while still allowing the other two shades to stand up nicely in their own right.

    And why these three together? Teal and bright pink on a dark shade screams “EIGHTIES!” to me, and maybe I’m biased, but that era was all about fantastic use of colour and innovation. This would be a great, quirky combo to liven up the traditional winter fare.

  78. Simply Chunky yarn in:
    Mustard Yellow
    Blood Orange
    Rose Red

  79. Judy Angloher says:

    My favorites are:

    I love all the colors in the Waterfront Sunset but picking just 3 they would be:
    Washed Teal (232)
    Pistachio Green (224)
    Sea foam Blue (231)

    I crochet but I am starting to teach myself to Knit…I inherited a bunch of needles and I am going to take a stab at it soon! Lol

  80. Christine Freeling says:


    Pale Lilac
    Slate Green
    Pistachio Green

    I would make a throw

  81. Stasia Macias says:


    Pansy Purple
    Pale Lilac
    Misty Grey

  82. Heather E says:

    I would go with Aran weight in buttercup yellow and evergreen. Then I would throw in something a bit off like bright peach or vintage pink or maybe even a neutral. It would depend on my mood at order time!

  83. Vicki Byrne says:

    I would choose Aran weight, in Dusty Lilac, Pansy Purple and Seafoam Blue
    ‘Twas tempting to choose three purple shades 🙂

  84. Carly says:

    Love the new wool mix possibilities!!
    I’d choose Slate Grey, Buttercup Yellow, and Rich Mauve. Either the Aran or the Chunky.

  85. Gina says:

    I’m torn between two…I would choose Evergreen, Light Caramel, and Champagne White in Aran or Pure Black, Pillar Red and Champagne White in Aran. Just love these combinations for especially for crochet blanket/throw projects.

    • Gina says:

      *Correction: Just love these combinations especially for crochet blanket/throw projects. Sorry for the typo. Thank you for creating this awesome giveaway.

  86. Vicky Gorry says:

    I would choose Paper White, Champagne White and Vanilla Cream in aran weight, to make beautiful neutral arm warmers.

  87. Patty DiLeonardo says:

    I taught myself how to crochet about a year ago and I am hooked. Lol

    Washed Teal (232)
    Pistachio Green (224)
    Sea foam Blue (231)

  88. Colette Smith says:

    I would choose
    Dusty Lilac (846)
    Marine Blue (833)
    Spearmint green (825)
    in Aran.

  89. Bright, Bold Combinations says:

    If I were limited to three colors I would choose Pansy Purple, Marine Blue and Bubblegum Pink. I love Bright, Bold combinations like rich Purples, Turquoises, Greens, and Pinks. or the Jewel Tones of the Russian Imperial designs. Indian colors of Spices or Summer Flower Gardens.

  90. Angela J says:

    The combination I would choose is
    Pillar Red (814)
    Bright Peach (811)
    Rose Red (813)
    in Aran

  91. Karen J. says:

    I would choose Buttercup, Grass Green, and Evergreen in the aran weight.

  92. Maria Shugars says:

    I love the paintbox colors! My choice for 3 is Tea Rose, Raspberry Pink, and Misty Gray in aran weight.

  93. Tina says:

    Blush–Slate Green–Stormy Gray in Bulky would be the three I would Love to Win!!
    TYSVM for the chance to! 😉

  94. Jean Dwyer says:

    My colors would be pistachio green, candy floss pink and banana cream in Aran.

  95. Bonnie says:

    I would choose Aran weight, 805 granite grey, 808 light caramel and 831 seafoam blue.

  96. Sandra says:

    All colors are beautiful, but I would probably choose Dusty Rose, Dusty Lilac, and the Pansy Purple in Aran. Thanks so much for the giveaway. You guys are awesome!!!

  97. Amanda says:

    Hi, I would like Buttercup yellow, Royal Blue and Rose Red in chunky. It reminds me of the ELO space ship and the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 with the fabulous soundtrack!

  98. Jayne Cohen says:

    raspberry pink, blush pink and red wine

  99. Brenna says:

    In DK I like Rich Mauve, Granite Grey and Daffodil Yellow

  100. Tori Karsikas says:

    Pansy Purple, Vanilla Cream, Marine Blue

    Super Chunky!
    Thanks for the chance!

  101. Susan McFadden says:

    I would go for Pansy Purple Candyfloss Pink and Misty Grey😍

  102. Kath says:

    I think I’d go for Aran in midnight blue, dark aubergine and champagne white. I’m getting married in October and these colours are part of my wedding colour scheme so it would be perfect for making some decorations!

  103. Charlotte says:

    Dolphin blue
    Washed teal
    Misty grey

    In baby Aran for a cute little boys blanket

  104. Michelle Smith says:

    I’d choose:
    Soft Fudge
    Light Caramel
    Champagne White

    In Simply Chunky

  105. Jacqueline Huggins says:

    Marine Blue, Kingfisher Blue and Seafoam Blue

    My crochet hook would dance across the stitches making my heirloom blanket in these splashing shades and silky Woolmix xx

  106. Mandy says:

    My colour combination would be

    Pansy Purple (847)
    Dusty Lilac (846)
    Dusty Rose (841)

    In the wool aran mix. Love painbox yarn! Currently making my mum a blanket with the chunky painbox yarn.

  107. Emma says:

    I’m having a blue moment so I would pick wool mix super chunky in kingfisher blue, sailor blue and Seafoam blue ❤️

  108. Ailsa says:

    I would choose Arran weight in
    Dusty rose
    Sea foam blue
    Banana cream

  109. Hannah Hoon says:

    Super Chunky in Mustard, Washed Teal and Bright Peach would make a ridiculously cheerful throw.

  110. Patricia Johnson says:

    My choice would be
    Mustard yellow, Soft Fudge, Daffodil Yellow. In Arran weight.

  111. Kerry Smith says:

    OMG this was so hard to do. I am in love with the DK baby wool at present, it is so soft and pliable. I use it for toys as well as baby stuff. I recently did a lovely baby set to send overseas for a friend. I used Vanilla Cream with hints of Pistachio Green and Blush Pink so it will be good for either a boy or a girl.

  112. Samantha says:

    Neon yellow, neon pink and neon green in super chunky because we’re coming in to Autumn and I love bright colours!

  113. Emily says:

    I think Misty Grey (803), Pistachio Green (824) and Ballet Pink (852) would look really beautiful together in arran weight.

  114. Caroline Foster says:

    Marine Blue, Seafoam Blue and Champagne White in Aran would make a lovely throw for my living room.

  115. Anthea P says:

    I love the paintbox colors, but favorites are:_
    Marine Blue
    Stormy Grey
    Slate green

  116. Sally Burley says:

    Such a difficult choice, they’re all gorgeous! But I think I would probably go for Washed Teal, Marine Blue and Spearmint Green in Aran.

  117. HayleyJoy says:

    Pistachio, buttercup yellow and paper white. I’d love to try a chunky yarn 🙂

  118. Kyla Hudson says:

    Washed Teal, Blush pink and Royal blue in DK

  119. Deanna Vavak says:

    I really like dolphin blue, duck egg blue and ballet pink in aran.

  120. Debra Touchette says:

    I love a classic Granite Gray (806) with pops of the neons: pink (856), yellow (858), and green (859).

  121. Joan LoBrutto says:

    I would go with the aran weight yarn in the following colors:

    Peach Orange(854)
    Mandarin Orange(817)
    Blood Orange(819)

  122. Joan Criscuolo says:

    I love the chunky in Marine Blue, Kingfisher Blue and Vanilla Cream!

  123. Serena Allan says:

    I LOVE the buttercup yellow, Seville Orange and Red Wine in the Simply Chunky. I love the weight and the yarn is super soft! I cannot wait to finish my Buttercup Yellow blanket!

  124. Judée says:

    Merci pour votre concour de saint Valentin, j’adore vos couleurs elles sont magnifiques et vos fils sont superbes,mais mes préférées sont les:
    Dusty rose 841
    Tea rose 842
    Bubblegum pink 850

  125. Laura M. says:

    I would use soft fudge, light caramel and vanilla cream in aran wool blend.

  126. Isabelle says:

    My prefered colors will be Kingfisher blue (834), washed Teal (832) and Midnight blue (837).

  127. Sara France Saint-Pierre says:

    I would say, pink, blue and purple in chunky

  128. Kathy Edmonds says:

    My colors would be

    Dusty Rose (841)
    Duck Egg Blue (835)\
    Pale Lilac (845)

    Thank you

  129. Miriam says:

    I would love to work with neon orange, neon pink and buttercup yellow – a bit of sunshine in my crochet life! And I love the warmth and versatility of aran.

  130. Lisa Daniell says:

    I’m supposed to choose only 3 out of 60?!!! So hard!
    After much debate with myself, I settled on (
    Pansy purple
    Raspberry pink
    Vanilla cream
    I loved seeing the combos others chose too!
    I like Aran as it could be the most versatile for different types of projects.

  131. Raquel says:

    I would love
    Dark Aubergine
    Marine Blue
    Granite Grey

  132. Milla says:

    I love combinations of dark and brights so I choose:
    Granite Grey
    Neon Pink
    Coffee Bean

  133. Ginny says:

    I would LOVE to try Raspberry Pink, Pale Lilac an of course Tea Rose Thank you for this great Promotion

  134. Susie Rupd says:

    I love the wool blend! It keeps you warmer and washable!
    My colors are:
    Rasberry Pink
    Lime Green
    Banana Cream
    That just sounds yummy!

  135. Peta-Jayne Driver says:

    Aran weight; Pillar Red with Pistachio Green and Slate Green.

  136. Honey says:

    Love Super Chunky Yarn.
    1.Vintage Pink.
    2.Pistachio Green

  137. Nancy Wells says:

    I am going for Mandarin Orange, Lime Green, and Pansy Purple.

  138. Monica Boudreau says:

    I would choose Dusty Lilac, Pale Lilac and Tea Rose in Aran for a beautiful chevron blanket.

  139. Colleen Rivera says:

    I would like to suggest Raspberry Pink, Washed Teal, and Slate Grey.

  140. Rebecca Bass says:

    I would use Pillar Red, Racing Green, and Coffee Bean in Aran to make a blanket.

  141. Anne says:

    I would choose Spearmint green Banana Cream and Butterfly Yellow

  142. yuyuh says:

    Marine blue, red wine and champagne white, in memory of a loved one who loves the ocean and a glass of good wine.

  143. Smfsprout says:

    Pansy Purple
    Dusty Lilac
    Buttercup Yellow
    All in wool mix super chunky

  144. Anita says:

    I’d love to make a chevron blanket using the super chunky in shades Pistachio Green (924), Spearmint Green (925), Evergreen (930). That took me ages to decide on just 3 colours, as I’d love to try a blanket using all the colours 🙂

  145. Lesley Cross says:

    I would choose Aran weight in the following
    Buttercup Yellow
    Seville Orange
    Pillar Red

    Fingers crossed as Paintbox is my favourite wool

  146. Anita says:

    I’d love to crochet a chevron blanket using the super chunky in shades Pistachio Green (924), Spearmint Green (925), Evergreen (930). That took me ages to decide on just 3 colours, as I’d love to try a blanket using all the colours 🙂 Or I’d choose Champagne White (902), Vintage Pink (955), and Dusty Lilac (946) and crochet a blanket for a friend whose young daughter passed away a few months ago.

  147. Katie mcneil says:

    My colour combo would be marine blue, pansy purple and grass green in aran.

  148. Vero says:

    My combo will be seafoam blue, dusty rose and tea rose in aran I love those pastel colors they are my favorite kind of colors

  149. Mae Mak says:

    I would love the colors of the rainbow!

  150. Kate Saunders says:

    Blush pink, vintage pink and paper white.
    The perfect combo of a Valentine’s throw to go over my grey waffle quilt.

  151. Lucinda Pidgeon says:

    Out of the beautiful colours in the Paintbox Chunky Wool mix range I would choose;
    Misty Grey code 1003
    Washed Teal code 1032
    Coffee Bean code 1010

    Whilst my crochet experience is currently limited I would love to learn more, join a crochet group and make your lovely Broadway Throw for the sofa.

  152. Debbie Skretting says:

    Hi! I would love to have made an cuddly throw with the super chunky in black, grey and champagne tones. Maybe 901, 902 and 905 🙂 I have always wanted to make something that would be passed down and I think this wool mix in super chunky would be perfect!

  153. Deb says:

    Lime, Duck Egg and Pansy Purple in Chunky for me. I love the chic cool shades with that zing of citrus. Chunky grows quickly for instant gratification! Thanks for the opportunity.

  154. Vickie Ibbott says:

    My choice would be Banana Cream, Seville Orange and Vanilla in Aran to make a warm coloured throw for the back of my sofa. I’m looking for colours to bring the sunlight into the room on crisp spring mornings.

  155. Iona Wilson says:

    Aran is my favourite yarn weight to create crochet blankets with,
    so it would have to be bright colours to bring in some sunshine on cold days ….
    Seville Orange (818), Buttercup Yellow (822) and Tomato Red (812) in the Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Aran yarn

  156. lenda wells says:

    i love all colors and i love to crochet,i am 75 years young and allways trying some thing new if i can afford it once amonth.

  157. Caroline Lennek says:

    Lining up projects for Christmas gifts so here are my choices:
    Evergreen (830)
    Rose Red (813)
    Paper White (800)

  158. Julie Lang says:

    I would choose in Wool Aran Mix
    Misty Grey 803
    Seville Orange 818
    Washed Teal 832

    These are the colours that my daughter has decorated the nursery for our new grandchild expected in September. I would make a blanket to match the room.

  159. I would choose Aran weight in Misty Grey, Pistachio Green, & Pale Lilac

  160. Lucy says:

    My choice would be chunky weight in colours Marine Blue, Spearmint Green and Neon Green!

  161. Kassiane says:

    I’d choose aran in evergreen, soft fudge, & light caramel

  162. I’d use Aran in blush pink, champagne white, and ballet pink, but all the colors are beautiful and very tempting.

  163. Elaine says:

    Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Aran in sky blue, sailor blue, and midnight blue

  164. Rebecca Boukikaz says:

    I would chose Aran weight in Soft Fudge, Light Caramel, and Coffee Bean because that is the weight and colors that the person I would be making it for likes.

  165. Senry Kiser says:

    So many beautiful colors to choose from ! I’ve decided on Aran weight, Daffodil yellow, Bright peach, and Spearmint green. Thank you for offering this giveaway. :- )

  166. Gisela says:

    Only three? Please Marine blue, Seafoam blue and Misty grey, I love blue!
    Thanks and good luck everyone!

  167. Jennifer Andrew says:

    Beautiful colors I prefer the Aran weight and love pansy purple, raspberry pink and kingfisher blue

  168. Janet S says:

    My ideal yarn from the new selection would be:
    Pansy Purple, dusty lilac, pale lilac, in Aran weight.
    I think these colours would look great in a free form crochet sweater. A great mix of colours which are very on-trend this season.

  169. Charmaine Thornton-Cook says:

    This sounds absolutely fabulous! I’d crochet a lovely warm Afghan in navy blue, purple and lavender. Definitely needed this week with the snow and frosty weather brrr…

  170. Kim M says:

    Blush Pink, Ballet Pink and Vintage Pink in Simply DK would be lovely for a blanket x

  171. Nan S says:

    Wool Aran Mix
    Grass Green 829
    Light Caramel 808
    Soft Fudge 809

    Thank you for the offer!

  172. Rae Alley says:

    Ballet Pink
    Dusty Rose
    Seafoam Green

  173. Holly Setliff says:

    I would love to use Stormy Grey, Slate Grey and Granite Grey in aran weight to make a modern monochromatic blanket.

  174. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    I would choose Aran in Pale Lilac, Dusty Lilac and Pansy Purple.

  175. Debra Forest says:

    I’m in a sunshine mood-make mine Arab in Champaign white, banana cream and daffodil.

  176. I LOVE the colors Grass Green, Purple Pansy, and Daffodil Yellow! I know they will make the perfect blanket for my new granddaughter due the end of May! And perfect for bringing in the Spring season too! Hope I win. Thank you!

  177. Lucy stamp says:

    I would go for 3 of the Hedgerow colors-Pistachio Green (224), Slate Green (226), Red Wine (215)! I love Paintbox aran. it’s so soft! I love the assortment of colors available too! my goal this year is to get the 30 colors that I don’t already have.

  178. O to chose only 3 *sigh* I love All the colors.. Endless combos..

    I would chose Aran weight in the following combination:

    Sailor Blue 239
    Neon Green 259
    Paper White 200
    Thank you very much for opportunity,
    Karla Rae

  179. Renee Baumiller says:

    Love these yarns so soft and fantastic to work with
    I would like
    Pale Lilac-745
    Baby Lilac-762 and
    Dusty Lilac-746
    Thank you for this opportunity

  180. Joanna says:

    I’d choose Aran. Colors – vanilla cream, washed teal and dusty rose! Love these colors.

    I’ve tried their cotton and acrylic yarn. Can’t wait to try their Wool Mix!

    • Joanna says:

      Forgot to add what I would use the yarn for. I’m a huge fan of crochet. After trying countless skeins of yarn, I’ve found Paintbox yarn to be my favorite. I’m in love with their cotton – DK and Aran. This yarn doesn’t split like a lot of cotton yarn. It’s smooth and makes me want to crochet even more!

      I crochet a lot of baby clothes – booties, rompers, dresses, etc. I also make a lot of amirugumi characters.

      It’s hard to pick my favorite colors because honestly all these colors are beautiful and knowing Paintbox’s quality – I know this Wool Mix will be of high quality and beautiful.

      I’m a night owl – I crochet at night when my house is silent (perfect time for creativity, right?). During the day, I photograph my work and post on my crochet page. Fun, right? =)

      Anyways, thanks for doing this giveaway!

  181. Cindy S says:

    I choose paintbox blush pink (353), vanilla cream (307) and raspberry pink (353).
    It is an interesting concept and would love to see how it feels and washes. My next project is a small baby blanket. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  182. Cindy S says:

    I forgot to say I have not made any projects since my niece was a baby. I made a multi-colored shell style blanket in a mix of light pink, light blue and white. This was the first and only stitch I learned at the time. I first learned how to knit when I was in elementary school by our Scottish 5th grade teacher by making slippers in a medium green. She was a lovely, patient teacher to a group of girls at the time.
    I now have 1 grandchild and 1 due any day so I plan on learning all over again and looking at all these colors will make it easy to pick out a combination for a boy and a girl blanket. Thanks again.

  183. Cathy Madewell says:

    Aran – Pistachio Green, Slate Green and Vanilla Cream. I think I could see this combination for so many different patterns. Love earthy tones 🙂

  184. Honey says:

    Super Chunky yarn,reds, blues, pinks,orange, greens all of them.

  185. Ella says:

    Chunky weight
    Marine blue
    Pansy purple
    Neon pink

  186. Sarah Smith says:

    I would say,

    Mandarin Orange
    Buttercup Yellow
    Rose Red

    All in DK.

    They are all vibrant colours, coming into Spring/Summer we all need a lift! A project involving these colours excites me!!

  187. Andrea Haigh says:

    Lime green, marine blue and pansy purple in aran would be my choice.

  188. Anita Hards says:

    My choice would be
    Vintage pink
    Washed teal and contrast colour
    Pansy purple

  189. Yvette says:

    My fave combo is in aran – it’s tea rose, washed real and dusty lilac 😍

  190. Anne Sweet says:

    I’m a wheelchair user and I get very cold when I go out, I’ve been crocheting blankets, hats, scarfs and mittens all winter. Now, I’m longing for spring so I’d love to crochet a lovely shawl that will keep me cosy on those cooler spring days, but will look bright and lovely just like spring. So the colours I would choose would be Daffodil Yellow, Pale Lilac and Vanilla Cream in Paintbox Yarns Simply DK

  191. Joy Dyson says:

    My choice – Vanilla Cream , Rich Mauve & Dusky Lilac for my my upcoming Sophies Universe in Aaran 🙂

  192. Sarah Holmes says:

    My choice would be:
    Royal Blue (940)
    Granite Grey (906)
    Pillar Red (914)
    In aran-weight yarn – actually my son has chosen the colours because he’d like me to crochet him a scarf!
    I’ll probably make it in Tunisian crochet, because that has an interesting texture I think he’ll like as well as keeping him warm!

  193. Ooh my colour choices in Aran weight would be:
    *candyfloss pink
    *storm grey
    * paper white
    This yarn looks gorgeous 😍

  194. Mmmm, decisions, decisions. There are really so many colour combinations! But my son has a sea-themed room, so I think I’d like colours that reflect that, making him a jacket with Duck Egg Blue, Seafoam Blue, and Marine Blue. The colours would blend together beautifully in an ombré colour shading from the top to the bottom, and be a serene project to meditate while crocheting. Lovely!

    • Oh! I got so carried away with the colours, I forgot about the weight! Aran, of course – I love the way the fabric drapes with Aran yarn and a 6.5 mm hook!

  195. Maria Witham says:

    I would crochet a blanket for my friend who is pregnant. I would choose misty grey, buttercup yellow and banana cream as cheerful spring colours in Aran.

  196. Katy Phimister says:

    Mint green (760)
    Candyfloss pink (749)
    Baby blue (761)
    With these lovely colours, I would continue to make blankets which I give to the premature baby unit at the hospital where my granddaughter was born, they will keep other premature babies warm and cosy.

  197. Jay says:

    I would always go for super chunky (squish!), and the colours would be:

    ♡ Lime Green
    ♡ Evergreen
    ♡ Midnight Blue

  198. Sophie says:

    I would choose Misty Grey (203), Pistachio Green (224) and Ballet Pink (252) in Simply Aran 🙂

  199. Maxine Kirk says:

    Blood Orange (1019)
    Evergreen (1030
    Slate Grey (1005)
    500g (17.6oz) Chunky

    love the colour combinations

  200. Andrea says:

    It would have to be
    Dolphin Blue
    Slate Grey
    Misty Grey
    In Aran

  201. Emma says:

    Painbox Simple Chunky
    Peach Orange
    Daffodil Yellow
    Spearmint Green x

  202. Louise says:

    Paintbox Simply Chunky
    Vanilla Cream
    Vintage Pink
    Bright Peach

  203. Gill Colling says:

    Taking a look at the Aran mix ..

    Dark Aubergine (848)

    Pansy Purple (847)

    Pure Black (801)

  204. Rhiannon Dashfield says:

    I’ve just made a messy bun hat in Aran in:
    Lime Green (828)
    Lipstick Pink (851)
    Sky Blue (838)

    Bright and colourful!

  205. Erica Allewell says:

    I would choose misty grey, stormy grey and slate grey in Aran weight to make a blanket to go with my new living room


    I would choose Kingfisher Blue, Washed Teal and Champagne White in Aran .

  207. Amy says:

    Sailor Blue, Grass Green and Pansy Purple in DK!

  208. Bethan Stewart-Thomson says:

    Marine blue, slate grey and granite grey in DK

  209. Lucy Hodkinson says:

    Dusty lilac , slate grey and dolphin blue

  210. Alison Rogers says:

    I would love to make a Spring blanket in some lovely fresh colours in Aran. Marine blue 233, spearmint green 225 and daffodil yellow 221. I normally make in autumn colours so it would be great to try something different!

  211. Hi. These paintbox yarns are lovely, and so many colours to choose from.
    My colour combo would be:
    Neon green
    Neon yellow
    Neon orange
    I love bright colours and i am going to make a lovely bright bedspread.
    I would choose super chunky.

  212. Lindsey Roberts says:

    My choice would be paintbox Aran in the following shades:
    Buttercup yellow
    Marine blue
    Spearmint green
    I would crochet a blanket and when finished it would remind me of the sun, sea and fields of holidays in Devon

  213. Amy says:

    1. Marine Blue
    2. Mustard Yellow
    3. Paper White

  214. Tracey says:

    I have so many combinations in mind but the one I’m going to pick is inspired by a jumper my mum adored and wore until it fell apart in the eighties, she always said she’d love another one and I’d love to be able to make it for her-

    Kingfisher Blue
    Neon Pink
    Pansy Purple

    It’d have to be in Aran yarn, I’m not the fastest crocheter (or knitter) and I’d at least have a chance of finishing it before her birthday next January!

  215. Janice Rolfe says:

    I love the Paintbox yarn range and the choice of so many colours, I think I would choose Aran for my next project.
    slate green, misty grey and peach orange

  216. Betty says:

    I would choose the following colors: Purple, Gold, and Pure Black in Chunky

  217. Chelsea says:

    I’m looking toward summer and am finding myself obsessed with Lime Green, Seville Orange, and Neon Pink in DK to make halter tops!

  218. Samantha Tushaus says:

    Pistachio Green, Ballet Pink, and Champaign White in Aran. I’d love to make an afghan with it, but it would also be perfect for the Cleckheaton Color Block Sweater!

  219. Whitney Codling says:

    Midnight Blue
    Grass Green
    Spearmint Green

  220. Amy Zukley says:

    So many pretty colors to choose from & so many possibilities of projects! I’d have to go with my favorite colors – any shade of purple. So in Aran I’d go with:
    Pansy Purple 847, Dusty Lilac 846 & Pale Lilac 845

  221. Deborah Hilton says:

    I would choose Banana Cream, Melon Sorbet, Seafoam Blue in Aran for a nice spring shawl

  222. Deborah Hilton says:

    Melon Sorbet
    Banana Cream
    Seafoam blue

  223. Kathryn Garramone says:

    Honestly, I found myself swimming in all of these luscious colors. But for my immediate needs I would choose Aran weight
    801 Pure Black
    802 Champagne White
    815 Red Wine
    There is depth and vibrancy to these colors that I have been searching for.
    I would need a lot, as I am crocheting myself a Granny Square Coatigan .
    Thank You

  224. Jim Gardner says:

    my color combo would be in aran weight and colors neon pink, lipstick pink and raspberry pink

  225. Mary Ellen says:

    I make an afaghans every year to give away to my family at Christmas. Everyone put their name in a hat and we pull a name.
    I love all the colors and would be more than elated to win any of them.

  226. Daphne says:

    I would choose Aran weight in storm grey, paper white, pistachio green and dusty rose. Just colors I like, you would need them in front of you to get the true look.

  227. Nancy says:

    I would use paper white & seafoam blue & marine blue so that I could feel like I was on vacation at a cottage

  228. Julie Goers says:

    It was so hard to choose just 3 colors! So many fabulous choices!
    1. Seafoam Blue
    2. Dusty Lilac
    3. Stormy Grey
    In Chunky for an extra soft, cuddly afghan. 🙂

  229. I enjoy creating baby blankets for the newborns of friends and family.

    My colors of choice would be: Duck Egg Blue, Slate Green and Pistachio Green for a boy and for a girl: Pansy Purple, Dusty Rose and Duck Egg Blue. When the parents choose to not know the child´s sex I prefer to use Misty Grey, Champagne White and Light Caramel.

    Any color is great when in a harmonious combination.

  230. Sas says:

    Slate Green, Washed Teal and Duck Egg

  231. Marybeth says:

    Dusty Lilac, Pale Lilac, and Purple Pansy in chunky

  232. Jennifer says:

    Spearmint Green (825), Soft Fudge (809), Dark Aubergine (848) in Aran to make an afghan for my family room.

  233. Sarah says:

    My colour combination would be Misty Grey, Duck Egg Blue, and Washed Teal in Chunky to make a snuggly blanket for stormy days.

  234. Amy Spencer says:

    I’ve just picked up my crochet needles again after a long hiatus of some big life changes – and I’d forgotten how relaxing and rewarding crochet is. I’m really excited to see the fantastic range of colours and weights that Paintbox offers! I plan to use the yarns Marine Blue, Bright Peach and Daffodil Yellow (ok, and/or Stormy Grey) to make the Paintbox patterns Queenie Bikini and the Summertime Shopper in anticipation of some much needed sun this summer. Thanks for running this awesome contest – good luck everyone!

  235. Wendy says:

    I’ve recently completed the Zoodiacs from onedogwoof in Paintbox Aran – the colours are just so vibrant and stunning – the perfect weight yarn for a blanket for my grandson.

    My favourite colours were for the Tiger which were Blood Orange, Dolphin Blue and Vanilla Cream

    I’m now working on a Minions blanket for his 3rd Birthday in April – guess what I’m using – only ever Paintbox Aran!!

    Thanks Paintbox for a superb range of excellent yarns!

  236. Janet Fredericks says:

    I would like pure black, dusty rose and vanilla cream in Aran.

  237. Amy Henchey says:

    Aran blue, Marine blue, and evergreen in Aran.

  238. Debra Staggs says:

    I would choose Wool Mix Chunky in Pure Black, Dark Aubergine, and Tea Rose. I would make hats with them.

  239. Fran Bott says:

    Kingfisher Blue, Bright Peach, Coffee Bean in Aran

  240. Jennyfer Osecheck says:

    Misty Gray
    Stormy Gray
    Seafoam blue
    In Aran
    Such beautiful colors

  241. Rebecca Robinson says:

    I would like Wool Mix Aran in Grass Green, Kingfisher Blue, and Pansy Purple. I love the deep colors and would make a spring blanket for my niece!

  242. Susan Myers says:

    My colors would be 1) Sky Blue 2) Raspberry Pink and 3) Spearmint Green. Not sure what weight I would choose just yet but more than likely it would be Wool Mix Aran.

  243. Lisa Schmock says:

    I would love to try the Aran. Only 3 colors is so hard to choose! I love pretty much all of them! Heh I have a lot of Paintbox yarns. Mostly in chunky but I just got a delivery this week of the acrylic Aran that I had not tried yet. Making 2 baby blankets, 2 toddler and one for an 8 yo. So my color choices in my two fave colors, since I’ve never made myself an afghan yet:

    Dusty Lilac 846
    Dolphin Blue 836
    Slate Gray 805

    Good luck everyone and thank you Love Crochet!

  244. Cathie Anderson says:

    I would choose super chunky and any three shades of purple.

  245. Heather says:

    There are a lot of nifty color combos. I would probably pick slate gray, vanilla cream, and pansy purple in chunky.

  246. Laura McGregor says:

    I would have to go with
    Pale lilac
    Sky blue
    Daffolid yellow.
    Perfect Afghan for my niece who birthday is this month.

  247. My initial choice would be, in Aran weight: pistachio green, melon sorbet, and peach orange. I have in mind a child’s sized throw. Can’t wait to get a bunch to try, great idea!

  248. Melinda Des Jardins says:

    I would choose chunky weight in blush pink, pistachio green, and misty grey. This would make a beautiful stroller blanket!

  249. Marilyn B says:

    Hi and thank you for running this awesome giveaway! The three colours I would choose are pansy purple, pale lilac, and misty grey in the super chunky weight. 🙂

  250. Marie says:

    I would use the wool blend to make a jacket sweater
    in varying shades of blue minus any dark shades

  251. Gayle McCandless says:

    Paintbox Yarns Baby DK 5 in Mint Green and Baby Lilac
    Thank you so much!!

  252. Kandice Mccue says:

    My woolentine :-)…
    1. Pure black
    2. Granite grey
    3. Stormy grey

    A big chunky soft blanket at the end of my bed. Get the sophisticated luxury “msgazine” look.

  253. Gayle McCandless says:

    I would love Mint Green (360) and Baby Lilac (762) in Paintbox Yarns Baby DK

    Thank you so much!!

  254. Chelsea says:


    I love this colour palette:

    Mandarin Orange (817)
    Daffodil Yellow (821)
    Paper White (800)

    I would make an amigurumi Charmander 🙂

  255. Jen Horne says:

    Tough choice…
    Kingfisher blue
    Sea foam blue
    Stormy Grey

    In chunky.

    A lovely snuggly blanket 🙂

  256. Bernice Kennedy says:

    I would pick :
    Racing Green
    Slate Green
    Banana Cream
    in the Aran mix
    Thank you

  257. Kd Williams says:

    I am going to make the Armour Afghan in Paintbox Wool Mix Chunky (Winter Blue colour pack) for one of my grandsons. Here are the colours that I want to use:
    Duck Egg Blue (1035),
    Seafoam Blue (1031),
    Washed Teal (1032),
    Marine Blue (1033),
    Kingfisher Blue (1034),
    Sky Blue (1038),
    Dolphin Blue (1036),
    Sailor Blue (1039),
    Royal Blue (1040),
    Midnight Blue (1037)
    Thank you for the chance to win them!

  258. Tammy says:

    Love the simply aran paintbox. Colors pale lilac, dusty liliac, purple,
    My favorite color is purple. And I’m new to crocheting but I love to learn new things.

  259. Joan Giffin says:

    My fav. color combination would be…
    purple pansy
    raspberry pink
    neon pink

    think these three colors can be combined in different patterns to make beautiful afghans, blankets, hats and mittens, etc.

  260. Wayne Wiley says:

    Why not make this hard?!? And you only want three?!? OK how about
    831 – Seafoam Blue
    833 – Marine Blue
    836 – Dolphin Blue
    Notice the theme? I just started the comedy blanket and who knew that even picking that many colors would be such a chore.

  261. Grace White says:

    True red
    royal blue
    bright yellow

    I want to make a LEGO afghan for my grandson

  262. Valerie Guptill says:

    Marine blue
    Washed real
    Pale lilac
    Aran weight

  263. Sam Bennett says:

    Oh these look squishy!!

    I would love the Evergreen (830), Granite Grey (806) and the lovely Stormy Grey (804) to make a nice blanket for my dad.

    Though there are so many other gorgeous colours… i kinda want them all!!

  264. Maureen Ahearn says:

    I would love to try this yarn. I would choose:

    Pistachio Green 824
    Slate Green 826
    Light Caramel 808

    Thanks for the chance!

  265. Jacqueline says:

    I like the vanilla cream, buttercup yellow and Seville orange

  266. rebecca says:

    It’s SUPER CHUNKY in NEON YELLOW, NEON GREEN, NEON ORANGE for my 80s THROWBACK THROW. Turn on some Duran Duran, wrap up in a neon throw and…Dance Party 1986!

  267. Mary says:

    My perfect shawl would be in Aran Misty Gray,Blush Pink, and Spearmint Green-calming colors to wrap around my shoulders.

  268. Wendy Gross says:

    Paper White, Marine Blue and Kingfisher Blue in Aran. 💕

  269. Pam says:

    I’d LOVE to work with Bright Peach, Marine Blue and Champagne White in Aran weight. I’ve wanted to try Paintbox yarns, just haven’t had the money.

  270. Holly says:

    Stormy grey, granite grey, and red wine, in super chunky. I’d make a super snuggly scarf to beat the winter blues 😀

  271. Catherene Avery says:

    My combination would be

    Granite grey
    Pillar red
    Sailor blue
    In the Aran wool mix. I would make a lap robe for my chair so I could cuddle up on a chilly Sunday afternoon after church. Naptime.

  272. Susan Munroe says:

    I would love to use
    Dark Aubergine
    Marine Blue &
    Mustard Yellow in aran weight!

  273. Anna Krol says:

    My favourite colour combination will be stormy grey, slate grey and blush pink.

  274. Valerie Mason Davis says:

    This is so hard…multiple choices?? Seriously, if I had to narrow down…I think I woul choose : Pansy Purple, Vanilla Cream, Marine Blue in Super Chunky!
    Wish me luck…in all my 70 yrs., I don’t think I’ve ever been lucky…this is fun tho!

  275. kelley l vain says:

    Neon Green (859)
    Neon Orange (857)
    Buttercup yellow (822)
    Bright and happy!

  276. Valerie Mason Davis says:

    Just give me a try of any colors in super chuncky…Thanks for the opportunity(?)

  277. Julie Bantin says:

    I would pick Aran in the colors of
    Raspberry pink (843)
    Evergreen (830)
    Dusty lilac (846)
    I would make a blanket.

  278. Alice Freeman Diaz says:

    I would love to do a afghan in Seville Orange, Coffee Bean and Buttercup Yellow. I love bright colors and it would make my bedroom come alive.

  279. Joyce Clark says:

    I like royal blue,gold and silver!

  280. Rosy Barters says:

    I like all colors, at the most would be red purple and dark green

  281. Lisa says:

    In simply aran –
    spearmint green, fudge, and vanilla cream

  282. Sarah Jones says:

    Aran Paintbox yarn in Grass green, pistachio green and paper white. Delicate little Snowdrops coming up in February, I think a bright new cushion cover to announce the forthcoming new season.

  283. Angie H. says:

    I recently was able to sample and purchase some of your yarn at Stitches West. I am so impressed and love it! I would love to win some wool mix aran in neon pink, slate grey and vanilla cream.

    Your staff and yarn are fantastic!

  284. Ellie says:

    I would choose the colors Paper White, Slate Grey, and Tea Rose in Aran weight. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  285. Cheryl Messores says:

    I would chose the simply dk in Raspberry Pink, Pansy Purple and Marine Blue. They would make a fun color combo.

  286. Bonny Bordeleau says:

    Wow, they are beautiful! Thank you for this chance!
    I guess I would choose….
    Red wine 215
    Evergreen 230
    Paperwhite 200
    But, seriously that was HARD they are all gorgeous!

  287. Tapria says:

    only 3?! kay
    Pansy purple 147
    sailor blue 139
    grass green 129
    in aran

  288. Neva Coleman says:

    It it so hard to pick just three when your colors are all so pretty.
    My choice would be
    Raspberry Pink (1043)
    Tea Rose (1042)
    Dusty Rose (1041)

  289. Nyree Oshiro says:

    I would love to make an Awareness blanket for Crohn’s disease(purple), Lupus(purple) and colon cancer(blue), and breast cancer(pink). I have Crohns and Lupus.
    Here’s my selections:
    Bubblegum pink (1050)
    Pansy purple (1047)
    Dolphin blue (1036)

  290. Laura Richardson says:

    I would choose Pansy Purple (847), Pillar Red (814) and Duck Egg Blue(835) in aran. I could make such fantastic shawls!

  291. Stina Heim says:

    Definitely Chunky, in
    Kingfisher Blue (1034)
    Royal Blue (1040)
    Buttercup Yellow (1022)

  292. Dee Cook says:

    I would choose Aran in pansy purple, Dusty lilac, and dusty rose.

  293. Margay Roberge says:

    I’d probably go with a variation of pastels in a light weight.

  294. I would choose the aran. Any color combo is fine with me but I really like the browns and tans. I’m on a very tight budget. I am disabled but I can still crochet. I’m 55 years old and crochet is my passion. I would love to win. My yarn stash is almost gone and I’m down to using the little bits of scrap to make a throw. All the colors are beautiful. I would be proud to have any color combo.

  295. Ela says:

    I love the purples – any shades. But most of all I like the vividness of the Paintbox colors.

  296. LuEllen Bateman says:

    I will make an Amour Afghan with Paintbox yarns wool mix using: (starting at center square and last color for border)

    banana cream 820
    peach orange 854
    candy floss pink 849
    bubblegum pink 850
    spearmint green 825
    raspberry pink 843

  297. Rebecca Jackson says:

    I live in an old log cabin with warm brown walls all around. I would love to make an afghan in the same cool greens that are in my botanical print draperies, adding the caramel for a touch of warmth. I would choose the Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Aran:
    Pistachio Green (824)
    Light Caramel (808)
    Slate Green (826)

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