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10 Thoughts When Crocheting for Mother’s Day

Crocheting mum a gift?! With the UK Mother’s Day on the 11th of March, those of us who are making  yarny presents for mum might have some of these thoughts running through our minds…

1. It only took me 5 hours of browsing LoveCrochet to decide which yarn to go for! And here she is… the perfect ball!

2. ‘Okay, so it might not look EXACTLY like the picture in the pattern… but at least she’ll like the colours!’

3. When you notice you’re a tad protective over your crochet… Like mother, like daughter/son, hey!

4. How I will spend my days in the lead up to Mother’s Day: 50% of the time crocheting, 50% of the time imagining the perfect gift-giving moment!


5. ‘If she doesn’t like it, I can always ask for it back, right?’

6. ‘I better try it on for size…’

7. ‘I’m sure she won’t notice all those mistakes design features.’

8. When you stop and marvel at the magic of crochet and think: ‘I’m basically a wizard with a hook instead of a wand!’

9. Casting off just in time for Mother’s Day!

10. It’s not a competition on who can give mum the best present – BUT it kind of is!

Crocheting a gift for your mum for Mother’s Day? What thoughts have been on your mind? Share with us in comments below!

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