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The Easiest Snowflake Ever!

If you’re new to crochet, snowflakes can look daunting – so Merion has created a snowflake for beginners that looks beautiful in super chunky yarn!

It’s the season to crochet snowflakes! I love crocheting snowflakes but I remember the feeling of dismay when I looked at snowflake patterns for the first time. I was in awe when I watched people crochet them with ease!  The snowflake and I did not make friends until I was a seasoned crocheter, but this year I remembered that feeling of wishing I had been able to do it, so I have created a little snowflake pattern for beginners!

It is always easier to learn new stitches with a bigger yarn and hook, so with this in mind, this snowflake is better with aran, chunky or super chunky yarn. In the video I’ve used Rowan Big Wool and a 9mm hook – but you can use any yarn with the corresponding hook size that you prefer.

The pattern:

Make slip knot, ch4 and sl st into the first chain to make a circle.

Round 1:  Ch3, and work one tr (UK dc) into the circle, ch1.  Repeat a further 5 times and sl st into the beginning ch3 to join.

Round 2: Sl st into the first ch space from the previous round.  Make three little picot stitches to form a point like this: ch2, and sl st back into the ch space, ch 3 and sl st back into the ch space, then ch2 and sl st back into the ch space.

Sl st into the next chain space and repeat.  Work this little trio of picot stitches into each ch space, and then sl st and fasten off.

Altering the picot stitches for different weight yarns:

Making the picot points with ch2, ch3, ch2 heights works beautifully for most weight yarns, but if you’d like your points to be a little bit higher and more pronounced, try ch3, ch4, ch3, or even ch3, ch5, ch3!  The pattern for the points would change like this: ch3, sl st into the ch space, ch4, sl st into the ch space, ch3, sl st into the ch space.  It’s great fun to play with these little picot stitches and see how your yarn behaves! Super super chunky yarns might need quite high chains to form pretty peaks!

To finish off your snowflakes, sew in the ends or use the longer tail as a hanging loop. You could string them on to ribbon for bunting, loop them into your Christmas gift tags, appliqué to jumpers and mittens or sew on a brooch back!

When you’ve mastered this nice chunky snowflake, there are so many patterns to try, like Bella Coco’s gorgeous snowflake below for a more delicate snowflake with finer yarn!



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