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Published on March 1st, 2016 | by Merion


The Crochet Project’s Joanne Scrace reviews MilliaMia Naturally Soft Merino

Want a yarn that’s super soft next to the skin, hardwearing and delicious to crochet?  Joanne Scrace from The Crochet Project reviews MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino!

MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino Yarn in Coral and Denim

Pictured above: New shades! Coral and denim

When you are going to pour hours of work into a crochet or knitting project, you want to make sure you choose a yarn that is going to do your work justice within your budget. As a designer focussing on wearable crochet, I have many considerations when choosing yarn, among them: can my customers afford to make this, will the yarn be soft enough to wear, will the yarn show off the detail of the design, will I enjoy working with it for a WHOLE cardigan (if I won’t then maybe my customers won’t but more importantly because a sweater is to big to work in yarn you hate) and will the yarn wear well to keep the finished piece looking great wear after wear?

I enjoy crocheting in Milla Mia and have chosen it for several crochet projects, big and small, over the years. I enjoy its silky softness, the bounce that it has and that it doesn’t split when I hook it.

As for affordability, it is a luxury yarn at a good price and we felt comfortable as many sizes can be made for under £60 for the cardigan. On this topic, I would encourage you never compare yarn costs to the price of ready to wear clothing; that £60 is buying you hours of enjoyment making it as well as giving you something unique and beautiful that fits you perfectly and lasts for years.

I have experienced too many times the extreme sadness of putting hours of work into a beautiful sweater only to have it pill horribly on its first wear, and every wear after until it became threadbare. (This is such a common issue that I’m sure there must be a long German word for the sadness it causes.) So when I was asked to review the MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino yarn I knew that I really wanted to talk about is how hard wearing it is.

Meet the Bartsia Cardigan. I designed this for the first collection from The Crochet Project back in March 2013.

crochet cardigan: Bartsia cardigan by The Crochet Project

And that summer I wore it almost every day!

Crochet cardigan: Bartsia cardigan by The Crochet Project

Because its a summer cardigan it gets worn over vests and short sleeved t-shirts, and it was really important to me to choose something very soft as it is going to be in contact with the very sensitive inside of my elbow and I can’t abide itchy or stiff wools there without a layer or two in between.

It’s been washed countless times (I always hand wash with a no rinse wool formula such as Eucalan to keep all my hand made items looking good.) and worn many many more – this being the advantage of natural wool, it really doesn’t need to be laundered as much as synthetic fibres do, the wool rejects lots of stains and spells before they happen. Merino is such an amazing material that its used routinely in high end performance gear after all.

So after three years of wear, how is it looking?

There has been some pilling of course, its a very soft yarn and you will always have some pilling, but only on high wear areas and nothing that I can’t pick off gently with my fingers – there has been no thinning because of it. The cardigan still looks great, the stitches are still really defined, its still soft.

Crochet cardigan: Bartsia by The Crochet Project on the LoveCrochet blog

In my view if you are looking for a really soft yarn for wear next to the skin at a great price, MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino is a great choice.

MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino is a sport weight 100% merino wool yarn that comes in 24 beautiful colours.  Crochet on a 3,25mm hook.  It’s sister yarn, MillaMia Naturally Soft Aran is just as gorgeous, and comes in 18 delicious shades – crochet on a 5mm hook!

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