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The 10 Types of Crocheters

Everyone has their own individual crochet style and it’s what makes you, and your projects, unique! Whether you’re an amigurumi artist or like to try a bit of everything (and have the WIPs to prove it!), can you spot yourself in our top ten crocheters below?

The beginner

Somehow your squares have more than four corners and your blankets seem to weave in and out at the edges. Just tell everyone you’re doing freeform crochet and they’re bound to be impressed!

The amigurumist

amigurumi amigurumist

Pineapple, doll, unicorn – there’s no character your talented hook can’t sculpt with your nimble skills at amigurumi (sometimes we even struggle just to say it).


The stash addict

stash addict crochet

Big stash? It’s inevitable really! What people don’t understand is that you need one ball of each colour, and one of each weight, oh and that shiny new one over there. And perhaps just one more…

Granny square guru

granny square crochetFrom its humble beginnings to the most elaborate forms, you have well and truly mastered the granny square. Blankets, bags, tops, there’s nothing you can’t create with a granny square!

The WIP crocheter

You’re very good at starting new projects, perhaps too good if the wake of WIPs you leave behind is any indication. You could finish that blanket you started last year, or you could start hooking that fab new CAL everyone’s talking about.

The planner

Last minute gift? No problem, you’ve got three baby blankets you planned for just such an emergency. Now did they want stripes, ombre or the super cute one with the matching bunny?

The freestyler

freestyle crochetFrom playing with colour like an artist with a palette, to orchestrating projects without a score in sight, you’re all about experimenting and trying something new. Who needs a pattern anyway?

The trendsetter

Chevrons, hexies or tapestry crochet? Most of us are struggling to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. Luckily, we can see what’s fresh off your hook and ooh and aah in admiration.

The CAL gal (or guy)

Crochet is at its best when it’s fun and social and a CAL (Crochet-A-Long) is the perfect opportunity to get involved. You’ve ordered your yarn, discussed tactics in the online forums and you’re ready to go!

The crochet commuter

You’ve always got a project in the works, and you’re always on the go! At work, on the train, even outdoors at the park, you’ll be found hook in hand, happily working away.

Let us know what type of crocheter you are in the comment below, perhaps you’re even a mixture of several types? Or maybe you have friends whose traits you recognize?



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Natalie loves anything crafty - knitting, crochet, sewing, baking, even a bit of DIY piñata building. Most of all she likes to make handmade gifts for family and friends. Though she is currently experiencing a bit of a backlog of requests she hopes to be taking new orders for 2050 soon.

75 Responses to The 10 Types of Crocheters

  1. Love this. I’m definitely the Freestyler type. I’m always changing something even when I do have a pattern.

  2. Kristie Cook says:

    I would be a WIP Freestyler with quite the stash that follows the occasional CAL! Great breakdown of crocheters!

  3. I think I mixed with a little bit of all of it! LOL I love your blog though!

  4. Tiffany says:

    I’m a wip freestyler with a side of stash addicted thrown in. Got to have all the colors to play with!

  5. Aiesha says:

    I’m a Stash loving WIP and the occasional planner.

  6. Liz says:

    I’m a bit of all !!! And I ENJOY IT !!!!!!!

  7. Liz L says:

    I’m definitely the commuting crocheter and the one with many WIPs!!!

  8. Cajsa says:

    Hahaha I am probably the stash addicted mixed with the planner 😀

  9. Grannies, freestyler and occasionally commuter. 🙂

  10. Susana says:

    Crochet commuter, freestyler,amigurumis and stash addicted 😊

  11. Andrea says:

    Freeforming beginner with an abundance of wips including amigurumi, granny all with a hook in my pocket and a ball of yarn stashed somewhere while on the go with a mega stash that I’m constantly adding to 🤣

  12. Sarah says:

    Beginner, Stash Addict, Commuter, and WIP Crocheters!

  13. Tammy says:

    Hello my name is Tammy and I’m a WIP and stash crocheter, I may need an interventire 🙂

  14. Christina says:

    Amigurumist is probably the only one I’m not……….😁

  15. Sonja says:

    I am a Granny-stash-Wip-Freestyler.
    In my view crocheters are artists in their own right. Thats why we need so many different yarns. It opens up our creativity – even if we only enjoy the view it develops the imagination

  16. Amanda says:

    Love this post I’m definately a freestyler I don’t like sticking to the rules. 🙂

  17. Judi Goodman says:

    Definitely the stash addict/freestyler!! Never have enough yarn and always buying more! Lol

  18. Sally says:

    I’m definitely a stash addict, I do not need any more, well except for the wool I spotted today!! 🤣🤣And probably a Wip crocheter

  19. Yvonne Hyde says:

    The stash addict, for sure.

  20. Pam says:

    Stash addict with a little WIP freestyler thrown in!!

  21. Jennifer says:

    Commuter Crocheter

  22. Cindy says:

    I’m a Freestyler CAL gal.

  23. Astrid says:

    Crochet computer for sure. Waiting and crocheting one stitch/row/project at the time.

  24. Judith says:

    I’m a stash addict….16 flip lid boxes full,😜

  25. Jessica says:

    I think I’ve fit into every one of these except maybe the CAL gal one XD

  26. Patricia Smith says:

    I am at least three of the above – I stash yarn, love making squares and toys

  27. lee says:

    i’m a stasher – the yarn will outlast me but it doesn’t stop me from buying more. lol

  28. Paulene says:

    I’m not really any of these. I make hats mostly. Custom made hats for babies through adults. In the past I did granny block blankets. I’m more a free pattern addict than anything. What I will do for Christmas gifts this year is alluding me though. All my friends have at least one hat I’ve made and I can’t really do slippers without knowing shoe sizes. Hmmm….maybe gloves? For personal projects I do some planning but usually not too far ahead. I sometimes don’t finish things….especially when I mess them up somehow.

  29. Samantha says:

    I’m a WIP CAL gal lol.

  30. Kellie says:

    I’m a mix of everything hahaha!!!!

  31. Anthony John says:

    I am without doubt a WIP crocheter with a dash of freestyler. I’m great at starting new things often without a pattern or guide but I’m terrible when it comes to finishing them!

  32. Dorothy says:

    I’m a stash addicted WIPer

  33. Aurelia says:

    I am a lot. I am first of all a beginner, a stash addict (I also knit) but I love to make granny squares. I have a WIP crochet, I am a CAL gal AND a crochet commuter.

  34. Becky Conard says:

    Defineatly a WIP crocheter

  35. Caitie says:

    This is great! I’m definitely the freestyling amigurumist with far too many WIPs and an every growing stash…

  36. Deb says:

    Stash addict (yarn is so pretty and still has potential when it is just in a skein), WIP (so many ideas, so little time) and freestyler (never ever keep to a pattern). Is there any hope for me?

  37. Marilyn says:

    Stash addict and wip crocheter.

  38. Kimberley says:

    Definitely the WIP crocheter. I love new challenges and new patterns, but once I figure out that new stitch, I get bored.

  39. Deb says:

    I’m a little bit of all of the above.

  40. Betty says:

    I guess I am a part of all of these except beginner. I have yarn stashed, but I also have patterns stashed. I’ll never get to all the patterns I have, but fall in love every time I see something unique. You won’t see very many of my items in my house – seems as though I make to give away. Even some of the items I thought I was making for myself I end up giving to my daughter or granddaughters.

  41. Dixie Cousineau says:

    I am. A planner. I have all of my Christmas gifts made for this year. And now working on things just in case things. Just in case I need a gift for some one or something.

  42. Annie says:

    Amigurumist, stash addict and granny square freestylist!

  43. Mary McKinney says:

    I fal under 2 ,I am the FREE-STYLER For sure ,I love to change things and truly make them mine ,i always have to make it a bit different ,and change it up! I love the Unique-ness of yep this is my work ,see the differences i added or changed.And then I also fall under the Planner because I love to make all kinds of baby items,I like to take adult sweaters hats boots etc . and change them to baby size. So i always have Unique layettes stashed,or baby blankets ,or even baby toys ,so if a baby shower comes up or if I just hear about a new baby in the neighbor-hood ,I have items already made and on hand to bless baby with ,and each one is always so different ,the new Mommy does not need to worry that any other child will be wearing the same. LOL! I LOVE TO CROCHET!!!! CROCHET SAVED MY LIFE!!!!

  44. Lily Ann Dawes says:

    An Amigurumist freestyle stash addict !
    Definitely me : I have so much yarn I could open my own shop, my favourite style is Amigurumi and I’m always playing around with patterns, yarn types etc.

  45. Janice says:

    The amigurumist, the WIP, The Stash, and the Cal gal. I am what you call down here in South Louisiana a Gumbo….a mixture of good stuff.

  46. Kate avery says:

    Commuter stash addict wip crocheter, my gran used to say idle hands are the devils workshop. So i carry my hooks and yarn or thread everywhere.

  47. Gail Hollingsworth says:

    Stash addict! Started buying yarn on sale when my husband was planning to retire. I now have an addict full but still keep buying….

  48. Gene Hitchcock says:

    I am some of it all. I dont like to do the same thing twice . but i come back and try to make better on some things.

  49. Virginia Ellen Pwekins says:

    I love grannies of all kinds, and CALs. I have accumulated a small stash and am working on more. Of course I do have a couple of words in progress.

  50. Virginia Ellen Perkins says:

    Sorry about that. Slip of the finger. My name is corrected now.

  51. UmmSumayyah says:

    All the above, plus a pattern collector

  52. Becky says:

    I love making little animals either by themselves, as keychains, or part of a grouping. I do baby blankets on occasion. My Christmas tree is all homemade crochet ornaments.

  53. Carey says:

    I’m definitely the stash addict ‘cos my hobby is collecting yarn of all colours, shapes and sizes and oh of course, I crochet too 😉

  54. Jenn C. says:

    I’m the WIP crocheter! I did just finish one large project but I can’t wait to start more and more and more. This way I never get bored. 🙂

  55. I’m a mix between The Planner, and The Freestyler. 🙂

  56. Misa says:

    I’m the the freestyler stash addict, no doubt!

  57. Daphne Thompson says:

    Crochet commuter is me! Always have the crochet project in the car, in the bag and on the train. Never miss a moment’s opportunity. Stuck in traffic? Waiting for your partner at the shops? Half an hour to spend on the train?

  58. Suzanne Baker says:

    I’m nearly all of the above, but, I finish things, change colours, and pattern saver, love to try something new all the time, and harder the better most of the time. Additted to buying, but, then I always use it as well, give away more than I keep, but love it all the same. My husband loves bright colours, and as long as I do that I’m OK. Have a queen size blanket on the go at present, in hungarian stitch, taking lots of balls, now over a 100g a round, so will have to buy more, so much fun. Been doing it for far too long, started when young.

  59. Chloe says:

    A free styling amigurumi commuter crocheter ♡♡♡

  60. Kim P. says:

    I’m the Stash Addict, WIP Crocheter, and Freestyler. :o)

  61. Dena says:

    Goodness, someone has been watching me!
    I am a stash addict, CAL gal, Granny Square Guru, Freestyler, WIP crocheter. I may have a problem but I’m happy! lol

  62. Sabah says:

    I am the stash addict, granny square guru and the crochet commuter

  63. Rhonda Smith says:

    What quiz?
    I’m a pattern hoarder, Granny Square Lovin’ Intermediate. Ha!

  64. I am a WIP crocheter, and a stash addict. LOL! the two worst ones probab;ly LOL, gotta laugh about though

  65. Nora Murphy says:

    I’m definitely a stash addict and a WIP crocheter, plus a pattern collector. I have colour packs for blankets, plus WiPs. I need to make a will to have it all given to a deserving cause, don’t want it dumped in the rubbish.

  66. Ysabel says:

    I’m a freestyle stash addict…and being a beginner means I always have an unfinished WIP while learning a new stitch. I crochet snuggles/blankets for animals in shelters.

  67. flair says:

    Freestyler for sure and mix with stash addict i guess.

  68. Sarah says:

    I’m a stash addict and definitely a WIP Crocheter!

  69. Courtney says:

    I am definitely a few! I’m a stash addict, freestyler, and crochet commuter. 🙂

  70. Ivonne says:

    The amigurumist and WIP crocheter 😀

  71. Angela says:

    Just passed out of beginner (woooo!) I’m now starting to be a stash collector, have always been a crochet commuter, and am getting into freestyle stuff a little bit.

  72. Cheryl says:

    I’m a stash addicted amigurumist.

  73. Charis says:

    Hi. I’m a crochet commuting freestyler😊

  74. Judith says:

    WIP /Stash addict I would be.

  75. ~RG says:

    This is cool!
    I’m many of these but definitely the Commuter & the Stash Addict :0)

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