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Published on July 25th, 2016 | by Emma Friedlander-Collins


Summer yarn inspiration – Mirasol Pima Kuri

A very warm welcome to our latest contributor, Emma Friedlander-Collins, who you might know better as Instagram guru Steel&Stitch and founder of the popular CrochetGirlGang club! Today she’s musing over the beautiful sale yarn Mirasol Pima Kuri and showing you how to find summer yarn inspiration from nature around you…

Emma Friedlander-Collins' Summer yarn inspiration - Mirasol Pima Kuri

Mirasol Pima Kuri in ‘Picket Fence’, ‘Raspberry Blush’, ‘Japanese Maple’, ‘Crushed Berry’, ‘Sunny Side Up’, ‘Timeless Beauty’ and ‘Kiwi Garden’

The school holidays have just begun and the bags are being packed for a whole six weeks of various adventures and activities. Sometimes I find it hard to decide which of the current WIPS to take with me, but this time it’s going to be easy. Literally, as I started packing my suitcase, this Mirasol Pima Kuri parcel of loveliness dropped onto my doorstep!

I like to take summer yarn inspiration from the colours around me, and this collection is no exception, as it looks like it comes straight from my garden. Although our garden is pocket sized, over the last couple of years it’s been stuffed it with creepers, climbers, blousy blooms and scented lovelies. I couldn’t possible tell you what they’re called but when I see something with a colour or shape that I like, I hunt it down, stick it in the mud and hope for the best. Tomorrow we’re heading off to the continent for a week, and it makes me a little bit sad that I won’t get to see things as they bloom, so I decided to design something that uses the colours of all those flowers so I don’t have to miss them.

Emma Friedlander-Collins' Summer yarn inspiration - Mirasol Pima Kuri

Mirasol Pima Kuri in ‘Raspberry Blush’, ‘Kiwi Garden’, ‘Sunny Side Up’ and ‘Timeless Beauty’

Flowers are a great way of finding a colour palette that works. They’ve evolved to be as attractive as they can be, and they know how to show off their pinks, reds and yellows by contrasting them against the right shade of green. They also know how to get the balance just right – a hint of dark green can set a profusion of pale pink off and make it sing. So if you’re ever wondering where to start with choosing colours, a quick walk to your local park, or even just trotting past a hedgerow can give you heaps of inspiration.

Emma Friedlander-Collins' Summer yarn inspiration - Mirasol Pima Kuri

Mirasol Pima Kuri in  ‘Raspberry Blush’ and ‘Japanese Maple’

As the weather has definitely taken a turn toward sizzling, I thought I should make something that would actually be useful. Crochet has been all over the catwalk this year, with lots of lovely crochet-trimmed bikinis, and boho style tassley tops. So I’ve sketched my own halter top out, and in my usual fashion, I’ll get doodling with my yarn and (just like my gardening) hope for the best. What I do know is that this Mirasol Pima Kuri is a dream to work with, having used it for projects before. Plus it has awesome credentials, as a percentage of the money goes straight to funding a school for the children of the shepherds in the remote area of Peru where it comes from.

So forget the packing, a quick bit of yarn balling and a crochet hook and I’m ready!

What’s inspired you this summer?

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