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Published on September 29th, 2015 | by Merion


Summer CAL: beautiful blankets!

Our Facebook feed is full of deliciously bright blankets as everyone is sewing up their gorgeous motifs!  Take a look at these beauties! Angie’s Layout 3 blanket is our feature image!

Summer CAL by Denise Lorton on the LoveCrochet blog

The beautiful blanket above is the fabulous work of Denise Lorton, after blocking.  Well done Denise, it’s stunning!

Marion Deevee's blanket - LoveCrochet blog

Deliciously draped over a chair! Marion Deevee’s blanket shows off Lang Yarn’s zingy colours to perfection!

Samantha Anne Harden -Summer CAL on the LoveCrochet blog

Samantha Anne Harden added a bright white border to really set those colours off! Gorgeous!

Sarah Anderson - Summer CAL blanket onthe LoveCrochet blog

Super neat crochet, and beautiful blending, Sarah Anderson’s blanket is looking very pretty!

Trish Ashton's blanket on the LoveCrochet blog

Trish Ashton’s Layout 3 blanket looks beautiful on her sofa, showing how fantastically well these gorgeous colours work in any room!

Delene Kruger van Rooyer Summer CAL blanket onthe LoveCrochet blog

A lovely Layout 1 blanket from Delene Kruger van Rooyer – delicate and timeless!

Gemma Payne Blanket on the LoveCrochet blog

We love Gemma Payne’s stunning rectangular Layout 1 as a bedspread too! Gorgeous idea Gemma!

Keep the pictures coming – we love to see them, and we’ll show as many as we can on the blog!



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Merion dreams in colour and adores crochet! From glorious granny blankets to ethereal shawls and lace cardies, she's never very far from her hooks! She loves cake, knitting, heavy horses, books and Mozart. Her favourite colour is duck egg blue.

2 Responses to Summer CAL: beautiful blankets!

  1. marleen says:

    thanks for the beautiful blanket! Is there a border for arround the blanket? if so, where can I found this?

    • Merion says:

      Hi Marleen! The blanket’s designer Amanda Perkins felt that the blanket didn’t need a border so that you can see the colour changing from the edge, but a lot of the ladies who made it felt that they would like a border, so they added their own! Some of them just chose to add a plain white border and some of them chose a colour from the blanket and used that as a border – so it’s really up to you! I hope that helps!

      Merion and the LoveCrochet team!

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