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Spring Sampler Shawl CAL Week Two!

Welcome to Week Two, and two new stitches! Kate Eastwood’s gorgeous Spring Sampler Shawl can be made in any DK yarn, and is a great way to learn new techniques! Join in with us!


Many of you have completed the first two bands of the Spring Sampler Shawl, so we are now ready to crack on with Part 2! (If you have missed part one, you can find it here!) It’s been wonderful to see the photos of your progress being shared and all the lovely different colourways emerging.


For this part of the CAL we will be working a further two stitch bands and two more dividing strips: the first band is worked in Zig Zag stitch and the second is worked in Waffle stitch.

Once you’ve completed these, you will then be able to finish the second half of the shawl as the last three stitch bands are repeats of band 1 in Suzette Stitch, band 2 in Alternate Bobble Stitch and band 3 in Zig Zag Stitch.

Just before we get started this week – hands up anyone who has counted to 300 sooo many times and then lost count just as you get to the end of the row? Well, I can’t tell you how many times this happened to me before it occurred to me to use stitch markers as number markers!

I also want to add at this point that with it being such a long row it’s all too easy to get to the end of the row and find that one stitch has gone awry or an extra one has sneaked its way in. With this in mind I found a good time to check the number of stitches was at each dividing band.

If you find at this point that your count is slightly out a stitch can easily be either adding by increasing (working 2 stitches into one stitch) or taken away by decreasing (working 2 stitches together).

So, let’s get started on the first part of today’s pattern:

How to work the Zig Zag stitch: 

With the right side of your work facing, re-join your yarn at the top right hand corner.

Row 1:  Working in to the back loops only, work a row of DC (SC US). 300 sts. Finish off.

Row 2:   Re-join your yarn at the right hand corner of your work. Chain 2.

Starting in the second chain from the hook ,* insert your hook and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull up loop, yarn over and pull through all 4 loops on your hook. Chain 1. Skip a stitch and repeat from * to  * to the end of the row, making the last stitch of the row a DC (SC UK). Chain 2 and turn.

Row 3: Starting in the first stitch, work a row of Zig Zag stitch as in Row 2. Finish the row with a DC (SC US), chain 2 and turn.

Work a total of 10 rows of Zig Zag stitch.

Now work a final row of DC (SC US). Check that your stitch count is correct at this point and if need be increase/decrease as necessary. 300 sts. Finish off.

Dividing band:

Re-join your yarn and work a Dividing Band. 300 sts. (Full instructions in Week 1)

How to work the Waffle Stitch:

waffle stitch

Re-join your yarn at the right hand corner of your work ( right side facing )

Row 1: Work a row of TR(DC US). 300 sts. Finish off at the end of the row.

Row 2:  With right side facing, Rejoin yarn at right hand top corner with a 2 chain. Work 1 TR (DC US). * Work a FTR (FPDC US) followed by 2 TR (DC US)*. Repeat from * to * to the end of the row, with your last stitch being a TR (DC US). 300 sts. Chain 2 and turn

Row 3: Work 2 TR (DC US) followed by 2 BTR (BPDC US). * Then work 1 TR (DC US) and 2 BTR (BPDC US)*. Repeat from * to * to the end of the row, ending the row with 2 TR (DC US). 300 sts. Chain 2 and turn.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 four times.

Repeat Row 2.

Work a row of DC (SC US). 300sts. Finish off.

Dividing band:

Re-join your yarn and work a Dividing Band. 300 sts. (Full instructions in Week 1)

At the end of this part of the CAL your work will be looking like the picture below, and you have now reached the middle band of the shawl.

The next stage is to repeat three of the stitch bands that you have already worked, starting with a band of Zig Zag Stitch, followed by another band of Alternate Bobble Stitch and finishing with a band of Suzette Stitch.

Next week will be the final part of the CAL where we will be finishing off your shawl with a border: there will be full details for three different types of edging: a light ruffle, a plainer straight edge, and a straight edge with a bobble border along the two ends.

See you next week!

We’re here to help!

Merion, Kate, Pauline and Louise will be joining you in our LoveCrochet CALs Facebook group to answer your questions, and you’ll be able to ask us about the shawl techniques and construction – and of course show us your progress!

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  1. Jane Garry says:

    Hi Guys

    Can i just ask on the zig zag stitch row 3, you say work a row of Zig Zag stitch as in Row 1. However row 1 is a DC row. I think I’m having a senior moment!!!!


  2. Linda Marmer says:

    Has week 3 been posted yet? I can see week 1 and 2, but not week 3. Thanks!

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