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Published on January 18th, 2018 | by Merion


Learn to Crochet the Popcorn Stitch!

Can you crochet the popcorn stitch? Learn how in this video tutorial!



The crocheted Popcorn Stitch is one of three stitches that creates a little bobble of stitches that adds wonderful texture. The bobble and puff stitches also create these little balls of fun, but the popcorn stitch is a perfect edging stitch, and creates the largest of all the shapes.

It is simple to do – and the results are delicious!

How to crochet the popcorn stitch:

Work five dc (UK tr stitches) into the same stitch.

Take your hook out of the working loop, and slide it into the top of the first of theĀ  stitches.

From behind the stitches, pull the working loop THROUGH the top of the first dc (tr) stitch to pull the popcorn bundle of stitches together.

Work your next dc (tr) as usual.

Popcorn stitch is a fabulous edging for blankets, as well as being a gorgeous textural stitch to slot into any plain crochet. Let’s have a look at how it can be used!


Lindsey Stephens’ Blackberry Blanket

This blanket is a celebration of popcorn stitches cascading across the blanket, with a popcorn stitch edging!

The Baby Crow’s Heart Pillow

This cute pillow uses popcorn stitches to make a heart motif and decorative edging!


Gelato Pops Cushion

Redagape uses the popcorn stitch in the fabulous Gelato Pops cushion in pastel shades to create this fabulous circular finish!

Grab your hook and test the delicious popcorn stitch!




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    Thank you for teaching this lefty how to do the popcorn stitch. Once I saw how easy it was I ready to tackle a project I had been putting off. Thanks again!

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