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Morning Coffee: We Love Hearts, and a Trip to the Seaside!


Come with us to the seaside this week, and learn all about the history of the heart motif! 

Dearest crochet fans,

This morning we’ve been talking about hearts – and how popular the heart shape is as a motif for blankets, jumpers (do you wear your heart on your sleeve?), and as little trinkets!  We all agreed that the humble heart is one of the most popular motifs to crochet, knit or stitch, but where does it come from?

Incredibly, my research tells me that the first heart shapes were drawn by the CroMagnon hunters of Europe before the last ice age, but it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the heart shape was associated with romantic love (before this, it was possibly a depiction of a water lily leaf, or similar). That deserves a heart pattern round up!  Well done Cro-Magnon hunters!   Perhaps the CroMagnon craftier types were at the back of the cave crocheting whilst the others were out hunting!

CroMagnon cave paintings, the history of the heart on the LoveCrochet blog

Painting of ancient horses in the Chauvet Caves, Southern France by the CroMagnons 300,000 years ago.  Image source:


Everybody loves a granny! Tune in on Wednesday for a round up of our favourite FREE granny square patterns!

Free granny square round up on the LoveCrochet blog!


On Thursday, Angie will be sharing her seaside stories and why she is inspired by Anna Nikipirowicz’s Seaside Shawl!

Anna Nikipirowicz's gorgeous Seaside Shawl - LoveCrochet blog


Don’t miss our weekly tutorial on Saturday and learn how to crochet the most darling three dimensional hearts with Kate Eastwood!  Perfect for wedding favours and little treats, these beautiful little hearts are the perfect way to use up your stash!

Heart tutorial with Kate Eastwood on the LoveCrochet blog!


Relax on Sunday and take a look at our round up of favourite heart patterns from independent designers, including Julie Harrison’s fabulous Big Heart Blanket using a brilliant technique, tapestry crochet.

Julie Harrison's Big Heart Blanket in Cascade Ultra Pima - on the LoveCrochet blog

I hope you’re ready for a fun week!  Don’t forget to keep up throughout the week with Jenni: Follow LoveCrochet on Pinterest for some extra special inspiration!

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