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Published on January 21st, 2017 | by Emma Friedlander-Collins


Modern Granny Square by Emma Friedlander-Collins

Emma Friedlander-Collins from Steel & Stitch injects new life into the traditional granny square with bold and modern colours in this free crochet tutorial.

Everyone has a different reason for loving crochet. Some people use it to relax by picking up a nice, comfortable repetitive pattern, some like the challenge of tackling complex intarsia patterns, or twisty cable stitches. Some get a buzz out of seeing exactly what it is you can do with just a hook and some yarn and go all crazy, technical (that’s me!) and some people are all of the above.

Now, a traditional granny blanket isn’t for me, I get fed up and huff very loudly if I’m making the same thing for too long and the thought of making endless squares leaves me wanting to string myself up by my own yarn. There’s also something of the drearily traditional about it that makes me want to run a mile. I realise I’m not making friends here, but hear me out. I also realise that after the end of a long, stressful day there’s something extremely comforting about picking up your hook and just letting your hands do their thing, while your mind unwinds.


So as a challenge for 2017, I’m seeing if I can fall in love with the humble square, and find ways to keep things simple, but also make it feel contemporary and exciting. For me, this is where playing with colour and layout reeeeeally come in to their own. What’s brilliant about the 2-tone square is that different layouts and colours can give you completely different designs, there’s also something incredibly graphic about that bold, diagonal stripe that makes for something very modern.
With a little colour change, and a pop of neon and I’ve climbed down off my high-crochet-horse and suddenly those endless squares seem very appealing indeed.


How to make a two-tone square:
1.Ch3, ss into end chain to make a loop and ch3


2. ch 3, 2tr into the loop, ch 2, 3tr into the loop, change yarn


3. *ch2, 3tr into the loop* repeat, ch2 and slip stitch into start ch and fasten off


4. Join on in a corner with a ch3


5. tr into the corner space tr in each stitch, (2tr, ch2, 2tr) into corner, tr in each st, 2 tr and ch2 in next corner, change yarn. Work over the top of the tails from the previous row to save sewing in ends later on



6. repeat the above, ss and fasten off to finish


Turn over square and trim over all the poking out ends if you’ve worked over them, or weave ends in if you prefer that approach


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About the Author

Emma Friedlander-Collins started designing and selling crochet patterns in 2011. With her unique approach and unusual designs, she has established herself as an innovative crochet designer and online success. Emma's also the co-founder and partner in crime at #crochetgirlgang - a space for crochet girls the world over to share their makes, find some support and generally get crochet happy.

4 Responses to Modern Granny Square by Emma Friedlander-Collins

  1. Sandra S Johnson says:

    What a great idea!! Do you have any patterns of some of these put together?

  2. Debra Anderson says:

    Dear Emma, I’ve just come across your crochet and I am amazed at your skill and that you are sharing with us your amazing creations. I have looked and looked for a way to contact you and this was the only place I could find. I was reading the 13 comments on your page ‘obsession with mittens’ and I was HORRIFIED. 13 comments of people complaining because the links didn’t work. Complain, complain, complain x 13 people.

    Sometimes links don’t work, it happens. I am horrified because to me they all sounded rude and unappreciative of what you are trying to share with us – and not even charge us for it. And all they can do is bitch about it, one after the other? Disgusting display of human behavior. One person can politely let you know the links don’t work. And they can be happy if and when they do work. It’s like helping someone and they are mad because you didn’t do even more.

    Thank you for sharing your creations with us. I appreciate it very much, the ideas I can have with your ideas will change my life – seriously 🙂 Kindest Regards, Deb

  3. Bonnie Weatherton says:

    Hi Emma,
    Thank you so much for sharing. I also tend to get bored and always looking for something different to inspire me, and you definitely have inspired me!! Please keep sharing your inspirational work, simply love it!

  4. Lizzy says:

    I hate traditional granny squares, Thanks for some sanity.

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