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Published on November 15th, 2016 | by Emma Friedlander-Collins


Learn how to work the Hump Stitch with Emma Friedlander-Collins

If you’re crocheting along with us in the Crochet Girl Gang CAL, the next square uses Hump Stitch to create a stocking stitch effect. This gorgeous stitch is fabulous for just about any project from scarves and hats to borders. Emma Friedlander-Collins shows you how!

One of the brilliant things about crochet, is just how versatile it can be. If you can get a hook in it or around it, you can make a crochet stitch. A crochet stitch itself has plenty of options; you can work into the top ‘v’, around the post, between the posts, in the front loop, in the back loop, across the top of your work, and that’s just the double (US single) crochet.

One of my favourite stitches of all time uses this sort of jiggery pokery.  I was introduced to it as ‘stockinette’ stitch, but it’s also called ‘knit’ stitch (it was also trademarked as ‘Camel’ stitch in the 1990’s, but that led to the demise of the term), and it does what it says – it looks like a knitted, sticking stitch.

To create this stitch you need to have a worked a half treble (double US) crochet, and then rather than putting your hook through the normal ‘v’ of the stitch on the top, roll it towards you, and you’ll see that there’s a hidden, extra loop at the back that you can use. Working in this loop only, causes the ‘v’ to sit on the top, and creates a stitch that looks a bit like stocking stitch.

Working in the round is the easiest way to make this stitch work, but you can also create it working side to side – you just need to make sure that on one side you use the very back loop only, and on the other, you use the very front side only.

Here’s how to do it –

1, Work a row of htr (hdc in US terms):

Learning the Hump Stitch

2. Roll forward to find the ‘hump’ stitch:

Rolling forward to find the Hump Stitch

3. Insert hook into hump stitch only:

Inserting the hook

4. Draw up yarn through the stitch:

Draw up yarn through the stitch

5. Complete your crochet stitch:

Complete the crochet stitch

A row of completed stocking stitch:

A row of Hump Stitch

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About the Author

Emma Friedlander-Collins started designing and selling crochet patterns in 2011. With her unique approach and unusual designs, she has established herself as an innovative crochet designer and online success. Emma's also the co-founder and partner in crime at #crochetgirlgang - a space for crochet girls the world over to share their makes, find some support and generally get crochet happy.

One Response to Learn how to work the Hump Stitch with Emma Friedlander-Collins

  1. Christina Watkinson says:

    This looks brilliant, but I would have to watch time after time to get it but its makes a wonderful stand out stitch, can’t wait to learn. God Bless and thank you so much for sharing.
    Kind regards & Merry Christmas!

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