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Laurel Hill talks comfy crochet with three top tips

For crocheters with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other aches and pains, crocheting can become a strain. Laurel Hill, the guru of ergonomic crochet, has a few tips for comfy crochet. 

Laurel Hill talks comfy crochet: read tips at LoveCrochet

Sometimes, crocheting can literally become a pain. Crafters with painful chronic conditions really suffer when it comes to handling hooks and thread, and that can ruin a favorite hobby faster than yarn can tangle. Laurel Hill crochet hooks are a favorite among crafters for their ergonomic grips, and it’s safe to say that they are gurus in the comfy crochet world. They shared some great tips to help crafters keep crochet comfy.

Get a hook with a thumb rest

If you have arthritis or hand pain, using a crochet hook with a thumb rest gives your hand a rest and provides a great deal of comfort so you can crochet without pain or discomfort for longer periods. They tend to sit better in your hand, which can also help fix problems with tension. 

Wooden hooks are the way to go

Thanks to wood’s ability to warm or cool in your hands, wooden crochet hooks are known to be better for arthritis. Cold aluminum or steel hooks can aggravate inflammation, so wood hooks are a better choice.

Sharp pointed hooks can have better flow

Though this is of course dependent on the fiber you are using and your personal preferences, many crocheters find that hooks with pointed ends can make for an easier, less-stress crochet experience. The sharper points can easily slide into tight stitches, which means less stress on your joints.

Laurel Hill talks comfy crochet on LoveCrochet

Laurel Hill hooks have a reputation for comfort and sustainable materials, so it’s no surprise that hard core crocheters like Ruth Tillman swear by them:

“I have tried every kind of hook and now will only use the ones from Laurel Hill,” she explains. “They are so smooth and have little grips that help me hold  them without holding too tight – my hands can totally relax.  Now I have the whole set.”

LAurel Hill talks comfy crochet: read more at LoveCrochet

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  1. Ann says:

    Need a crochet pattern for a boys hat,
    searched the web and have found nothing.
    Can you help

  2. Michelle says:

    Ann- have you looked at or etsy for boys hat pattern? Maybe planetjune? Best of luck finding a pattern for boys hat! X also I love my clover soft touch hooks with pencil comfies on them

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