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Published on August 23rd, 2016 | by Kath Webber


How to crochet an i-cord with Kath Webber

You don’t have to know how to knit to make an i-cord. In this step-by-step tutorial, independent crochet designer Kath Webber shows you how to make a jumbo i-cord necklace.

i-cord crochet necklace

Why should knitters have all the fun? I-cords are a great way to use up scrap yarn, and making a necklace from recycled t-shirt yarn is the ultimate upcycle. Once you’ve mastered the i-cord you’ll have loads of fun creating chunky necklaces, fine cords for drawstrings or even bag handles — it’s even suitable for beginner hookers. Why not try using three strands of chunky yarn to create a multi-coloured extravaganza?!

You will need: 

i-cord crochet necklace

– Approx. 5m of jersey yarn, such as Hoooked Zpagetti Solids in Super Pink (74)

– 10mm hook (an 8mm or 12mm also work well with this yarn, for a tighter or looser effect respectively)

– 2 x 25mm wooden beads

– Notions: scissors, large-eye blunt needle

– Optional: leather crimps, jump or split rings, clasp

How to make an i-cord necklace:

1. Leaving a long tail of around 30cm, make a slip knot.

i-cord crochet necklace

2. Make 3ch (3 loops on hook).

i-cord crochet necklace

3. Pop your hook into the 2nd ch along, wrap the yarn round the hook (YRH), and pull back through the chain – there are now 2 loops on your hook.

Step 3 (a) i-cord crochet necklace

4. Repeat step 3 once more in the remaining ch. There should now be 3 loops on the hook!

i-cord crochet necklace

5. Gripping tightly with the thumb and forefinger of your yarn hand, slip the first 2 loops off the end of the hook and hold on tight – you don’t them to unravel! There is 1 loop remaining on your hook.

Step 5 (a) i-cord crochet necklace

6. Make 1ch into loop on hook.

i-cord crochet necklace

7. Slip the 2nd loop back onto the hook and make 1ch. (2 loops on hook)

i-cord crochet necklace

8. Slip the final loop back onto the hook and make 1ch. (3 loops on hook)

i-cord crochet necklace

At this stage it might be a good idea to pull the tail tightly to even out any unsightly bumps from the slipknot. Keep tension consistent – either tight OR loose to ensure a neat finish. You can weave the tail into the centre of the knot to make it more central too.

Repeat stages 5, 6, 7, & 8 fourteen times more to get an even i-cord curve.

i-cord crochet necklace

To Finish:

1. Wrap YRH, draw through all 3 loops on hook tightly.

Step 9. i-cord crochet necklace

2. Cut the yarn, again leaving a 30cm tail, and pull through loop to fasten off.

i-cord crochet necklace

Lastly: thread a bead onto either end of i-cord section to cover slipknots.

i-cord crochet necklace

If using crimps, try the necklace on around your neck and cut ends to size. Add crimps to both raw edges, jump rings and clasp using fine jewellery-making pliers.

Otherwise, just tie a bow to fasten – luckily this necklace stretches over even the largest of heads! It also makes an ideal teething necklace for baby mamas – try using soft beads for baby to chew on. And the necklace is machine washable in case of baby dribble!

i-cord crochet necklace


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Kath has been a yarn fancier since 2008 when she crocheted her first granny square. Now a designer, mother, writer and prolific faffer, Kath spends her time stroking yarn and is still searching for the perfect mustard merino... Suggestions welcomed!

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