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Published on September 12th, 2015 | by Angie


How to crochet amigurumi with DMC, free yarn, and a deal you can’t miss

We have a treat for you this week – we’re all about DMC yarns! We’ll be learning how to crochet amigurumi from DMC, we have a fantastic deal that lasts until Septemver 17th, and you can enter to win free yarn!

Learn how to crochet amigurumi with DMC and win this pattern and yarn!Win this pattern and yarn – read more below!

Check it out

Love amigurumi? Then you’ll love these patterns from DMC – from fox heads to snowmen and everything in between, they’ve got you covered for amigurumi. From now until September 17th, when you add at least one DMC amigurumi pattern to your basket with 5 balls of DMC Natura Cotton or 5 balls of DMC Petra Crochet Cotton Perle no. 3, you will automatically get 25% off of all DMC amigurumi patterns and qualifying yarns in your basket!

Learn how to crochet amigurumi with DMC and win this pattern and yarn!Win this pattern and yarn – read more below!

How to crochet amigurumi

Want to learn how to crochet amigurumi or brush up on your skills? Check out this video from DMC, and click here to like us on Facebook, where we will be releasing another instructional video a day for the next several days.


This competition is now closed

You can win one of the patterns featured in this post with a yarn pack by telling us why you love to crochet amigurumi. Tell us in a comment at the bottom of this post, and we’ll select a winner on September 17th!

Learn how to crochet amigurumi with DMC - win this yarn!Win this yarn – tell us why you love amigurumi in the comments below!

So tell us – why do you love amigurumi?

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A Jack of all crochet, but a master of Netflix and video games. When not crocheting, you might find me on the archery range or in choir practice!

27 Responses to How to crochet amigurumi with DMC, free yarn, and a deal you can’t miss

  1. Emma F says:

    I love to crochet amigurumi just to see the looks on my kids’ faces when they see the gorgeous homemade cuties that they get to keep!

  2. Tyler T says:

    I love to crochet amigurumi because while I’m making them it’s the funniest thing when your kids see a half finished animal and say “Why doesn’t it have a body?”

  3. Debbie Richardson says:

    I just created my first amigurumi this month. It was a little rough but I think I will really enjoy it. I’m practicing now in anticipation of future grandchildren. Don’t tell my children. 😉

  4. Debi Tisdale says:

    I love amigurumi because every animal has a different personality! even eyeballs can be soo cute!

  5. janet heuring says:

    I do enjoy amigurrmi beuse they are the right size for children and can be but in the washer and dryer. Great for my grandkids, church, and my cat.

  6. Amanda says:

    I love it because it makes my niece happy.

  7. Sandy says:

    I haven’t tried it yet. I’d have to if I win the yarn, hint hint wink wink…

  8. gemma wood says:

    I am a total newbie to crochet and I am loving it, I would love a chance to make one of these fabulous amigurumi creatures for my children.

  9. Karen Gill-Richey says:

    I’d lover to learn this technique and if I had the yarn I could ?!

  10. Demmi says:

    I love this technique, not only for the adorable creatures you can create, but also because Amigurumi can be applied to a huge range of projects. Anything from towel toppers to bauble tassels!

  11. Jane Craig says:

    I love amigurami as it gives me something purposeful and productive to do in between caring for my disabled husband. I love the joy my creations bring to others and I can always find a perfect gift solution, even for those “difficult to by for” individuals. Love it, love it, love it!

  12. Madeline Hilwill says:

    I love crocheting amigorami as I can make them for my local children’s hospice. They can be played with by the children or taken to the hospice shops and sold to raise funds for them. Great deal of pleasure in making them and also in seeing the good they can do.

  13. Evon says:


    Crochet is my favorite craft and now I have granddaughters old enough to enjoy the fruits of the crafts I make. I have never tried amigurami, but am ready to try something new! Thank you for the opportunity to sign up.


  14. Carol says:

    Hi I have just got a book with them in it all I can say is lovely lovely my grand kids love them

  15. Lori says:

    Crocheting the little critters out of yarn is just so much fun!

  16. Ginny says:

    I have never crocheted an Amigurumi I really would like to try so I’m ordering my first supplies and going to give it a try. Want to make my grand daughter a teddy bear ?

  17. Bonnie Sweeney says:

    Being somewhere in between beginner and novice I was so tired of dish clothes and a couple of aphagans I was ready to give up crocheting, then I found the little CREATURES!!! You can see progress even if you only crochet a few minutes!! I made my Grandsons a fox attached to a hat!! SUCCESS!!! They LOVED them and even wore them at 70 degrees!!

  18. Kelly says:

    Lovely quick (ish) projects & the recipients love them!

  19. Kelly says:

    Lovely quick (ish!) projects & the recipients love them!

  20. Amanda M says:

    I’m just starting to crochet amigurumi and love it. Creating cute creatures/dolls etc is a way to escape the every day and the stress and sadness that can come with.

  21. I’ve actually have never tried making amigurumi of any type. I learned to crochet the basic granny square by my babysitter when I was ten years old and still have issues of what some of the initials or stitches mean and how to do it. I can crochet an item by sight, the funniest being a cover for a shotgun so it wouldn’t get scratched, lol! I’d love to win this type of yarn and patterns and hopefully besides just using initials, that they might be a section showing exactly how to do the stitch. Thanks! Brenda

  22. Amy says:

    I love crocheting amigurumi because it’s fun to see what I’m crocheting come to life in my children’s eyes. Also, the “Dib’s, it’s mine” game between my children is a hoot!

  23. Elle says:

    I love the magic of creation both the sense of achievement and the response from children and friends. Smiles all round.

  24. Jessica says:

    Honestly, the best thing about it is seeing my kids argue over who gets to keep what hehehe and then begging me to make more while the choose colours

  25. lisa says:

    I like to crochet amigurami because you can be so creative! I’ve made super mario, turtles, anime, cthulhu…all types! Such fun, esp as presents for kids.

  26. Gigi says:

    I almost crochet nothing but amigurumi! I love amigurumi because you are in charge of how a snuggly stuffed animal turns out–from the size, eye color, colors of its body, you can add features that weren’t in the original pattern so easily, and it is easy to make your own amigurumi pattern if you want to! There are almost no rules when it comes to creating amigurumi…just grab your hook, any size of yarn, and start crocheting away!

    Crocheting amigurumi is a creative outlet that makes me smile, especially during these busy days of occupational therapy school. I have yet to keep any of my finished amigurumi because friends and family steal them before they are even finished, or they find me a child which would enjoy them, and since I am a nice person, I have to let go of my ami babies as soon as they’re finished.

    I remember making two versions of Freshstitches’ Shermin the Alpaca this summer for my cousin’s birthday and sick grandma. One was turquoise and green and cool-looking for my cousin, and the other was this pretty, sparkly blue color and pink for my grandma…it was easy to create and add a crocheted necklace for it with a heart charm in the middle and attach it to its neck. Even though it was the same pattern, each Shermin had its own personality.

  27. Caroline Evans says:

    I love amigurumi because they are so cute and I want to make loads of different animals for my 2 year old daughter

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