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Published on December 13th, 2016 | by Emma Friedlander-Collins


Totally Wizard Mittens

The magical Emma Friedlander-Collins from Steel & Stitch enchants us with this wonderful free crochet pattern for Harry Potter mittens. Whichever house the Sorting Hat assigned to you, she has the right colours for you.

Totally Wizard Mittens

The first pair of these were made as a gift (Griffyndor), the second pair were made for me (Ravenclaw) and then they became so addictive, I had to make Hufflepuff and Slytherin! This pattern uses a couple of fancy sounding techniques, but are actually really simple to get to grips with, so don’t be scared! The finished result is totally worth learning some new stitches for, and make for a really pro pair of mittens (as well as a more Pro-Cro you!)



Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran (Aran; 100% acrylic; 100g x 184m) A – 60g and B – 40g
Griffyndor: A – Red Wine (251) and B – Mustard Yellow (223)
Ravenclaw: A – Midnight Blue (237) and B – Stormy Grey (204)
Hufflepuff: A – Pure Black (201) and B – Mustard Yellow (223)
Slytherin: A – Racing Green (227) and B – Stormy Grey (204)




Ch – chain
Ss – slip stitch
Htr – half treble crochet
Flo – work in the front loop only
Exdc – Extended Double Crochet
Ss – slip stitch
Exdc2tog – work two extended double crochet stitches together


To fit average, adult, female hand.


You make the cuff first, using rows of htr stitch that will give your cuff a knitted, rib effect. You then
work around the top of it to create the rest of your mitten. When you work in htr’s you get a hidden,
3rd loop or ‘hump’ stitch– if you’re looking down on the top of your stitches, and roll your work toward you, you’ll see it. Working in this loop gives you a knitted, stocking style stitch.

Don’t be scared of an extended double crochet! Once you learn it, you’ll want to use it for everything. It’s basically a slightly longer double crochet; it gives more height than a dc, isn’t as gappy as a treble and uses less yarn to give you a lighter material.

To work an exdc: insert hook into stitch (just like a dc), yarn over and draw a loop through, yarn over and then pull through the first loop on hook only, yarn over and pull through the last loops on your hook. That’s it! Easy! Oh, and make two mittens 😉

To make the cuff

(Ch1 at start of each row does not count as stitch)
Using Yarn A and a 5mm hook, ch 11
Row 1: htr in 2nd stitch from hook, htr in each st to end (10)
Row 2: ch1, htr in first hump stitch, htr in each hump stitch to end (10)
Row 3: ch1, turn, htr in flo to end (10)
Rows 4-17: Rpt rows 2-3, fasten off to finish
Sew short sides together and crochet along top and bottom edges working a dc in each ‘v’ shaped stitch and another between every other one – (this isn’t an exact science you just need to finish with a total of 25 stitches on each side.)

To make the rest of the mitten

(Ch2 counts as stitch throughout)
Rnd 1: Join on to a dc stitch of cuff with yarn A , exdc in each st, ss
Rnd 2-3: ch2, Yarn B, exdc in each st, ss (25)
Rnd 4: ch2, 2exdc, exdc in each st to end, ss (26)
Rnd 5 : ch2, exdc in each st, ss (26)
Rnd 6: rpt rnd 4 (27)
Rnd 7: Yarn A, rpt rnd 5 (27)
Rnd 8-9: rpt rnds 4 & 5 (28)
Rnd 10: rpt rnd 4 (29)
Rnd 11: rpt rnd 4, fasten off (30)
To create a thumb hole, count 4 stitches to right of where you fastened off, join on with Yarn A, ch1, sk8, ss into next st
Rnd 12: ch2, exdc in each st, exdc in ch1, ss (23)
Rnd 13-18: Yarn B, ch2, exdc in each st, ss (23)
Rnd 19-23: Yarn A, ch2, exdc in each st, ss (23)
Rnd 24: ch2, exdc2tog, exdc next 11 st’s, exdc2tog, exdc to end, ss (21)
Rnd 25: ch2, exdc2tog to end of rnd, ss (11)
Rnd 26: ch2, exdc2tog to end of rnd, ss and fasten off (5)

To work the thumb

Join on with Yarn A in any stitch at thumb hole
Rnd 1: ch2, exdc in each st, 2exdc in ch1 from Rnd 11, ss (10)
Rnd 2- 6: Yarn B, ch2, exdc in each (10)
Rnd 7: exdc2tog, fasten off.

Weave in all ends and get terribly excited about wearing your house colours.



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Emma Friedlander-Collins started designing and selling crochet patterns in 2011. With her unique approach and unusual designs, she has established herself as an innovative crochet designer and online success. Emma's also the co-founder and partner in crime at #crochetgirlgang - a space for crochet girls the world over to share their makes, find some support and generally get crochet happy.

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  1. Megan Lacey says:

    This is so awesome! I know a TON of people that this will love this project. Thank you so much for sharing!

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