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Published on May 13th, 2017 | by Miki


Free Bobble Stitch Cushion Tutorial!


Bobble-icious! Bobble stitch is another of my absolute favourite stitches for adding fabulous texture and also lots of fun to your crochet projects. Plus, it’s such an easy stitch to make! Can you treble like a crochet superstar? Then you got this!


Bobble stitch is simply a group of 5 treble stitches all worked into the one stitch or stitch space. Each time a stitch is made, just leave the last loop of each stitch on the hook before pulling your working yarn through all 6 loops and securing with slip stitch. It’s such a versatile stitch and can be worked in rows like we will for this Bright Bobble Stitch Cushion, or in the round. You will also see it written in a pattern as tr5tog, tc5tog, or in US terms dc5tog.

Bobble stitch

bobble stitch



Last time, we used Spike Stitch in the Boho Spike Stitch Bag and for this pattern we will be combining the Bobble Stitch and Spike Stitch, this time with SP-2 on a dc (US sc) stitch, to create a vibrant, textured fabric with big squishy 3D bobbles that are eye-catching and most importantly, super fun to crochet.


Finished measurements:  18″ with pom poms


You will need:


Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky 100% Acrylic 100g/136m balls :

A – Seafoam Blue (331) x2

B – Neon Yellow (358)

C – Pure Black (301)

D – Misty Grey (303)

E – Neon Pink (356) x 3


5.5mm Crochet Hook


Yarn needle

Stitch Markers

18″ polyester cushion pad … my top tip for keeping a super-squishy cushion plump, is to always go up 1 size for your cushion insert!

14″ zip (optional)




tc = treble crochet (US double)

dc = double crochet (US single)

ch = chain

st sp = stitch space – space between stitches

st = stitch

ss = slip stitch

FO = fasten off

YrH – yarn over hook

SP-2 = spike stitch over 2 rows: spike stitch is an elongated crochet stitch. For SP-2, instead of

inserting your hook directly into the row below, yarn over and insert the hook into the 2nd row

below and complete the stitch. For this pattern, SP-2 is on a dc (US sc) crochet stitch.

Bobble st = bobble stitch: To make a bobble stitch, work 5 tc into one stitch, leaving the last loop of each one on the hook to give 6 loops on the hook. To finish the stitch,  yarn over and pull through all 6 loops. Secure with ss.

WS = wrong side

RS = right side

RHS = right hand side


Special Techniques:


To create a denser and less stretchy fabric, perfect for durable home furnishings, this cushion is made by crocheting into the spaces between stitches using a slightly smaller hook than recommended.


1st ch3 counts as tc throughout.


Tension & Gauge:

A firm even tension is required for this project, but take care not to work too tightly to keep an even shape.

Gauge is 4 dc st/inch.


Crochet Pattern:




Keep a firm but relaxed tension when making your ch, don’t make your ch too tight.


R1: With yarn A, make a slipknot and ch53. Dc into 2nd ch from hook.

Dc into each ch to end. Ch1. Turn. (52 st)


R2-4: Dc into each st sp to end. Ch1, turn. At end of R4, FO. Do not turn! Bobble stitch is worked with WS facing.


crochet bobble

To make your bobble stitch, yrH and pull through as when making a regular treble stitch, but leave the last loop of the stitch on the hook.


crochet bobble

Repeat 4 more times into the same sp to give 6 loops on the hook. To finish the stitch, simply YrH and pull through all 6 loops.


bobble crochet

Secure with slip stitch. Pull your slip stitch nice and tight to make those bobbles pop! 



R5: Join yarn B into top loops of 1st st. Ch4 as 1st tc plus ch1.

Miss 1 st sp.

(bobble st, ch3) into next st sp.

Miss 3 st sp.

Repeat [(bobble st, ch3), miss 3 st sp] 11 times.

(bobble st, ch1)

Miss 1 st sp. Tc into top loops of final st. FO. Turn. (15 st)


bobble crochet

To make SP-2 on a dc stitch, insert your hook directly into the second row below. No yarn over! Then complete the dc stitch as normal.


R6: Join yarn A into top loops of 1st st.

(dc, SP-2) into ch-1 sp.

Repeat [(dc, 3 SP-2)] into next 12 ch-3 sp.

(dc, SP-2) into final ch-1 sp. Ch1, turn. (52 st)


R7: Dc into each st sp to end. Ch1, turn.


R8-9: Repeat R7. At end of R9, FO. Do not turn.


R10: Join yarn B into top loops 1st st. Ch6 as 1st tc plus ch3.

Miss 3 st sp.

(bobble st, ch3), miss 3 st sp.

Repeat [(bobble st, ch3), miss 3 st sp] 11 times.

Tc into top loops final st. FO. Turn.  (14 st)


R11: Join yarn A into top loops 1st st.

(dc, 3 SP-2) into ch-3 sp.

Repeat [(dc, 3 SP-2)] into next 12 ch-3 sp.

Ch1, Turn. (52 st)


R12-14: Dc into each st sp to end. Ch1, turn. AT end of R14, FO. Do not turn. (52 st)


R15-19: Repeat R5-9


R20 –24: Repeat R10 –14


R25-29: Repeat R5-9


R30-34: Repeat R10-14


R35-37: Repeat R5-7. At end R37, FO. Turn.


R38: Join yarn C into top loops 1st stp. Ch1. Dc into each st sp to end. Ch1, turn.


R39: Dc into each st sp to end. FO. Turn.


R40-4141: Repeat R38-39 with yarn D.


R42-43: Repeat R38-39


R44-45: Repeat R40-41


R46-47: Repeat R38-39


R48-49: Repeat R40-41


R50-51: Repeat R38-39


R52-53: Repeat R40-41


R54-55: Repeat R38-39


R56-57: Repeat R40-41


R58-59: Repeat R38-39


R60-61: Repeat R40-41


R62-63: Repeat R38-39. FO.




bobble cushion

Sew/weave in ends. Then, with both RS together and WS facing, lay both pieces on top of one another. Insert stitch marker into each corner.

Insert 3 more stitch markers at even intervals on each side, taking care to match the colour change on both sides.

Add 2 final stitch markers at 1 inch from the top (A) and bottom (B) RHS corners.

With yarn needle and yarn C, starting at stitch marker A, sew both pieces together leaving a 0.5cm seam all the way around.

When you reach marker B, do not break yarn.


If you are adding a zipper, sew in now between markers A and B.


Turn work back RS facing and insert cushion pad.

If not using a zipper, add stitch markers at even intervals to close the seam and sew final seam together.


With yarn E, make 24 1.5 inch pom poms.

Sew on to your cushion, putting 1 in each corner, and 5 on each side.


bobble cushion

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