Editor's Inspiration Editor's Inspiration: stock up your stash

Published on July 14th, 2016 | by Angie


Editor’s Inspiration: stock up your stash

This month, we are feeling inspired by everything. And as it’s summer and it’s sale time, it must be time to stock up your stash!

Many of us already have impressive stashes, ranging from 4-ply to super chunky, and from silk to rugged wool. And even though some of us are already having to hide new yarn from significant others (oops) sometimes we still need to top up our stash with some luscious new purchases.

Editor's Inspiration: stock up your stash

There’s nothing more exciting than getting new yarn. Whether I find it at a local craft show or order it online, new yarn is like a new lease on life. I’ve written before about the curious creative energy in a ball of yarn.  I just love imagining all of the creative possibilities that it holds – will it be a chunky scarf for a friend, a blanket for a new baby, or a beautiful lace shawl for me?

I also love buying yarn that I don’t have earmarked for a particular project. Sometimes it will linger in my stash waiting to be rediscovered, and sometimes I have to get out my hooks immediately and start something new. Once every few months, I go through my stash to reorganize it and remind myself of those hidden gems. Last week, I came across a ball of Noro Janome that I bought about six months ago. I still haven’t decided what it should be, but the gorgeous colorway still makes me think of sunsets over the lake in Texas.

Editor's Inspiration: stock up your stash with Noro JanomeAbove: Noro Janome – click this image to view all shades in the summer sale

Summer is a fantastic time to stock up your stash – even if you aren’t feeling like you want to crochet anything right now. There’s a huge sale on at LoveCrochet with yarns up to 70% off. If you find a yarn you love, this is the time to stock up, even if you don’t know what you will make with it yet! In six months, in the dead of winter at the end of a long, dark week, you’ll pull that yarn out of your stash and find a little bit of summer warmth hiding in there. Happy crocheting, fellow crafters!

Stock up your stash with the LoveCrochet summer sale – click here to view all sale yarns!

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