Editor's Inspiration crochet for charity: Ashlyn Baby Bonnet by Crochet by Jennifer

Published on May 19th, 2016 | by Merion


Editor’s inspiration: crochet for charity…

Crocheting for charity is a wonderful way to use your hook to give something back.  Merion’s been finding out what to crochet charity, and how…


Rosebud Baby Shoes by Lisa Van Klaveren – customise the size of the shoe to fit tiny preemie toes!

This week, on FaceBook, I came across a group called Preemie and Angel Babies UK.  It’s a group of around five thousand makers, who knit, crochet and sew for premature babies, making blankets, cardigans, bonnets, mitts and booties to send to a hospital in the UK.  Ladies donate their wedding dresses too, which are sewn into exquisite little gowns for angel babies who have tragically not survived.  I was absolutely amazed, and humbled, to see such beautiful creations being sent from all over the UK to help such a good cause.   They are a non profit organisation that distributes the wonderful baby clothes and blankets – and the ladies who run this service parcel up boxes and boxes of hand made goodies every week.

charity crochet: Angel Gowns on the LoveCrochet blog

It’s just an example, of how hand made kindness and love make the world a better place – even in something as tiny as a premature baby bonnet or pair of mitts.  It set me thinking that I’d love to crochet for charity.  There are testimonials on the group’s page from families who were thrown into chaos and worry when a baby appeared weeks before it should have done, so thankful to have warm clothes and comforting blankets – not to mention the gratitude from families who have lost their babies, that someone has been thoughtful enough to make something small and beautiful in which to dress them.

charity crochet: Baby Blanket by Annemarie Bentham on the LoveCrochet blog

A free pattern for a beautiful Baby Blanket by AnneMarie Bentham

I love this little preemie baby hat tutorial from Lively Crochet! You can make it with or without the sweet little heart, for little tiny baby boys and girls!

crochet for charity: Heart Preemie hats by Lively Crochet on the LoveCrochet blog

There are so many fantastic charities to crochet for!  The Loving Hands charity has a Spring Challenge to crochet all sorts of projects.  Comfort Dolls for Dementia caught my eye, because as crocheters, we can make the most beautiful little dolly clothes and blankets for the dollies that can soothe dementia sufferers.  The Comfort Dolls for Dementia website has some interesting information about how Doll Therapy can help – not just dollies with clothes, but also crocheted animals too.

Of course these kinds of donations are welcomed all over the world, and it is a good idea to call your local hospitals and homes for the elderly to see what you make to help!

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  1. The Smocking Arts Guild of NSW Inc. has as their community programme “Wee Care”. For 25 years we have been supplying the Sydney hospitals with smocked gowns, blankets, beanies/bonnets and booties. Currently we supply 28 Sydney hospitals on a regular basis. We supplied about 900 smocked gowns last year combined with the caps,blankets & booties for the preemie and stillborn babies. Sadly this work is ongoing. We also have several affiliated groups in our country areas. We have a website The Smocking Arts Guild NSW inc. & we are also on Facebook. You can look us up to find out any information and see pictures. We are a small group consisting of about 70 members several of which have been with us for many years and are now getting quite elderly. We have one 92 year old and the amount of beautiful work she produces is incredible.
    You have advertised the Rose baby shoe pattern for charity but it still has to be purchased. I would like to think it could be free.
    Love your site and thank you for all your free patterns,
    Judith Fernie (secretary for Smocking Arts Guild)

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