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10 reasons why crocheters are awesome!

We know crochet is an awesome fibre art! Let’s look at why crocheters are just simply AWESOME!

1. We love colour!

Crocheters love colour – and if we’re not crocheting, we are cooing over new shades, and winding yarn around clothes pegs and pieces of paper to see what they look like next to one another! Working out a palette for a new blanket is almost as much fun as making it! Read more about colour and how to colour match! Take our colour test here, to see how accurate your colour vision is!

Color theory

2. We can count like mathematicians!

Crochet can be a mathematical business… counting chains and stitches can be complicated unless you really know your doubles from your half trebles! Counting your stitches is easy once you know how – often the secret is to make sure you get the foundation rows of the pattern you are working on correct and you won’t have any problem after that.  If you find it easier to visualise your stitches, try working from a chart!

3. We crochet together!

Ever heard of a CAL? A crochet-along? All over the world, every day, there are crocheters working on a CAL with new friends thousands of miles apart! If there’s one thing that unites crocheters, it’s a CAL, and a chance to share knowledge and support other crocheters through the process of creating the same project, albeit probably different colours! Crocheters are very creative people and often put their own stamp on any design, and it’s great fun to see different versions of the same pattern emerge!  This is the Crochet Girl Gang CAL that ran through the summer of 2016 – it was great fun to see thousands of crocheters working together!

crochet girl gang CAL

4. We teach people to crochet!

Crocheters are sharers! We love sharing our skills, and will teach anyone, anywhere how to crochet! All you need is a hook and some yarn, and off you go! Here at LoveCrochet HQ, we being by teaching new crocheters to work in rows before we start working in a circle, to help them master each height stitch before they apply them in the round.  How many people have you taught to crochet?

5. We make blankets!

You’ll never be cold if you’re friends with a crocheter! Blankets and afghans are a crocheter’s favourite project, and choosing the colours is half the fun! From ripples to v-stitch, and simple stripes to intarsia, we’ll make blankets in any yarn, for anybody, including the pets! Little Doolally has a wonderful range of baby blankets that encompass a great range of stitches (see the Beatrice Blanket below,) and we have a huge range of blanket and afghan patterns to make, for all abilities here!

Beatrice Baby Blanket by Little Doolally

6. We invented granny squares!

Well, our grannies did! Those thrifty ladies didn’t want to waste an inch of yarn, so they created granny squares as a way of using up every scrap! The basic granny square has evolved into some stunningly complex patterns, but even the most basic square is still adored! Whether you make several tiny squares and join them, or one giant granny square like this one from Freya Esme Collection below, it’ll be beautiful!

Granny square by Freya Esme collection

7. We love crocheting for charity!

We’re always ready to crochet for a good cause! Whether we’re making blankets for people in need around the world, or amigurumi toys for children, we love to crochet with love.  Here are some of our favourite free patterns ideal to crochet for charity! Particularly popular are crochet octopuses for premature babies – their little spiral legs comfort the babies because of their similarity to umbilical cords. Contact your local hospital to see if their premature baby unit would like some, and get your hook out! DenizasToysJoys’ FREE pattern is perfect for the job!

Octopus pattern

8. We’re faster than knitters!

Crochet is faster than knitting. It’s a fact. We’re not comparing the beauty of two crafts, but stitch for stitch, crochet is certainly faster! The downside is that crochet uses a third more yarn than knitting due to the nature of its twisted stitches, but even still, if you want a scarf quickly, crochet it! You can crochet any weight of yarn and any fibre – so just imagine crocheting a blanket with a monster hook and super chunky yarn …. it’ll be finished in a flash! Take a look at this Arrow Blanket by Accessorise! It’s super chunky heaven!

Arrow Blanket by Accessorise

9. We can crochet amigurumi!

Amigurumi is a very popular type of crochet, which involves making little characters and stuffing them! In fact, the word “amigurumi” is Japanese for a knitted or crocheted stuffed creature.  Often, this technique lends itself beautifully to magical creatures, people, and animals like this adorable koala by Amanda Michelle.

koala crochet amigurumi


10. We love anything new!

Crocheters are often the first crafters to jump on the shiny and new bandwagon! We love new patterns, new yarn, new techniques, and crochet has blossomed from vintage styled doilies and collars, to zingy bright granny squares, super chunky crochet and more recently, geometric patterns and intarsia techniques. Below is a great example of modern crochet from one of the crochet world’s most daring designers, Steel & Stitch! Crochet never stands still! We can’t wait to try new things, and we’re ready with our hooks to get started!

Honeycomb hexie by Steel & Stitch

Are you an awesome crocheter? Tell us why in the comments section!


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Merion dreams in colour and adores crochet! From glorious granny blankets to ethereal shawls and lace cardies, she's never very far from her hooks! She loves cake, knitting, heavy horses, books and Mozart. Her favourite colour is duck egg blue.

5 Responses to 10 reasons why crocheters are awesome!

  1. I’m working on twelve blankets at the moment, although this will soon only be ten as I’m finishing one today and another by the weekend. You could say that I’m hooked on blankets!

  2. Sarah says:

    Currently working on an idea to host an event getting new and old crocheters alike to produce some cute little cuddly characters to send to the slum children in Kenya that we support through our charity, Chaffinch. I think crochet is great for bringing people together and you’re right with what you said about loving to share it. I hope we can teach crochet to more people through a successful event.

  3. Jessa says:

    I’m working on a knit shawl that I started at the same time as my crocheted blanket. Guess which project I finished first!

  4. Cat says:

    Well for Christmas, I made 25 sweaters, 5 afghans and I didn’t even count the hats and slippers. I’m disabled to i crochet for eight to ten hours every day. Grandma taught me when I was 4 so I’ve crocheted everyday for 62 years now. However, EVERY crocheter is awesome because we give away the majority of what we make as gifts to others. Right? Aren’t you making something for someone else right now? Me too! 😄 That’s what make crocheters awesome. Pink scarves for breast cancer charities, blankets for the elderly, beanies for cancer patients. We’re always looking for someone else who can use crochet when our Christmas and birthday lists are complete. Right again? I thought so. We’re all alike. Awesome! Crochet your way throught the day. Even if you’re at work, you’re thinking about your projects at home.
    Enjoy hookin’!!!

  5. Jean Jones says:

    After years of knitting I again tried to teach myself how to crochet. This time it really clicked in my head and I was off and running. Have made 6 blankets, many hats and scarves and still going. I love learning the new stitches and making them into truly something my own. Crocheting is so much faster for me and I don’t get bored working on a project so I actually finish what I’ve started. Now, if I could only quit buying so much yarn. lol

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