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Bet You Can’t Get All 10 of These Correct!

How much do you know about the craft of crocheting? Can you get all of these questions correct? Check out if you really are a crochet pro with our quiz!

Quiz Time!

At the beginning of a crochet piece you tie a ___ knot.

1. Slip.

2. Double.

3. Reef.

4. Square.

Many beginners learn how to crochet a

1. Grandpa Circle.

2. Granny Square.

3. Sister Square.

4. Mother Circle.

What language does the word crochet come from?

1. German.

2. Spanish.

3. French.

4. Finnish.

Crocheting uses more yarn than knitting.

1. True.

2. False.

Which one of those is NOT a crochet stitch?

1. Popcorn Stitch.

2. Diamond Stitch.

3. Pizza Stitch.

4. Crocodile Stitch.

There’s a difference between US and UK names for stitches.

1. True.

2. False.

Which Queen used to crochet?

1. Queen Elizabeth.

2. Queen Victoria.

3. Queen Mary.

4. Queen Elizabeth II.

Crochet hooks used to be made out of bones.

1. True.

2. False.

Amigurumis are…

1. Stuffed toys.

2. Japanese hooks.

3. Chinese yarn.

4. Stitches.

You can crochet with any fabric.

1. Yes, you can!

2. No, only with acrylic.

3. No, only with cotton.

4. No, you can’t crochet with wool.

All 10 questions completed!

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Quiz Time!

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1-3 Points. Well, there’s always room for improvement! But don’t worry – read all about crochet on our blog or site and try again!

4-6 Points. Good job! Hooks and yarn are nothing new for you – you have a solid knowledge of crochet, but why stop there?

7-9 Points. You’re almost there! Get your yarn and hooks out and crochet to celebrate your unbelievable knowledge of the craft! Maybe one of those patterns?

10 Points. You’re a crochet pro! We’re seriously impressed – you know all there is to know, but that’s really no reason to stop now is it? Check out our crochet patterns or treat yourself to some yarn!

What score did you get?

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20 Responses to Bet You Can’t Get All 10 of These Correct!

  1. Minerva Ruiz says:

    This quiz was fun, and I realized I knew more than I thought. Thank you.

  2. T says:

    So Fun 10/10. Loved it. Thanks

  3. Yvonne T says:

    I guessed on two questions, but must have instinctively knew the answers. Sweet.

  4. Esther Carreira says:

    good fun!

  5. Ellen says:

    This was a great quiz, and I’m rather happy with my score. Thank you.

  6. Pat says:

    Thanks for the boost, I scored 10/10.

  7. Angela says:

    9 out of 10
    I thought it was queen mary😉

  8. 9/10

    I got the Queen wrong!!!!

  9. Lawanna Hunter says:

    I sure did not know that I knew that much.. Thank you!

  10. Lawanna Hunter says:

    That showed me that I know more than I thought.. Thank you!

  11. Jeannette DiLorenzo says:

    Lots of fun. Who was the Queen? I chose Queen Victoria.

  12. Connie says:

    Fun quiz! I guessed on Queen Victoria and German, so it’s great to learn something new!

  13. DebbieW says:

    Apparently the jury is out on whether or not crocheting uses more yarn…depends on stitches used.

  14. Dara Hollingshead says:

    Got 10 / 10. Had to guess on the queen. Also the knitting or crocheting argument really depends on three things; size of tools, size of yarn and stitches used. Though tension and gauge may also change this.

  15. Dawn A. says:

    10/10 not bad !

  16. Glenette Banks says:

    Yes, that was fun and surprised myself with 10/10. I guessed with the Queen too, but remembered she was a sewer, so, chances were good she was a ” crafty” person.

  17. Lynne says:

    I got 9/10. I’ve been crocheting for over 45 yrs and was under the impression that knitting uses more yarn. Who knew??

  18. Joan herman says:

    Yeah 10/10. Love quizzes and crocheting.

  19. Silvia P says:

    Wish I could see which ones I answered incorrectly 🙁

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