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Published on November 30th, 2016 | by Merion


Crochet Girl Gang CAL part six – Side triangles, sewing up and finishing touches!

CGG CAL Week 6

Welcome to week six, and the final elements of the CAL! This week, you’ll be making the side triangles to make your blanket into a rectangle, learn how to sew up your blanket and finish with pom poms or even a few tassels.

We’ve got lots of helpful videos for you this week, as you learn to make up granny triangles for the sides of your blanket, and use the whip stitch to sew up your blanket. Emma from Potter & Bloom has used fabulous pom poms at each corner of her blanket, whilst Emma from Steel & Stitch has plumped for sumptuous tassels instead.

If you’ve just joined us, the Crochet Girl Gang CAL blanket is made up of five gorgeous motifs inside granny square and triangle shapes, which are then joined to form the final blanket. For a little bit of background and how to get involved you might want to start off here. You can also find Part One of the CAL here, Part Two of the CAL here, Part Three of the CAL here, Part Four of the CAL here and Part Five here, for reference.

Side triangles – which colour?

CAL colour charts

If you look at the images of the blankets in both colourways, you’ll see that both designers have chosen colours for their side triangles from their palettes:  Emma Potter uses Seafoam Blue and Peach Orange.

Crochet Girl Gang CAL Potter & Bloom colourway

The Potter & Bloom colourway

For the Steel & Stitch colourway, Emma’s side triangles are made in Mandarin Orange and Tomato Red:

Crochet Girl Gang CAL- Steel & Stitch colourway

So you can choose whichever shades you prefer, or the ones that you have most of left. The outer borders of the triangles use the same formula as the squares and triangles you have already worked: two rounds of border colour, two rounds of motif colour, finishing with one row of border colour again.

How to make the Side Triangle – Make 10 (five of each shade)

With your chosen side triangle colour, ch4, ss to form loop.

Round 1: ch4, 3tr into the loop, ch3, 3tr into the loop, ch1, tr into the loop.

Round 2/3: ch4, turn, 3tr in ch sp, (ch1, 3tr, ch3, 3tr) ch1, 3tr, ch1, tr in 3rd ch. Ch4, turn, *3tr in ch sp, ch1* rpt, (3tr, ch2, 3tr), *ch1, 3tr* rpt, ch1, tr in 3rd ch

Round 4: With the border colour, ch4, turn, 2tr in ch sp, *tr in each st, tr in ch sp* rpt (2tr, ch2, 2tr) at corner, *tr in each st, tr in ch sp* rpt, 2tr in ch sp, tr in 3rd ch (16 sts)

Round 5: ch4, turn, 2tr in ch sp, tr in each st, (2tr, ch2, 2tr) at corner, tr in each st, 2tr in ch sp, tr in 3rd ch (20 sts)

Rounds 6-7: With your motif colour, rpt round 5 (24 sts, 28 sts)

Round 8: With border colour, rpt round 5 (32 sts)


If you find that your squares and triangles are not as flat and shaped as you would like, it will make it easier to block them before you sew them together.  You can do this in two ways – with cold water or steam.

Cold water blocking

Pin each square on to foam pads or a thick towel on the floor, ensuring that they are all pinned to the same shape and size. Spritz each square and triangle with a mist of water until damp, and then leave overnight to dry.

Steam blocking

Pin each square on to foam pads or or a thick towel on the floor, or work individually on a table or ironing board, ensuring that they are all pinned to the same size and shape. Hold a steam iron above each square and let the warm steam billow down over each square and triangle until damp.  Do NOT allow the iron to touch the work! Allow the squares and triangles to dry overnight.

Sewing up!

We’re sewing up our blankets with a simple whip stitch. Emma from Steel & Stitch’s video below will show you how to sew or crochet in your ends and sew the squares and triangles together.

Final flourishes!

Both of the blankets have been edged differently. Emma Potter has added a row of trebles all the way around her blanket, and added cheeky pom poms to each corner, and Emma from Steel & Stitch has worked a simple border of the hump stitch you used for the Stocking Stitch square in three different colours, and added decadent tassels to the corners.

You can add a finishing edge of your choice (or not!) and add pom poms or tassels! Here are videos to show you how to create both.



This CAL is all about sharing the love so we want to see your progress and plenty of encouraging comments. You can share your updates and photos on Instagram using #crochetgirlgangCAL and #crochetgirlgang!

You can also join us for CAL chit chat on our Facebook CALs page, plus you can upload your projects to the Community using the HotTag CrochetGirlGang by simply clicking on the image below!

Crochet Girl Gang community banner

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Merion dreams in colour and adores crochet! From glorious granny blankets to ethereal shawls and lace cardies, she's never very far from her hooks! She loves cake, knitting, heavy horses, books and Mozart. Her favourite colour is duck egg blue.

11 Responses to Crochet Girl Gang CAL part six – Side triangles, sewing up and finishing touches!

  1. Audrey says:

    There are 5 shades, the instructions says make 10, (five from each shade), does it actually mean two from each shade to make 10?

    • Alison says:


      I think it simply means make five from each of your chosen shades – being that you would have just chosen two colours to work your side triangles with…if that makes sense?
      So if I used, say, tomato red and mandarin orange, I would make 5 side triangles with the tomato red and five with the mandarin orange. Hope this helps..

  2. I was unable to make the Stocking Stitch square. It looked a horrible mess. Can I make up using a different square, say the flower square again?

    • Mel says:

      Of course! I did the very same thing. This project was meant to be fun and for us to learn some things, too. I got grumpy when I was challenged with the stocking stitch. Quick fix was to do one I liked which was the flower. Happiness returned. Enjoy making your beautiful blanket!

      • Thanks Mel, sorry but I just saw your reply to my question now! Anyway I only have 3 more side triangles to do, then blocking then stitching up. I can’t wait for it to be finished. Merry Christmas and happy New Year xx

  3. Pippa Ellis says:

    Help, has anyone else run out of the steel colour wool before finishing their triangles – will have to order one more ball of steel colour wool 😣

  4. Pippa Ellis says:

    I mean the slate grey and it is out of stock doh!

  5. Pippa says:

    Oh no – I am trying to make the other blanket now and see that paper white yarn is out of stock, does this mean I won’t be able to finish either blanket for Christmas 🙁

    • sian says:

      Hello Pippa,

      Oh dear I’m so sorry about that! We have orders with our suppliers for both the Slate Grey and the Paper White but unfortunately I don’t have an estimated delivery date for when they will be at our warehouses.
      To receive a message when they are back in stock, please click the ‘Email me when available’ link on the product page.

  6. Sally says:

    I can’t get 16 stitches in round 4. Counting them up (after chain 4), 2 in space, 3 in first cluster, 1 in space, 3 in second cluster,1 in space, 3 in third cluster, 2 in corner space = 15! How do you get to 16 stitches? Thanks

  7. Cristi says:

    I finished this in blanket in November but am struggling with the border. Any suggestions?

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