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Crochet for World Cancer Day!

World Cancer Day is 4th February 2018, a chance to take part in helping the world to share the burden of cancer. What can you do? Crochet!

Almost everyone knows somebody who has suffered from cancer. It might be someone in your family, or a friend, or somebody at work. Cancer is one of the most relentless diseases of the modern world, with a new case diagnosed every two minutes. This year alone, nearly 8 million people will die from cancer, a figure set to rise if we don’t all work to raise awareness of the disease, and help to collectively develop strategies to cope with the burden. World Cancer Day has run for the last few years, and its aim is to encourage people to actively get involved to reduce the impact of cancer on individuals, families, and communities. This might be by talking about cancer, by getting involved in fundraising, or – in our case – crochet!

The theme of this year’s World Cancer Day is ‘We Can. I Can.” which explores how we can all play our part, either as individuals or as part of a community, to help shoulder the burden of cancer.

You have the power in your hook to make a difference!

Crocheters are fabulous contributors to charities all over the world – there’s nothing better than making blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, and toys, and knowing that our crocheted gifts will ease somebody’s pain somewhere on the earth. I’ve been looking at what we yarnies can do to contribute to this wonderful day.

Crochet for treatment

It’s a realistic assumption to think that if you have been diagnosed with cancer, you will possibly need to undergo chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. These treatments can be gruelling, and cause soreness, so it might be a lovely gesture to crochet someone a hat, or a pair of socks, or a shawl in a luxuriously soft yarn that won’t irritate wherever the treatment has happened. If you are knitting a hat for somebody who has lost their hair, think about what they love – do they love pretty details, or bold brights? Just because they have lost their hair, they haven’t lost their sense of self, so think ahead and knit something that that person would really want to wear, hair or no hair!

Just look at this fabulous Fight Like a Girl Chemo Cap designed by Crystalized Designs – there are two appliqué designs to choose from, but just as gorgeous without!

Crochet for carers

Don’t forget those wonderful people who care for cancer patients! A gift to brighten their day might really lighten their heart, and show them that their kindness is so gratefully recognised.

My Favorite Mittens by are a gorgeous gift – but any thoughtful crocheted scarf, shawl or hat would be a beautiful gift. 

Crochet for children

There are some wonderful amigurumi and toy patterns that would make sweet gifts for children undergoing treatment – a new little toy to squeeze tight or hide behind might be just the thing to divert a young one from pain or feeling uncomfortable. Fun hats, a little bag that you can fill with treats, or a blanket to snuggle with are all gifts that are filled with thoughtfulness. These knits are also great for children who are struggling because one of their parents or a beloved family member is battling cancer.

Flora the Elephant by Lucy Collin is a sweet little friend who might just help a little one through a miserable day…

Blankets and Afghans

Of course, in the world of crochet, blankets are what we do best! If you are kind enough to make a blanket for someone, not only are you exceptionally kind – but you need plenty of time. A classic ripple, stripe or granny blanket is bound to be absolutely adored and will provide the kind of comfort only a favourite blanket can.

Ripple blanket

Rainbow Ripple: a classic by Creative Designs by Sheila You can choose a colour palette to suit your recipient – what a kind and generous gift!

If you don’t know anyone to knit for, you could enquire at your local hospital’s oncology department to ask if they would like some chemo hats to give away. Your hook can make a difference!

You can read more about World Cancer Day here!


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