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Published on June 15th, 2017 | by Emma Friedlander-Collins


How to Crochet Flowers


With summer on the horizon, things always start to get a little (more) floral over at Steel & Stitch Towers!  One of the first patterns I ever ‘wrote’ was for a little pansy, although I later came to realise that it’s one of those staple bits of crochet that most people will have their own way of making, a bit like the good old granny square.  It’s also a staple when I’m teaching crochet workshops.  Once you’ve got to grips with a double and a treble, it’s a great way of playing around and learning how to work lots stitches into the same stitch.  It’s also a really nice introduction into working in the round, as well as just how creative crochet can be as a craft.


I thought I’d share some of my favourite little flower patterns with you.  All of these use a magic ring as a foundation, but don’t be afraid!   I’ve made a little photo tutorial, so hopefully you’ll feel confident to have a go if you’ve never tried one before (this is just one way to do it, there’s also a full video tutorial over at my YouTube page if you want something a bit more explicit), I’ll also write the instructions for if you prefer to make a chain loop to start.


Magic Ring

  1. Make a loop with the end of your yarn coming out to the left, and the yarn attached to your ball crossing over the top

step one flowers

2.Pop you hook under the loop so it can grab the top yarn

step 2 flowers

3. Draw the top yarn under the bottom one

step 3 flowers

4.Now pull it up so that you have a circle with a loop at the top

step 4 flowers


5. Making sure you use the yarn attached to the ball, yarn over and slip stitch to anchor your circle

step 5 flowers


6. You can now start working double crochets around your circle, ensuring that you work over the short tail and the loop. When you’ve worked your desired number of stitches, pull the short tail and it will tighten the loop.

step 6 flowers


7. Slip stitch into the first stitch to close the circle

step 7 flowers

crochet flowers

crochet flowers

crochet flowers


Ready for some little flower patterns?!  These are all just to give you ideas, I’d thoroughly recommend experimenting with shapes, colours and forms, they’re so quick and creative you can find yourself getting quite addicted.


Abbreviations (UK Terminology guys)

Mr – magic ring

Dc – double crochet

Tr – treble crochet

Ss – slip stitch


I’ve used Paintbox Cotton and a 4mm hook, with a bit of Twilley’s Goldfingering thrown in for sparkle, but these are great pattern to use up any odds and ends you have stashed away.



crochet flowers

Round 1: Yarn A, mr 5 dc, ss

Round 2: Yarn B (3tr, ss) in each st


Folk Flower

crochet folk flower

Round 1: Yarn A, mr 8 dc, ss

Round 2: Yarn B, 2tr in each st

Round 3: Yarn C, back loops only *2dc, dc* rpt to end

Round 4: Yarn D, *dc, 2dc, dc, ss*


Boho Flower

flower crochet boho

Round 1: Yarn A, mr 8 dc, ss

Round 2: Yarn B, 2tr in each st

Round 3: Yarn C, back loops only *2dc, dc* rpt to end

Round 4: Yarn D, *dc, ch3, dc* rpt to end




Wondering what to do with them all?  I’ve sewn mine to a plain woolly jumper, not only is it very on trend right now, but it’s so nice to be walking around in my own yarny garden.


flower sweater


flowers sweater jumper


crochet videos




About the Author

Emma Friedlander-Collins started designing and selling crochet patterns in 2011. With her unique approach and unusual designs, she has established herself as an innovative crochet designer and online success. Emma's also the co-founder and partner in crime at #crochetgirlgang - a space for crochet girls the world over to share their makes, find some support and generally get crochet happy.

2 Responses to How to Crochet Flowers

  1. Bryna Parry says:

    Thank U for the way U taught the magic circle by laying it down on the table. I am left handed & I had to reverse it but, it still was the best instructions that I have ever seen. Now to practice, practice & practice so, it becomes second nature to me. It would be nice to have the written instructions for us lefties.

  2. Bryna Parry says:

    I loved all the instructions for all the flowers also

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