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Published on June 3rd, 2017 | by Kate Eastwood


Crochet Club Free Tutorial: Pretty Peg Bag by Kate Eastwood

Make the laundry fun with Kate Eastwood’s pretty cotton peg bag!

As I’m sure many of you would agree, whilst few of us would put laundry at the job of our ‘Fun things to Do’ list, there is something really rather lovely about being able to hang freshly washed clothes outside on the washing line, in the fresh air. And in celebration of that, my design for this week’s Crochet Club is for a bright and fun cotton peg bag!

Peg Bag

For my pegbag I used Bergere de France Ecoton, as this works up to make a good solid texture that is easily washable.

I used 3 x balls of OXYGENE, and 1 ball each of OZONE and CELADON.

You will also need a wooden hanger, cut to 28cm.

I worked with a 3.5mm hook. The pattern is worked in UK Crochet terms.

The main body of the bag is worked in DC and to finish the bag off I added a few crochet flowers  that are stitched into place.

Peg Bag

Begin by working a chain of 51 stitches, in Oxygene.

Starting in the second chain from the hook work a row of DC, 50 sts. Chain 1 and turn.

Continue working rows of DC, remebering to chain 1 at the end of each row, until your work measures 59cm.

At the end of your final row (RS) continue on working DC all around the edge of the rectangle in the same colour. Work 3 DC into each corner so that the rectangle keeps its shape. Finisf off and sew in the ends.

Work one further round of DC, as above in the colour Celadon. Finish off and sew in the ends.

Kate Eastwood's peg bag

Lie your finished rectangle on to a flat surface, wrong side down and fold the top down 11 cm and the bottom up 19cm.

Pin the sides together and then working in the Celadon, rejoin your yarn and join the sides together in DC. Finish off and sew in the ends.

peg bag

The next step is to strengthen and finish off the front opening. Using  stitch markers count 10 stitches in from each side, and mark.

Using the Ozone yarn join the first 10 stitches of both the top of the opening and the bottom of the opening together working in DC. Now, working just on the upper edge, work DC along to your second stitch marker. At the stitch marker join both the top of the opening and the bottom of the opening together as before. Finish off and sew in the ends.

Now rejoin your yarn to work DC along the bottom edge of the opening. Finish off and sew in the ends.

peg bag

kate eastwood crochet peg bag

For the edging down each side and along the bottom of the top edge of the opening, rejoin your Ozone yarn with a Sl St and in the next stitch work a *HTR, TR and HTR. Sl St in to the next stitch. Skip a stitch*  and repeat from * to *all the way along the side of the peg bag. Work this same pattern down the other side of the bag and along the upper opening edge . Finish off and sew in the ends.

kate eastwood crochet peg bag

To make the flowers:

crochet flower

crochet flower

crochet flower

crochet flower

crochet flower

crochet flower

Slot the coat hanger inside the bag, poking the handle through the stitches, and then sew the flowers evenly across the front. Slide the last flower down over the top of the coat hanger hook.

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For more of Kate Eastwood’s gorgeous patterns and projects, follow her on Instagram and on her blog JustPootling!

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