Tutorials Hopeful Honey video tips: learn how to single crochet

Published on October 21st, 2015 | by Angie


Hopeful Honey video tips: learn how to single crochet

Hopeful honey video tips: learn how to single crochet

Over the past few weeks, Olivia from Hopeful Honey has been teaching new crocheters the basics to learning the craft. This week, she’s teaching us how to single crochet!

A single crochet, also known as a double crochet in UK terms, is one of the main building blocks to crochet projects. It’s one of the simplest stitches, and one of the most satisfying. Olivia says,

The single crochet is one of the most fundamental of all stitches. This little crochet stitch creates a tight and dense crocheted fabric. You can use this stitch multiple times, or in a  combination with many other stitches.

Take a look at her video on how to single crochet!

If you’re confused about different crochet terms and abbreviations between the US and the UK, click here to check out our handy conversion guide. Once you get it, you’ve got it for good! If you’re ever unsure if a pattern you’re reading is in US or UK terms, you’ll know it’s US if it refers to a single crochet (or the abbreviation, sc) – there’s no such stitch in UK terminology!

How is your journey to learning crochet going? Tell us in the comments!

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