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Published on April 2nd, 2016 | by Kate Eastwood


Crochet Club: Bobbly Bathmat!

Clever Kate Eastwood from the Just Pootling blog brings you a beautiful bobbly bathmat to brighten up your bathroom!


Every now and again it feels good to add a breath of fresh air to some of the rooms we use day in and day out , and this week’s make is the perfect project for just that ….

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

I made my bathmat in the gorgeous Lana Grossa Classico using  two strands of this DK yarn, but any other DK cotton (2 strands) or cotton aran/chunky weight cotton yarn would work equally well.

crochet club: bobbly bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

For my bathmat I used:

4 x balls of light green, Hellgrun 26

4 x balls of darker green, ( not in pic ) Leuchtendgrün (44)

4 x balls of light pink, Rosé (37)

4 x balls of bright pink, Pink (10)

4 x balls of cream, Rohweiß (08)

I worked with a size 6.00 mm hook, and this tutorial uses UK crochet terms.   To convert to US terms, please use our handy Conversion Charts!

The mat is worked in alternating bobble rows and DC rows. So that there is a staggered effect to the bobble pattern there is a Bobble Row 1 and a Bobble Row 2.

To make a bobble:

Work 5 TR all in to the same stitch, but on each TR just work half of the TR and leave the last loop on the hook. You should end up with 6 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops together.

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

Begin your mat by making a loose chain of 88. It is important to keep this as loose as you can, and to achieve this you may find it easier to  work the starting chain with a 7mm hook, remembering to change back to your size 6mm hook for your first row.

Row 1: Beginning in the second chain from the hook, work a row of DC. 87 sts. At the end of the row Ch 1 and turn.

You are now going to work Bobble Row 1.

Bobble Row 1: Into the first stitch work 1 DC and then one bobble, all into the same stitch. After the bobble work a DC in to the next stitch.

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

Continue along the row working 1 bobble followed by a DC in to the next stitch all the way along the row and then at the end of Bobble Row 1 work a DC in to each of the last 2 stitches. At the end of the row chain 1 and turn.

You are now going to work a row of DC. At the end of the row chain 1 and turn.

As a guide , your DC row will look something like this ….

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

…. in that there is one larger stitch ( the bobble) and one smaller stitch ( the DC ).

I changed my colours at the end of each DC row. To do this simply join your new yarn in when making the CH 1 at the end of the row.

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

After your row of DC you need to work your next bobble row. This will be Bobble Row 2.

Bobble Row 2: Work 2 DC in to the first stitch and then a bobble in to the second stitch.  Continue working along the row alternating a bobble and then a DC. At the end of the row work a DC in to each of the last 2 stitches. Chain 1 and turn.

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

You will notice that the bobbles in Bobble Row 2 sit above each DC from Bobble Row 1, giving a staggered effect to your bobbles.

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

Your next row will be a row of DC. Remember to chain 1 and turn at the end.

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

So, the basic pattern for your bathmat is: Bobble Row 1

DC row

Bobble Row 2

DC row.

For my mat I worked a total of 6 repeats of my 5 different colours, and I then worked a final bobble row and DC row in the dark green that I worked my first bobble row in.

After your final DC row, finish off and sew in your ends. Then rejoin your yarn at the top left hand corner of your mat and work a round of DC down the left hand side, along the bottom and up the right hand side. Work 3 DC in to each corner stitch to help your mat keep its shape. I worked this round in the dark green so that I had an outline of green all the way around.

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

To finish off my bathmat I worked a Round of Rope stitch, in the bright pink, all the way around the edge. I then worked a second round of exactly the same stitch, on top of the first round, to make the Rope Stitch border nice and thick.

Rope Stitch is very simple to do as it is DC, but worked clockwise, instead of the usual anti-clockwise.

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

The final step is to sew in all your ends and then why not use some of the left over yarn to make some pretty facecloths to match?

Then it’s time to run that hot, bubbly bath and enjoy your new fresh looking bathroom!

crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog


Crochet club: Bobbly Bathmat on the LoveCrochet blog

Kate Eastwood blogs at JustPootling! Check her blog for lots more inspiration and gorgeous patterns!

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8 Responses to Crochet Club: Bobbly Bathmat!

  1. Colleen says:

    I really like this pattern ! I love the bobble stitch and using it for a rug is ideal. Thank you. If I calculated correctly though it would take 20 rolls of the yarn requested which would cost about 200$ to do the mat.. That’s a little pricey…

  2. Mark says:

    I love this idea. I do have a question, though. It is my understanding that EU crochet terms are different than US terms. What does DC mean and how do I do it? Is it similar to SC here in the US? Do I YO before beginning the stitch or not? Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.

    • Lynette Nicholls says:

      Hi Mark, Double Crochet (DC) is the same as your US Single Crochet (SC), so you don’t YO before beginning this stitch. The following conversion may help you:
      USA UK

      UK Terms: Ch = Chain, dc = Double Crochet, htr = Half Treble, tr = Treble, dtr = Double Treble and ttr = Triple Treble.
      Hope this helps!

  3. Barbara C says:

    This so Cute! I do have 2 questions. I purchased a worsted weight cone of cotton yarn and by the picture it was cream, tan, med. brown & med. green … in reality it is tan, med brown, dk brown and dark green. Way to dark for it’s intended purpose. But if paired with a cream would make a lovely rug and then I found this pattern it just screamed Make Me! The question–about what size mat does your pattern make? What is the # pattern repeat sts. I have a small bathroom and need a relatively small bathmat. If you can provide an idea of the size of yours I can then figure out what I need to purchase of the cream and how to adjust the chain to achieve the size I need. Thank you!

  4. Susan says:

    Do you also have a pattern for the cute wash cloths that I see in the picture?

  5. Betty Dukes says:

    Would love to do this mat, I need to get patterns

  6. Betty Dukes says:

    I did and it disappeared. I did not see the pattern, did I go by it.

  7. Faye Shannon says:

    Would love to have the washcloth pattern. I didn’t see it.

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