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Published on October 12th, 2017 | by Eric


Quiz Time! How Prepared are you for Christmas?

Christmas may still be a couple months away, but unless you’re a super-fast crocheter you’ll need to start planning ASAP! Take this quick quiz to find out just how prepared you are for filling those Christmas Stockings!

Crochet Christmas in July

Choose the answer that best fits you:

I’ve decided who I am going to make crochet gifts for this year!

1. I haven’t even thought about it yet…

2. It’s on my mind, but I haven’t made a list yet.

3. All done!

I have written a list of all my Christmas crochet projects with timescales by the side.

1. I haven’t even started my list yet.

2. I’ve started it, but have a ways to go.

3. Yep, it’s complete!

I have started a new crochet holiday blanket.

1. Nope!

2. Thinking about it…

3. Of course I have, it’s almost done!

I am thinking of starting a Christmas blanket but I am not sure what to make!

1. A blanket? Who has time for that?

2. Of course I’ve thought about it… now to choose a pattern.

3. I’ve chosen the pattern and have already started!

I’ve found patterns for my stocking stuffer gifts!

1. Stocking stuffers? Oh no…

2. Of course I’ve found the patterns!

3. Got the patterns, and already started stuffing stocking.

I’ve begun crocheting decorations for the tree.

1. Nope, haven’t thought about it yet.

2. Yep, already begun.

3. I’ve made enough for my tree, should I make some for others’?

I’ve made a tree skirt.

1. You can make a tree skirt?

2. I’ve thought about it, maybe next year…

3. It’s nearly there.

I’ve ordered all of my yarn for all of my gifts.

1. It’s only October!

2. They’re all in my basket but I haven’t bought them yet.

3. Ordered it? It’s already on my hooks!

All 8 questions completed!

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