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The Brochet Scarf Part II and The Man Hat!

A few weeks ago, some of the menfolk at LoveCrochet HQ learned to crochet, or “brochet.” Their first project was a scarf, and they quickly moved on to a hat. Check out their progress, and the patterns below!

Matthew and Aldo crochet

I firmly believe, when learning to crochet, that it’s better to go backwards and forwards first, rather than to start off with round and round in a granny square. This helps to really understand the structure of crochet, and how the stitches work – so that if you have to frog a stitch and re-do it, you are able to see exactly what’s going on and understand the structure of the stitches.

A fabulous first project is a scarf, worked lengthways, not least because by the time you work from one end of a scarf to the other, you’ll be super proficient in working the stitch!

Our Brochet Scarf recipe:

  • Chain as many stitches as you would like the scarf long – in our case here in the office using chunky yarn, that was 190 chains.
  • Work a half treble (half double crochet in US terms) in the second chain from the hook and then htr to end, turn.
  • Htr to end, turn, and repeat until your scarf is as deep as you’d like it to be – we worked approximately 14 rows of htr.

How to work a half treble (htr):

YO, hook into stitch, pull yarn through (three loops on the hook), YO and pull through all three loops.

Aldo used three balls of  James C. Brett Chunky with Merino – 20, Ed used three balls of Katia Peru – 13, and Eric used four balls of Adriafil Scozia in Moss Green, and all three used a 6mm hook.

Ed's Brochet Scarf

Ed proudly wearing his scarf!

Aldo and Eric sport their scarves

Aldo and Eric displaying two different scarf wearing techniques.


Closeup of the Adriafil Scozia scarf.


The Man Hat

After the guys completed their scarves it was only natural to move on to a slightly more difficult project, which turned out to be The Man Hat. This pattern, by Kate Eastwood (Just Pootling) is ideal for a first hat, as it’s made by crocheting flat instead of in the round. Using a treble (double in US) stitch, you simply make a rectangle that is roughly 29 x 50cm (11 x 20″). Then by sewing up the short edges you make a tube, finishing the hat off by using a gathering or running stitch around the top of the hat, pulling it tight, and turning it inside out. It’s a very fast project, and by using a little trick that Kate explains in her post here, you get a great ribbed look to the final product!


Man Hat chat

Ed shows Aldo what happens when you get carried away and forget to stop at 50cm. Not to worry though, he’s going to turn that mistake into an infinity scarf!

Aldo Man Hat

Aldo’s Man Hat made in Cardinal Stylecraft Life Super Chunky.

Eric's hat

Eric’s hat (without the fold) also using Stylecraft Life Super Chunky in Lakeland.


Do you have any suggestions on a third brochet project for the guys? Perhaps it’s time for them to learn something a bit more challenging? Leave your ideas in the comments, and please link to your projects in the community if you’d like to see the guys make one of your patterns! Be sure to follow Eric, Aldo, and Ed to see what they’re up to!

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