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Your August Crochet Horoscopes!

August is the month for holidays and sunshine if you live in the northern side of the earth – but still frosty and cold on the other side of the planet! What do the crochet planets have in store for you this month?



Feisty Leo, you’re in your element this month! Although you love the sound of your own roar, you are happiest Leo, when you are being creative! It’s time to dream in colour and start a summer project! Bask in the sun and hook up some gorgeously fruity placemats by Emma Varnam, and get the BBQ on!

Fruity potholders



Oh Virgo, you might not like this heat! Now is the time for you to plan, plan, plan for projects that will keep you busy through the summer, sitting in the shade working happily on new designs! Detail is your darling, and this month is the perfect time to start something to satisfy your need for precision. Rachele Carmona’s Trellis & Chevron blanket is the perfect pattern – join as you go, and 20 pages of tutorials and advice! Blend the chevron spikes with the curves of the trellis motifs – it’s a delight for the senses!

Trellis and Chevron by Rachele Carmona


Libra loves beauty – and although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you see it everywhere gentle Libra, and especially in your crochet! This month brings a harmonious start to a treat especially for you – and a new technique! Have you tried filet crochet? This beautiful, delicate pattern uses trebles and skipped stitches to create a top filled with summer roses! The Rosen Top by MillieRose UK is fun to work, and comes in three sizes. The yarn suggestion is a silk 4ply, but in this warm weather, a cotton 4ply would work beautifully!

Rosen top by MillieRose UK



Mystery swirls around you, Scorpio, for this month of passion and intrigue! Summer romance is in the air, and sultry evenings are calling you! You’ll need a shawl around those shoulders – and what better than Anna Nikipirowicz’s stunning Odeletta Shawl, crafted in mysterious mohair!

odeletta by Anna Nikipiriwicz



Tis the season for travel, Sagittarius, and you are the most accomplished traveller of the Zodiac! Do you dare to take your crochet travels to new domains with you? This fabulous colour block back pack will take you into tapestry crochet techniques, in bright colours and geometric prints!

colour block bag



Capricorn is a determined goat this month, you just want to get things done! And a challenge to you, is a real challenge, no half measures! When patterns get complicated, you rise to occasion and master every new technique! But throughout all this, feisty Capricorn, you love to look good! So this month, here’s a glorious treat just for you: the Marie Claire Tunic from Tahki Yarns! A clever combination of granny motifs and solid crochet stitches, wonderful for warm weather!

marie claire tunic



Aquarius, you’re one in a million! You love to be different – but you don’t “try” to be different – you’re as original as a fingerprint! Your unique style and vision is admired by everyone, and your energy comes from deep down inside your Uranian psyche! Plain and simple crochet is not for you – and this month you need little projects to keep your interest engaged! Toys are fabulous fun when you want to learn new techniques, and bring life to new little crochet friends! Someone you know is just waiting for you to make these fun Froggy Friends by Moji Moji Designs – there’s a lot to of crazy stitching to do here!

Froggy Friends



Intuitive and artistic, dreamy Pisces, you need an easy pattern this month, something to relax with and enjoy. When someone wounds you, it cuts deep, and you need time to disappear and feel better. Wrap yourself in this deep blue shawl of peace! Of Sails and Waves by Yuliya Tkacheva is a deep rectangle worked in Tunisian lace crochet. If you haven’t tried Tunisian crochet, it is somewhere between crochet and knitting, and easy to learn! You can find out more with our video tutorial here!

Of Sales and Waves



Aries, you’re fearless! You love to be out in front, leading the pack, and this month is perfect for learning new skills! Jess Coppom from Make and Do Crew is the current darling of the crochet world, and these fabulous Coachella boots use flip-flops as a base! They’re SO you, Aries – but be ready to fend off lots of requests to make them for everyone that sees them!

Coachella boots



Comfort is your middle name this month Taurus! It’s time to crochet something comfy, something you can curl up in as the summer comes to an end! This beautiful Wonderland Shrug is perfect for cooler evenings – and if you crochet it in a cotton aran, perfect for summer nights too! It’s a fabulous project for new hookers, and relaxing granny square fun for experienced crocheters!

Wonderland Shrug



Sometimes, Gemini, it’s hard to decide what to make – whether to start something new, or finish a WIP – and when this indecision calls, the best solution is a short project, something that you can finish fast! This sweet cushion from Italian crochet queen Ilaria Caliri, will luxuriously adorn any sofa or bed, and it is worked up super fast in DMC Natura XL cotton with a 5mm hook!

Doppia Rete cushion



It’s a summer of love for Cancerians, and when you fall in love, it’s forever! These adorable otters in love are the perfect expression of love for someone special.  Airali amigurumi patterns are full of detail, step-by-step tutorials and lots of photographs – making amigurumi is a wonderful way to learn new techniques to apply to your crochet WIPs all year round!

Otters in love

What have the stars got in store for you next month? Stay tuned!



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  1. Jo says:

    ? What happened to Sagittarius?

    • Merion says:

      Hello Jo! Apologies for that – it’s showing up now! Kindest, Merion and the LoveCrochet team xx

  2. Gail says:

    I really like you web page and blog. You have such interesting things to say and do. What I like the most is that your prices actually show in Canadian Dollars! I don’t know if I will order anything for a while, but I am so happy to see variegated yarn (wool included) and priced in Can$ and not USD. Because of the exchange rate with the US, I do not order from there at all (sale or not). Thank you for showing CAN$ on the web site. I will be back to see things here again.

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