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Published on October 9th, 2015 | by Angie


Are you a crochet addict?

It’s true that many yarn lovers can become obsessive – so are you a crochet addict?

Are you a crochet addict? Take LoveCrochet's quiz and find out!

How did you fare? I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that almost everyone at LoveCrochet HQ was deemed as a “Crochet addict!” We can’t resist yarn, new projects, or a new set of hooks – and we certainly can’t resist planning our vacations around discovering new yarn mills. Who’s up for going to the Scottish Highlands to explore yarn?

Are you a crochet addict? Tell us in the comments!

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A Jack of all crochet, but a master of Netflix and video games. When not crocheting, you might find me on the archery range or in choir practice!

14 Responses to Are you a crochet addict?

  1. Carol says:

    I am a crochet addict & also taught my granddaughters to knit & crochet & my Mom taught my Son as well.

  2. Ria van Staalduinen says:

    I love to chrochet

  3. Jennifer Reichenberger says:

    I’m only obsessed. I can quit if I really want to….. Stop! Turn the car around! I just spotted a yarn store! Don’t make me grab that steering wheel!

  4. Doreen says:

    I am truly a crochet addict this year I have made so many things both knitting and crochet ,but my yarn stash doesn’t get any less .

  5. Rebecca says:

    You’re a world class crochet-obsessed crafter. Your yarn stash contains more than an average yarn mill, and you probably want to raise your own sheep.

  6. Sharon says:

    I spend a lot of time looking for and pinning new patterns. Then, my hook “takes off” and I’m lost in my yarn for hours. My grandmother taught me as a child. I picked up crocheting again, at 60+, to once again, spend my time, doing the craft that I love so well.

  7. twyla d anable says:

    Guilty as charged! I am a crochet addict. I have so many projects I am working on for the upcoming holiday. A cardigan for myself, a sweater for my twin sister, a shrug for my little sister, socks for my husband, mittens for the Charity Tree here in my area, a carousel horse for my granddaughter, sock monkey ornaments for my niece, booties for another niece, a Mr. and Mrs Santa dolls to finish for a customer, an afghan for myself that should of been done years ago (its a very complex pattern), and so many more. Guess I am addicted. I learned to crochet from high school Home Ec class and a good friend of my Mother helped advance my knowledge even more along with a school friend. Crocheting is my stress reliever and makes me feel good knowing what I’ve made for people will be used and enjoyed for a long time.

  8. Margaret says:

    Of course I am a crochet addict! There was never any doubt!! I am also a yarn addict and a pattern addict! It is my respite from life. It is my therapy. It is my joy. I can create as I want and the inspiration makes me happy. I have taught my children, my grands, and anyone else who wants to sit still long enough for me to hand them a hook and yarn and give them some instructions!! Even my sisters have been taught some new things!! If anyone I know crochets and has a question, they ask me… I have a reputation for being a happy and prolific hooker!!

  9. Nokon says:

    Knitted all my life, but last November I thought I’d give crochet a go. Biggest mistake of my life lol. Can’t put the hook down. My husband reckons its glued to my hand.
    I taught myself by watching tutorials, and enjoy it immensely.
    It’s proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks

  10. Mary Chasey says:

    I learned to crochet from my Gramma when I was about 5 yrs old, and I’ve never quit! Already got tons of gifts made for family/friends and still have more in the working stages. I can get totally lost from the “real” world when I crochet, and it seems lately that is a very good thing!
    I love the feel of the different yarns in my hands, and am so tickled when I see the projects coming alive. I have taught my daughter, granddaughters, and some friends how to use this fantastic jewel of a hook, and they are just like me – totally hooked!
    Life is good with a crochet hook in my hands.

  11. Peggy Lewis says:

    I am definitely and happily an addict! I arrange towels with pretty colors in the big box stores and take pictures so i can match the colors when buying yarn!

  12. mary stenov says:

    Crocheting is food for the soul – a pleasure one can take part in quietly on your own and also share it in public – which really brings out the need in our population to communicate and share – a pleasure as well for children – who really can manage the hook fairly easily – with some practice -it is better for them than loosing a knitting needle – although hooks do get lost in the cracks of the car – where much crocheting can be worked on – especially on the way to school – hooray for handwork.

  13. Eileen Myers says:

    I am hooked crochet !!!
    My Mom taught herself when she was in her fifties. I decided, in my late fifties, I could too. Always have two or three projects around my chair while mentally planning the next 3 or 4. I use free web sites for most of my patterns. I have happily crocheted over 25 afghans for loved ones & new babies: prayer shawls; cat beds for the Humane Society, mufflers, and tissue box covers for my family and friends. Love, love , love granny squares – quick satisfaction for completing another square ! Fills the time waiting for supper to cook. Can’t wait to get the dishes done and work on my shawl !

  14. Faye says:

    I taught myself after watching multiple crocheting sites and haven’t looked back. My fav chair is surrounded with baskets of projects in various stages. My daughter’s bestie is having twins so she asked me if I would make something for them and without hesitation said sure. So there goes another basket and soon the cats and I wont be able to get to the chair. Sooo fun, I wouldn’t change anything and it makes me happy to see everything and the happy colors.

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