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Which amigurumi is your spirit animal?

Spirit animals reveal to us who we really are, and provide otherworldly advice and love! What if crocheted amigurumi animals could do the same for crocheters? Merion helps you find your true you – your spirit animal amigurumi! 

Do you:

  • finish WIPs in record time
  • always have a hook in your hand
  • love the buzz of a new project
  • fly through your stash

Your spirit amigurumi is a BEE!

You are busy as a busy bee – you’re the crocheter that never stops! There’s never a still moment – you’re happy to pick up your hook on the train, on the bus, watching TV or whilst you chat with your friends. Bees love to crochet as fast as possible, and work speedily from one project to the next – but remember sometimes it’s good to stop buzzing and just enjoy those stitches rather than hurry to the finish line!

Bumble the bee

Bumble the Bee is a sweet pattern by Sarah Shrimpton, worked in classic amigurumi rounds. Bees are diligent, hard working and organised, and bees can be patient teachers too because they love to work alongside their crochet chums!

Do you:

  • like to crochet slowly and smoothly
  • leave a trail of yarn behind you
  • eat as you crochet (but only the most delicious of snacks)
  • focus on bigger projects that take a long time to finish

Your spirit amigurumi is a SLUG!

Slugs get a lot of bad press, but they wisely take their time and work through very delicious crochet projects one stitch at a time. They often leave a trail of yarn behind them, and take a long time to sew in their ends, but projects that are made by slugs are meticulously finished. If a slug gets stuck half way through, they can have a tendency to unravel a project to save one precious part of it – in the way a real slug is able to self-amputate its tail – but this is an extreme reaction to a WIP that has gone badly wrong.

slug amigurumi

Who can resist Hannah the Slug by Stacey Trock? Be bold and be proud if your spirit ami is a slug – slugs are the finishers of the crochet world! Finishing is a quality that many crafters lack, and they will learn this vital skill from you.

Do you:

  • love the cold weather, particularly snow
  • prefer to crochet alone, and keep your hobby all to yourself
  • leave footprints in the snow
  • whistle while you work

Your spirit amigurumi is a YETI!

Yetis love the wild outdoors and chilly temperatures perfect for wrapping up warm. This mythical creature, only spotted a few times over the last few hundred years, is a lonely soul who hides away in the wild Himalayan ranges. Sightings report that the Yeti is tall, carries a stone and makes a whistling, whooshing sound. Yetis prefer to craft alone, rather than in a group – but have been sighted very rarely, in online crochet communities.

Yeti and Bigfoot

Although yetis have been spotted in snow, with white fur like a polar bear, there have also been sightings of a dark furred variation often known as Bigfoot.  This fabulous pattern includes both! Yeti and Bigfoot by Lucy Collin is the perfect representation of this seldom spotter crafter.

Do  you:

  • love swimming
  • have several WIPs running all at the same time
  • love difficult puzzles and complex crochet patterns
  • have eight legs

Your spirit amigurumi is an OCTOPUS!

The octopus is considered to be one of the most intelligent creatures of the sea! They love problem solving, so the harder the crochet pattern, the better! They’re camouflage creatures and can change colour at the flex of a muscle and squirt ink at predators to confuse them – this might bring out a secret yarn-dyeing ability you haven’t yet discovered! Your instinct for colour changes is uncanny – your granny blankets are complex and perfectly toned.

Octopus amigurumi

This free pattern by DenizasToysJoys has super curly legs that are known to be a great comfort for premature babies in incubators! Octopuses are very sociable, playful creatures and often escape from captivity, so you’ll have great fun with your crochet projects!

Do you:

  • curl up into a ball and roll away if you’re scared
  • often get told that you’re cute
  • hate being touched (although everyone wants to touch you because you’re so cute!)
  • hide in hedges

Your spirit amigurumi is a HEDGEHOG

The hedgehog is a sweet furry mammal with a spiny coat that lives in hedgerows and woodland! If the hedgehog is your spirit ami, you might well have a fabulous sense of smell and be able to sniff out a new yarn from miles away! You may protect yourself by being spiky if someone comments on your WIPs, only revealing your sweet little face to crocheters you like! Hedgehogs often get their long noses stuck in tubes – this is a watch point for you to keep your options open and to try new projects rather than getting stuck with one favourite make!

Hedgehog family

Liz Ward’s hedgehog family pattern includes three sizes – those little babies are particularly sweet, and their spikes won’t prickle little hands!

Do you:

  • change your yarn colours instinctively
  • have particularly nimble hands (and feet)
  • like climbing trees
  • blink slowly

Your spirit amigurumi is a CHAMELEON

The magician of the crochet spirit ami realm, the chameleon changes its mind constantly what colour it wants to crochet – but this is a instinct to embrace because it will lead you to colourways you hadn’t dreamt before! The chameleon’s nimble toes can work the finest crochet hooks, so you can dare to work with thread and a 2mm hook (or smaller!) to harness this fabulous skill!


The Flying Dutchman’s Designs’ chameleon pattern utilises lots of fabulous crochet techniques! Just look at that fabulous tail!

Do you:

  • love to craft in a group
  • spook at loud noises or complicated patterns
  • love to belong
  • hold your hook with a noble stance

Your spirit amigurumi is a DEER

The deer, in mythology, can be the bringer of luck, or the harbinger of pattern confusion: it is so quick to run from danger, that it might not face a difficult stitch head on. It is the most sociable of the spirit amigurumi, living in herds and crochet groups in person and online, and it has a kind heart that loves to share tips, tricks and ideas for new projects.


This sweet little deer pattern from Kristi Tullus is a perfect little friend for someone who would love to belong. Deer love their babies, staying with them for a year after birth and keeping them safe from predators – if your spirit ami is a deer, you are the best teacher of crochet to new crafters for this very reason – you’ll never let someone get their WIPs in a twist!

Which amigurumi is your crochet spirit animal?


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