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Published on September 5th, 2015 | by Jenni


A chat with Hearthandmade UK


This week we’re so excited to be sitting down for a chat with craft lover, interior design extraordinaire and newly hooked crocheter, Claire from the award nominated craft blog Hearthandmade UK. Read on to find out what her biggest craft fail was, how she gets inspired and an exciting mystery project!

A chat with Hearthandmade UK - LoveCrochet Blog

We’ve been a big fan of Claire’s Hearthandmade blog for a long time, you’ll find me pinning her tutorials on Pinterest frantically with crafty glee, (with over 1 million Pinterest followers and counting I’m not the only one to be totally obsessed). So you can only imagine our excitement when Claire said yes, yes, yes to collaborating on some fun projects here at LoveCrochet. Before we got started, we just had to meet the lady herself and find out what got her started, so read on and find out more, trust us, she’s lovely!

1. You started off in mixed media and scrapbooking, and now you’re a heavy hitter in the craft world. What helped you make the transition?

Oh wow, thank you! I did indeed start off in mixed media. The mixed media happened by accident really. At that time, I was studying photography and we were given the task of using different tools and mediums to destroy and display our photographs. The task was given to us by an art teacher, to be honest I had no idea what she meant. After an evening on Google, I had been sucked into the world of mixed media and I discovered scrapbooking. From there, I discovered art journaling, embroidery and an entire world of craft! I loved it all. After my discovery I made sure that each New Years day I made a resolution to master a new craft or take a new art class online. So far this year, I’m on my fourth art class. I absolutely love them. I’m always learning and changing with my work and I love to share my findings with my readers.

A chat with Hearthandmade UK - LoveCrochet Blog

2. You’ve mentioned your ”craft fails” on your blog – which one can you look back on and laugh?

Definitely, the faux meringues I tried to make with a friend! We were attempting to make faux meringues with chalk. They ended up like chalky pancakes. It was a disaster!

3. Where do you get your inspiration for all your beautiful projects?

Quite honestly, I get my inspiration from everywhere. It could be the sign on a door, colours in a garden, a picture on pinterest or challenging myself to see a new or unique use for an everyday item. I have so many ideas and so little time!

A chat with Hearthandmade UK - LoveCrochet Blog

4. Your love for pastels is infectious! – When did you realize that you had a palette that you loved more than the others?

I realised that I had a favourite palette when I was working with the designer for the heart handmade blog. At the beginning, I didn’t know what I liked. I sent some photographs to my designer and she took the initiative and created a blog design in a red, white and blue theme. I didn’t like it at all. I went back and sourced my favourite images and the designer got back to me and said “so you love pastels?”, “YES!”. That’s when I had the idea of removing any bold colours, reds or dark shades in my home. Everything seemed to flow in a much more natural way and left me feeling serene.

A chat with Hearthandmade UK - LoveCrochet Blog

5. If you had to choose one colour that you had to make every project in until the end of time, what would it be?

Oh, that’s a difficult question! I think it would have to be pink. I figured this out because I had chosen several colour palettes some variation of pink was in there. At least I’m consistent!

You can find Claire’s crochet projects on the Hearthandmade blog here and don’t miss her post on the best of Lovecrochet Summer projects here.

A chat with Hearthandmade UK - LoveCrochet Blog

Mystery Project

We’re very excited to announce that we will be launching a mystery project with Claire this month! We can’t wait to reveal it with you all, trust us when we say it’s an exciting one! Stay tuned on the blog to find out how you can be involved…

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