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Published on March 5th, 2018 | by Mara


7 Ways You can Organize Your Stash!

There’s really no doubt about how much us crocheters and crafters love our yarn! However, we do seem to have drastically different methods when it comes to storing it! Here are 7 ways to organize your stash.

Neat and Tidy

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Some people have a neat and tidy system to organize their stash! Whether it’s in a cupboard, labeled in boxes or on shelves – an organized stash is a thing of beauty and definitely worth showing off!

The Cave

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Ever get that feeling that you should look into that one drawer/cupboard/room that you always throw your yarn into? The cave storing system is definitely a common one for crocheters. Even though it’s not the prettiest, at least you’re sure your yarn is safe and sound (somewhere)!

Pet Owner Special

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Pet owners have their own set of challenges to deal with! We think our feline housemates love our yarn as much as we do! We advise either investing in paw proof storage or just surrender to your fluffy apprentice!

Small and Simple

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Small. Simple. And a great conversation starter! You might not go large with your stash, but your yarn collection certainly gets people talking! Perfect for crocheters who prefer to crochet-as-you-go, storing just enough for your next project means you are never inundated with unnecessary balls! And as your yarn doesn’t take up too much space (and looks oh so pretty!), you can easily display in your bedroom or living space as a decorative feature!


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The dream! Your own local yarn store. Let’s just say, resisting a good yarn sale is not your forte. Of course, a well organized stash needs 10 different shades of blue! Whether it’s wool, cotton or acrylic, you have it all!

Leftover Collection

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This one is a bit like the cave, except it’s out in the open – and your stash mostly consists of leftover scraps from earlier projects! You always promise yourself to use them one day, but then another awesome pattern comes along and nothing from your stash is enough or the right shade. And so the circle begins again.

Stash, What Stash?

Comedy Cover in Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Chunky

New yarn, new project! You might be one of those rare knitters who prefer not to stash at all! Equipped with resourcefulness and excellent planning skills, your nimble crochet abilities means you’ve always got the perfect amount of yarn for your current project. And if there ever should be small amounts left over, you immediately start a scrap blanket, which is both efficient and pretty!

How do you organize your yarn? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Responses to 7 Ways You can Organize Your Stash!

  1. Debbie Skretting says:

    I’m afraid I have a really bad yarn addiction 😉 I have to admit my stash resembles the “own yarn store” more than the other choices. Since I live in a county that prefers wool, I order all my yarn online and nothing give me more joy than when packages arrive in the mail. Opening them and rearranging my stash to make room for them – I just love it! I arrange my yarn first by brand – then by weight. I have 1 cabinet that has only wool/alpaca and more expensive type yarn. But all my yarn is open to sight at all times 🙂

  2. Sonja says:

    I dont have stash – I have supply! To me yarn is simply Artsupply
    It gives me joy and feeds my creativity. I crochet every day so it is in use constantly.
    Most of the yarn is only online available to me so it is a necessity to have enough available and of course in many different shades. Crocheters and Knitters can not mix theire own colours like painters do so we rely on a wide range of different shades.
    So I also organise it in a visual way – I need to see it, except the shades I have multiple. They are in Boxes. And I have project baskets for every project I currently work on. No one should EVER feel guilty about the amount of yarn they have. It simply gives Joy

  3. Katherine says:

    My stash is called ‘the wall’. I pegboarded the whole walk in my craft room and have them all displayed on it in balls. Easy to see the multiple shades I have for any project. As I buy more they just get added to the wall. Great focal piece and easy to use

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