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5 Dogs that are NOT Impressed with their Sweaters

Who doesn’t love a cute canine in a sweater? While us humans can’t get enough of doggy crochet, we can’t help but wonder why these pups weren’t as impressed with their owner’s crafty crochet creations!

1. Pretty in pink

Yes she was the prettiest pooch of the pack, but Sniffy had ‘walkies’ on the brain.

Click here for the pattern.

2. Best in Show

Lola liked the jacket but wasn’t too keen on the head piece.

crochet dog sweater

Click here for pattern.

3. America’s Next Top Woofer

“One more photo she said. Then we’d go for a walk she said.”

crochet sweater

Click here for pattern.

4. The Snoozer

All the excitement with the new fashion wear had Boris needing another nap.

crochet dog sweater

Click here for pattern.

5. Lady of leisure

On Lady’s to do list for today… Chewing. Playing. Walking. Sniffing… and wearing mom’s next crochet creation.

crochet dog sweater

Click here for pattern.

How did you dog react to your crochet project? We’d love to know!

crochet videos

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