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5 crochet tips with Pauline from Smiles

Pauline from the LoveCrochet Smiles team is an expert crocheter who loves to teach newbies how to hold a hook and yarn. We asked her for 5 crochet tips!

If you haven’t yet met Pauline, check out our ”Meet the Smiles team” post over on the LoveKnitting blog. Take it away, Pauline!

For me or not for me? That is the question!

Before I’ve even decided on what I’m going to make, I need to decide whether or not I’m going to be a selfish crocheter. Is this going to be for me? Or is it going to be a gift? If it’s a gift, then I have to make sure I pick something I know they’ll love – or else I’m at risk of keeping it for myself. Especially if it’s pretty.

crochet tips from Pauline - it's so beautiful gif

What to make?

I usually have a look at what I already have in my stash to start my inspiration. Crochet is an excellent craft to use up odds and ends. I also find it easier to find a crochet pattern for yarn I may already have. But its colours that really give me my inspiration for a project!

crochet tips from Pauline - pocahontas gifThe ”Colors of the Wind,” or the colors of Pauline’s yarn stash?


Essentials before you start your project.

Yarn, pattern and hook are obviously the key essentials. But I would also recommend having some stitch markers, you never know when you may need them! But my absolute must when I’ve got a new pattern to do is to have a UK to US crochet terms cheat sheet at hand, just in case I doubt the stitches I’m about to do. (Need a conversion chart? Click here to check ours out!)

Having a break

A tea break is vital for me whenever I’m crafting. So before I put my work down and depending on the project I usually have a piece of paper where I will make a note of where exactly I am. Then I pull the loop on my hook so it’s really big. This way it’s not at risk of coming undone if someone decides they’re going to move your project – or an animal decides that your project looks like fun!

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When you finish your project…

When I finish my projects, I don’t like to just tie a knot. I like to do a couple of slip stitches and then pull the yarn back through the loop on my hook tightly, making sure I leave a long tail so I can weave into my project.

What are your top crochet tips, readers? Tell us in the comments!

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2 Responses to 5 crochet tips with Pauline from Smiles

  1. Anna May says:

    When I stop my work in middle of project I take a stitch marker & put it through last loop then through next stitch so it does not pull loose & I see at a glance what direction my next stitch goes.

  2. Le says:

    As a newbie, I have found it invaluable to write down what hook, yarn and pattern I am using – also on the top of the pattern I write down when the pattern was started so I can find the information again in my journal – and when I finish after a hour or so of crochet I now ALWAYS write down where I finished and what comes next (learnt that the hard way) – cos if I came back after a few days or a week – I couldn’t remember or ‘read’ the fabric well enough to work out where I was. Having a project bag for each particular project has been really useful – I use the lovely bags that the yarn comes in. I also made my own ones from some old voile curtains that I washed and sewed into draw string bags, using pretty ribbons. These all might sound obvious to an experienced crafter – but they weren’t to me when I started out.

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