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5 crochet problems

Problems, problems, problems – which one of these crochet problems plagues you?

5 problems crocheters have: read more at LoveCrochet

1. Not enough yarn

Crochet problems: not enough yarn no gif

There’s nothing worse than running out of yarn when you’re close to the end of a project. Yikes! The only thing you can do is get as far as you can, and order a bit more if you must. It’s definitely frustrating, and it can really knock you off of your crochet horse!

2. Splitty yarn

crochet problems: splitty yarn argh gif

Splitty yarn is annoying to work with and makes even simple projects a major hassle. To avoid splitty yarn, look for a yarn that has a high twist – it prevents splits from happening.

3. Losing your hooks

crochet problems: losing your hooks cat searching gifAbove: a representation of me looking for my hook

Is it in the couch? Under the couch? At the bottom of my bag? Wherever it is, it entered some kind of space-time continuum and I’ll never find it again.

4. Losing your back up hooks

crochet problems: losing your backup hooks nargles gif

If you lose hooks constantly, and they only resurface once you’ve bought a new one, then maybe some sort of supernatural being is to blame. I hear nargles like to crochet, too!

5. Not enough space for your yarn stash

crochet problems: not enough space

It’s a problem with all crafters far and wide: not enough space for the yarn stash. Before you know it, you’re sleeping on the floor in your kitchen because every other area is filled with yarn. Don’t worry – you can just move into a bigger space!

What are the crochet problems you face? Tell us in the comments!

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2 Responses to 5 crochet problems

  1. Jennifer Reichenberger says:

    Have a Master’s degree in every one of said problems!, I have had my cats steal my skein of yarn and start running off with them, as I’m crocheting ! Also, had one cat that loved to chew through the yarn as she sat, quietly purring snuggled next to me, and then suddenly I’m sitting with a wet, chewed off end in my hand as she is contently (and looking innocent) chewing on the other end!

    • Aimee says:

      Jennifer I think our cats are relates! I have one fella who does the exact same, sneaks off with the ball, and another who has a sneaky nibble. I’ve also caught her sitting on and in my project baskets.

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