News 5 reasons you should be crocheting right now

Published on July 10th, 2015 | by Angie


4 reasons you should be crocheting right now

Any time is a good time to crochet, and we’re here to prove it. 

1. Those WIPs aren’t going anywhere on their own

7 reasons you should be crocheting right now: read more at LoveCrochet

That’s right. We know what your project bag looks like, and if you’re anything like us then you have approximately 48 projects that you should have finished in 2012. Better get moving, because finishing a WIP means…

2. More yarn

reasons you should be crocheting right now - read more at LoveCrochet

Using up some of your stash means that you can replenish it….with more yarn. At least if you have finished projects to show for it, your loved ones might not stage an intervention yet.

3. Winter is Coming

5 reasons you should be crocheting right now

Yup, you heard me. You have 164 days to crochet hats, scarves, blankets, jackets, and gloves. Don’t forget – Autumn starts in 74 days. Better get those hooks out – I can already feel a chill in the air.

4. What better way to justify your summer Netflix binge?

5 reasons you should be crocheting right now

You heard that they just added 11 seasons of NCIS to Netflix, right? If you hadn’t heard, you have now, and we can only suggest that you fill those hundreds of forensic science viewing with productive crocheting. No one can say anything if you’ve made a blanket by the end of season 5.

What are the reasons you should be crocheting right now? Tell us in the comments!

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A Jack of all crochet, but a master of Netflix and video games. When not crocheting, you might find me on the archery range or in choir practice!

5 Responses to 4 reasons you should be crocheting right now

  1. susan says:

    I have a large family living in Melbourne that do not knit or crochet. i live in Queensland and do not need the warm clothing or blankets so I keep my finger and hands busy filling the presents for the “family” and friends down south. we are in the middle of winter here so it also keeps my hands warm and suppl we are just not used to the temperatures getting into single figures.

  2. deb says:

    All good points, here’s some more..
    Crochet is so HOT right now – it’s on all the catwalks.
    Crochet is so portable (seriously, have you ever tried to knit on the bus?).
    Crochet is so quick – really funky chunky beanies in under an hour anyone?
    Crochet is sociable – crochet in a public space and I guarantee someone will talk to you.
    While you crochet you’re not snacking……probably….!

  3. Canary LeBlanc says:

    Good day, Wishing you a great today. I am finishing my best friend’s shawl today in red/silver. GOD BLESS YOU

  4. SUE BOWEN says:

    Being a UNITED STATES AIR FORCE VETERAN in the 1970s–1980s) a very married wife of over 40 years, a MOM of over 36 & 34 years now daughter & son, a Daughter of over 60 years now; having worked over the years as well, but just being a volunteer with a couple of different agencies for 5 – 10 years now; taking care of our animals that live with us, I do & have managed my time quite nicely to include crocheting – since I was 17& knitting since I was 12, I do manage my time to include both quiet nicely!!!! I’D rather be doing those things than doing anything eise in the world!!! I do either or both while watching TV all the time!!! I cannot just sit there & just watch TV!! My hands do get real itchy when I do nothing!!!! I always have a project of some sort I’m working on. GOD & JESUS CHRIST& the HOLY SPIRIT are all funny with me that way!!! 🙂 MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! 🙂

  5. Carol Lindberg says:

    Right now I am making bracelets in the color of our local college basketball team and hope to sell them to followers of the team this fall. They are my own pattern and I can make about 4 in an hour. It will help on our medical bills. I am a senior citizen and hope to sell them in bulk (100 @ a time) to the sports store near the college. I have about 70 made.

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