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3 ways to get motivated to finish a project

It’s no secret that we can experience a mid-project slump. Here are three ways to get motivated to finish a project that will have you digging out your hooks in no time.

Struggling to pick up that WIP? These surefire ways to get motivated will help. Read more on LoveCrochet

It happens to the best of us – we start off on a project with a pure heart, a clear head, and the best of intentions, only to be thwarted by boredom, distraction, or frustration. It can lead to projects being left half finished in cabinets and under the bed storage containers for months or even years.

So what is a crocheter to do? Frog out hours of work and rewind all the yarn? Or could there be another way – a way to regain your lost enthusiasm, and forge ahead with the project?

Visualize the finished project

3 ways to get motivated to finish a project: read more at LoveCrochet

That blanket you started a year ago will be so cozy and snuggly this winter – you do know that meteorologists are predicting a colder than average winter in some places, right? What better way to keep out the cold than with a big, beautiful blanket that you just finished. Plus, finishing a project means you have more room for yarn!

3 ways to get motivated to finish a project: read more on LoveCrochet

Make a plan

3 ways to get motivated to finish a project: read more at LoveCrochet

Yes, make a plan – and make more than 12% of a plan. If it’s a simple project that you got bored with, make sure your plan includes something to distract you. With the cooler weather rolling in, curling up with crochet and a new box set is a perfect way to spend an evening or a weekend. You’ll be finished before you know it!

If your project is a difficult one that you got frustrated with, take some time to refamiliarize yourself with the pattern. Read it through, several times. When you start to get back into it, don’t stress yourself out by being a perfectionist – remember that it takes everyone time to learn something new and conquer a challenge. When you go to work, sit somewhere distraction-free until you get a handle on the pattern.


3 ways to get motivated to finish a project: read more at LoveCrochet

About a year ago, someone said to me, “Angie, don’t depend on motivation or inspiration to be creative and productive. Muses are fickle and fleeting. Focus on perseverance instead.” That bit of advice totally revolutionized how I approach creativity. You won’t always feel like sunshine and flowers – sometimes you feel like a rain cloud. Even though you might not feel like working on the project, I can almost guarantee you’ll feel better when you finish it.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you force yourself through a project that is causing you stress and frustration – sometimes, ripping it out and starting over is better for your mental health and your productivity. There’s no shame in deciding that a project is no longer one that works for you – we’ve all done it (or at least considered it) before. For example, 3 weeks ago I started working on a broomstick stitch scarf. After several hours of fighting the yarn, I made the executive decision that the yarn and the pattern were not destined to work together, and I pulled it all out. C’est la vie!

How do you get motivated to finish a project? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Robbie says:

    Great advise! I just got through a project I was half way through after the friend I was making it unfortunately lost her expected baby. I couldn’t look at it because of sorrow so decided To frog it and donate the yarn plus some more to a nursing home down the street. They have folks there who like to knit and crochet too and are always happy to use it. That way I felt better about it still going to good use.

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