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10 Signs You’re a Crochet Addict

Are you addicted to crochet? Here are 10 tell-tale signs that your hobby might be a little bit of an obsession…


1. You name your hooks

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you name your hooks Bethany, George, or Alex. Read more at LoveCrochet!

We all have our favorites – with or without handles, pointed hooks, aluminum, wood, or bamboo. If you name your hooks, you might be a crochet addict.

2. You feel like this when you get new yarn

8 signs you might be a crochet addict: you feel like a rainbow is engulfing your face when you get new yarn. Read more at LoveCrochet!


If you get a little bit dizzy and overwhelmed with feelings as you unwrap your pink parcel, you might be addicted to crochet…

3. You get yarn and hooks for your birthday….and Christmas…and anniversaries…

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you get yarn and hooks for holidays. Read more at LoveCrochet!


Everyone who knows and loves you, knows that there’s no point in getting you anything other than yarn and hooks. ”Oh, a new cashmere sweater? I’d rather have gotten cashmere yarn.”

4. You packed yarn for your vacation, but not socks.

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you packed yarn and not socks. Oops! Read more at LoveCrochet


You didn’t pack 4 WIPs and no socks again, did you? Well, if you did, just spend your vacation in flip flops, until you finish crocheting a pair!

5. You have more yarn than clothes

8 signs you're a crochet addict: more yarn than clothes: Regina Geoge says Get in loser, we're going shopping!


In an alternate universe (that is, the best universe), Regina George is picking Cady up to go yarn shopping, because that’s the only kind of shopping that matters.”What do you mean, I need to buy new shoes? Are you aware that there is yarn in a store for us to squish and purchase?”

6. You always have a WIP, no matter where you are

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you always have a WIP, wherever you go. Read more at LoveCrochet!

Bus stop, doctor’s office, train, pub crawl, swing dancing lessons, it doesn’t matter – you always have a WIP in your bag. If you can’t seem to leave the house without yelling, ”Hold on a second – I have to grab my crochet!” then you might be an addict.

7. You’ve gotten in trouble for crocheting

8 signs you're a crochet addict: you got in trouble for crocheting: Filch says ''Oh dear, we are in trouble!''


Many crafters have reported that it’s much easier to focus on a lecture or a meeting when their hands are busy – but not all bosses and teachers are sympathetic. Several of the LoveCrochet HQ team members have gotten busted for crocheting during class when they were younger – have you?

8. You wake up thinking about crochet patterns

8 sings you're a crochet addict: anna says ''The sky's awake, so I'm awake!''


Your alarm clock goes off, and you jump out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning – you just can’t wait to pick up where you left off last night…at 2 am.

9. Every gift you give is hand crocheted.

Of course your friends and family love your crochet gifts, but do they really need another scarf? Maybe this year you can get them something a little different… Who are you kidding? Of course they’re getting another scarf!


10. You need to teach everyone you know to crochet.

learning to crochet

You love to crochet, so why shouldn’t everyone around you learn as well? Lucky for them you have plenty of time (and patience) to help them learn! A new crochet addict is born!


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36 Responses to 10 Signs You’re a Crochet Addict

  1. Maria says:

    While sleeping dreaming about colours and/or solutions how to adapt the pattern for a new project.

  2. Claire Carter says:

    At my daughter’s school, they are allowed to knit and crochet in class, even some of the boys do it too – how cool is that! Wish they had done that at my school, look at all those missed years of craftiness!

  3. Jennifer Reichenberger says:

    Having purged 38 years of yarn stashes twice, I have a new stash that somehow keeps multiplying…. along with a growing number of pattern to go with the yarn. Only problem, I forget to put the pattern with the yarn purchased for said pattern! I also have a number of crochet hooks in the same size, as I tend to leave a hook with a WIP, and forget where I left my hook!

    • L.K.Weaver says:

      Jennifer ~~ Try tote bags !! I put my yarn, pattern, hook, everything for a particular project in a tote bag. That way I always have everything I need and just have to decide which tote bag I’m taking with me this time. Saves lots of time gathering everything together. And the dollar store has pretty totes for sale.

      • Claire says:

        I do that too although doesn’t help me make the decision on which wip I want to work on haha.

      • Carole Russell says:

        Me Too! This seems to be a running joke in our house. I’m always looking for an empty tote bag for a project or to organize a certain color, type of yarn etc. My husband offered to buy some plastic totes for my closet but I told him No, since I would still need tote bags!

    • Jane Carroll says:

      Jennifer – l am. your crochet twin. Maybe we should start a Crocheters Anonymous to help ourselves and our fellow addicts!

  4. Carla S. says:

    We recently moved and kept running across my staches of yarn in bags and boxes and containers.;-). My hubby wasn’t a real happy camper 🙂 When we got it all together, I had five big storage containers of yarn and two of bedspread thread !! So I got busy and made two beautiful scrap afghans. That made him feel better -but I still have a long ways to go to get it used up 🙂
    Should keep me out of mischief for awhile.

  5. Alanna Smith says:

    I have yarn in every room, including the kids bedrooms and even my landing upstairs. I have countless hooks of different styles and so many planned projects that would keep me going for years. My phone and computer is full of downloaded ideas and patterns. And a couple of months ago I discovered CALs and now have many patterns on the go. I’ve loved some CALs so much, that I have the yarn and patterns in, despite not having time to crochet along, so doing them in my own time.

  6. Ann Bridger says:

    I’m often being found going out with a crochet hook tucked behind one ear and a row counter round my neck!!!!! My excuse is that it’ s the latest craze!!!!!!!

  7. Jilly says:

    Yes, I even got my picture in the newspaper for crocheting during an NEA conference. The caption hinted that I was bored with the meeting, but in fact, like many of us, I listen and retain info better when my hands are busy!

  8. Patje says:

    I, too, found tote bags to be a good organizer. The totes come in many sizes & fit various projects. When I forget what I bought yarn for, I pack it in a zip lok bag to preserve it from moths & dust. Afghan size hoards of yarn will fit in a 2 gallon bag. Besides, they’re squishable! You can fit in more than you think! And you can see what color you have which often triggers an idea for a project once again. And yes, it is vital that you put the instructions with the yarn. Unless it’s a WIP, if you keep the hooks in a nice zip case, you’ll have them handy when you just can’t resist starting another project!

  9. Patje says:

    9. You can’t resist a new color of yarn or a new type of yarn in the craft store. Or the stash at a yard sale….even the odd skein or ball sold at Big Lots (discounted lots on clearance) or Dollar Stores with items unsold by other stores.

  10. Karen says:

    My gran taught me how to do a granny square fifty years ago but I’ve recently found YouTube tutorials and I’m ‘hooked’. I’ve learned cables, flowers and Pom Pom edging from Bella Coco. I can’t wait to finish each project and now dream of new patterns and colours of yarn.

  11. Jennifer Reichenberger says:

    I have put a lot of my projects in totes and plastic bags, along with the patterns as suggested! Now, the only problem is, I have to have my hubby put a wider shelf board on the already existing wall shelf so I can get the plastic bags out of harms way. I have a feline companion who’s goal in life is to chew all plastic bags in the house, leaving holes and teeth marks in the bags! This is the second cat who’s owned me that has this fetish in the last 26 years. But, I am getting more organized!

    • Nicole says:

      oh my cat does that also, ive had to clean out a draw in my night stand just to keep what wont fit in the closet out of his mouth.

  12. Teisha says:

    Your husband has to tell you it’s bedtime so stop crocheting and come to bed.

  13. Nathalia says:

    Naming the hooks!!! How come I’ve never thought of that?

  14. I know I’m a crochet addict because I m guilty of six out of the 8 comments. I have so many WIP things going on I can’t help it everytime I get new yarn, immediately have to try it out I have one full closet of works in progress. Periodically I go back to them whenever I’m making a gift or need something quick and easy for someone I am an addict

  15. Tika Sendelweck says:

    I always have something going and several in mind. I have my mom’s yarn, my yarn and how many auction yarns, yarn on sale, threads and at least thread WIPs. I refuse to die until I have used up all my yarn. I should live to 120 if I don’t buy anymore yarn, that is! Impossible!!

  16. Tika Sendelweck says:

    I haven’t named my hooks but what a great idea!!!

  17. Bev says:

    I never can through out a good bag. I always feel they will be useful for something. I also seem to not resist purchasing new yarns for crocheting. So after reading these intertaining comments a certain lightbulb luminated. I think I’ll combine both the bags and the yarn and I will only be accused of having one obsession instead of two. Self improvement 😁😇

  18. Linda says:

    I have been calling myself a bag lady for years, love collecting tote bags from places I visit, that goes perfectly with all the yarn I have. I won $300 worth of yarn and made sure I put each pattern and yarn in a separate bag so I would know what I had planned for it when I ordered it, and keep me from stealing just one skein for something else. I have finally learned to take the hooks out of a WIP and leave a note if no pattern. I had at least 4 G hooks and couldn’t find any….. That doesn’t help the huge stash of yarn that was given to me, but every little bit helps. I do try to sort by yarn size and color in clear bags, like those from a sheet set or comforter with a zipper. I am recycle/reuse obsessive.

    • Traci Burgess says:

      I love to recycle/reuse as well. Comforter and sheet set bags are awesome! They usually have a handle, and since they are clear, you can see exactly which WIP is stored in each bag. Makes it easy to grab and go! I let all my family members know, if they’re going to throw those bags out, to please save them for me!!!

      • Heather Lyons says:

        I recently bought a set of sheets and I was about to get rid of the bag but then I realized it was great for a WIP. Just like you said, they are clear and often have a handle. This one is pretty spacious, I can see what’s in it and it’s got a nice zipper too. Great idea! I still do love buying a special little handmade project bag though.

  19. Patti says:

    I too have been called out in class for crocheting. When I was younger I could remember lines in a show or movie and where that spot was in the crochet project.
    Great article. Thanks for the humor!

  20. Maggie says:

    Now I’ve discovered yarn cakes my poor husband just rolls his eyes. He knows he can’t fight it. I love my crochet hooks too. I’ve 3 Tulip sets that I dare not use. I bought individual hooks of the ones I use the most.

  21. Bonnie says:

    I save those bags that linens come in….sheet sets, pillows, comforters, blankets….for storing my projects.

  22. Brenda Tindle says:

    Never got in trouble for crocheting nor have I named my hooks, but I do have more yarn than clothes! Lots of WIPs, too. I purchase the decorative grocery totes for .99 cents for projects. I am guilty of taking a hook from a WIP and later on when I decide to complete forget what hook was used. I keep thinking I need to make some markers with hook sizes (using earring hooks and ABC beads). What an entertaining post and it was fun reading the comments.

  23. Betsy Ingram says:

    When my Mother passed away she left me enough money to build a “craft building” better known by my husband as “the palace”. Beside the sewing material, machines et al, one side of the 36’x24′ building is lined with butcher racks full of yarn. It is divided by yarn weight. I love that I can pull out skeins to see what the next project will look like.

  24. - annec says:

    My hooks are in a clear plastic pencil case along with a couple of pens and a pencil, ams this is kept in the handbag I crocheted … that always goes upstairs with me to bed. Some of my yarn stash is kept in the suitcase at the end of my bed. Next to my pillow is an A4 spiral bound notebook along with my laptop, my tablet, and my smartphone. It is not unheard of for me to wake up with an idea, draw it in my notebook, get hooks and yarn out to try it, then compare the prices of appropriate yarn on different sites: Love Crochet, and a few others. A few clicks, pay by PayPal and hey presto! A project is born. I also have three small hooks on my keyring and a ball of very fine yarn in my bag in case I finish my WIP.

    Clearing my stash, I filled eight 64 litre crates just by emptying what was on two small sofas … I found hooks I had lost that included a set of extension Tunisian hooks, and the bag of small hooks. I now have 83 hooks ranging in age from 1890 to yesterday, and from
    0.5 mm to 20 mm, in metal, bamboo, plastic and acrylic. I have a similar collection of knitting needles including my Addi Clix set of circulars.

    Do you think this might just possibly border on addiction … ?

  25. Joann Toth says:

    Yes, I am an addict, to crocheting (and to yarn)! But I only purchase when on sale, what I like, for a project. No, I am an addict! Sorry I just admitted it to myself! Anyway I also put each project in a tote bag with needle and instructions so I can grab and go. Makes my life easier. When I travel with projects, I or when they are large projects I do use the plastic bags for comforters to pack it all together or for extra yarn. I also have a note book with patterns in it with protective sleeves to keep each pattern together. Works wonderfully well because you don’t loose sheets to your patterns and they don’t blow away or get messed up.

  26. Cat says:

    Guilty of all the above but naming and getting in troubke in class.
    I can’t oeave the house without WILS and PIGS. I have so many PIGS put together already plus a list with pictures of the stitch I plan to use on my next project, the color and size, brand and hook that I’ll use for the next 273 (and counting) projects. I also have all of the yarns that I need, neatly arranged by color and at the ready. I have a whole wall in our spare bedroom (my yarn room) filled with every kind and color and weight of yarn from all over the county and the world. I touch it, stare at it, smell it and dream of it. The mailman waits to see my yarns now because I showed him what he delivers to me since one day when my husband wasn’t at home so I had to show someone how beautiful it is. I sketch, list, photograph and take pictures of future beautiful gifts, charity donations, and clothes, scarves, vests, slippers, tunics, dresses, jackets, coats and on and on. I have been crocheting for sixe decades and hope the good Lord lets me live long enough to finish my lists and PIGS and WIPS. Just incase, in my will, three friends who use different kinds of yarns are provided for just so the yarn gets used, even if I’m not the one whi gets to use it. I LOVE YARN!!!!!! Long live crochet! I have taught several neices and friends daughters to crochet to keep the craft alive. Enjoy all you addicts!
    My name is Cat and I’m a crochet addict. 😄

  27. Cat says:

    Correction from Cat;
    I don’t leave the house without WIPS and PIGS ( projects in grocery sacks).😊

  28. Maggie says:

    My name is Maggie and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a yarn and crochet addict. I’ve literally run out of room for my yarn. As anyone who has seen my stash on my lovecrochet projects would know. I’ve discovered a way to get my fix, yarn cakes. Hubby noticed that one part of my stash looked like it had grown, I told him I just rearranged it. He knows. I also have double sets of my Tulip crochet hooks. One set I use the others are for looking at. I know, I’ve got it bad.

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