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Win Over £100 Worth of Yarn!

What are you crocheting this summer? Are you taking your projects on a holiday vacation? Tell us what you’re working on and you can win more than £100 worth of yarn!


For this simple competition, all you have to do is upload a project that you’re currently working on. The project must have a title, image(s), a written description, the relevant yarn and pattern attached, and it must use the HotTag #YARNVENTURE.

The full terms and conditions are here.

Enter from now until the 31st of August for your chance to win a massive stash of yarn worth over £100! Get started now!

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28 Responses to Win Over £100 Worth of Yarn!

  1. Heather Vallee says:

    ßone of my tank tios have shrunk in the laundry and become too short. Rather then throw them away I have started to crochet edging to attach to the bottom of them which makes them the length they should be!

  2. Lola Walker says:

    I am crocheting a Boston fern plant and planter.

  3. Maureen Catlow says:

    I have just begun a dinasaur for a friends little boy. Since last fall I have been on a crochet binge and made many toys. I will be giving them to charitycome December. I wish i had taken photos of them all in a group.

  4. Lynn says:

    My grandmother crochet me a blanket with the granny squares it’s been a long time since I’ve tried to crochet but seeing all the free patterns and the dreamy yarn I’m going to give it try I would love ❤️ to win the yarn I could make more than on thank you

  5. Susan Channing says:

    I’m knitting squares sewing the squares together then I’m crocheting around them to make blankets for Dog Rescue Centres … will be Winter again in just 3months’ time ! But I’m disabled and 1 blanket isn’t enough !

  6. Cynthia Carstens says:

    Chemo caps for charity

  7. Julie Jammeh says:

    I’m currently working on octopus for premature babies.

  8. Marie Witt says:

    I am working on a C2C Cheshire Cat blanket 🙂

  9. Litl Bits says:

    I’ve just finished a “circle vest” – very colorful – for my granddaughter….and I have a “blanket sweater/shrug” on my hooks. I also am about to start a summer tank top. Though, since it’s so hot, I’m wondering if I’ll be able to finish that while it’s still summer!
    Busy, busy. I’m also eyeing some beautiful Christmas baubles – something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years.

    I would SO love to win a stash of yarn! Because I’ve been going through my stash lately – and, as we all know, we NEVER, ever have enough yarn! Yup! I’m “hooked”!!!

    recently I saw an article titled something like “How to tell if your a yarn addict”. Well, of COURSE I am! I just love getting a new stash of yarn delivered to my home….I “dig” in – but s-l-o-w-l-y because I just want that wonderful happy feeling to last as long as it can…soft, squishy, just nothing like it, right?

  10. Mary Howell says:

    I am working on hats for cancer patients. I make during the summer and donate in the fall. I am a cancer survivor and want to give back.
    I am also working on a big afghan for my great nephew for Christmas.

  11. Stacey Lefler says:

    I am making a “Your an Angle” afghan for my great nieces Christmas presents. I have made all my grand and great grand children on of these, totaling 22 in all. I also crochet their name in it to make it personal for them.
    I found this pattern in the Vanna White’s book of afghans. They make wonderful gifts.
    I would love to win some yarn as I have another grand child due in December..

  12. Chrystal Leskowsky says:

    I’m working on a pair of shark slippers for a friend of mine while also working on a cute purple hippo pillow for my husband.

  13. Patti says:

    I am presently working on a hooded baby blanket & if it’s too hot am crocheting hats for the service men/women to send in the fall.

  14. Davina roche says:

    I working on a crochet jacket for myself

  15. Kim Abel says:

    #yarnventure currently working on octopuses for prem babies and i love making them

  16. I am currently crocheting “Dish in a Pond”. The colors are Blue. I have made many baby blankets in the last 6 months. I am new to this website and would love to win. I am also looking forward to new patterns.

  17. Joanne Brogan says:

    Working on a large afghan for a soon to be married couple. Her favorite color is lavender so it is that color and a deep purple.
    Soon to make some prayer shawls for church.

  18. Victoria Legler says:

    I’m working on elephant pillow for my niece and princess blanket for my great niece

  19. Marion Muir says:

    I’ve just finished another Schmetterwurm shawl in Tunisian crochet – I love this method of crochet. I made this shawl for myself a few months ago, but unfortunately my daughter Fiona saw it, tried it on and it exactly matched the top she was wearing and that was the last I saw of it! I changed the colours slightly in the new one, but I’ll have to find a good hiding place!

  20. Maria says:

    Just finished a doily. Original has broken thread so I recreated it. Has 6 pineapples. I love crocheting pineapple doilies.

  21. Tracie lee Wooldridge-hosszu says:

    Hi , I live in Adelaide Australia and are crochet a hexagal blanket for my daughter as it’s freezing as it’s between crochet blankets for the rspca to keep all the animals warm.

  22. Kim Lawson says:

    A beautiful baby bobble blanket, with words that describe the new addition e.g. Adorable, cute, wonderful etc. crocheted with red heart baby steps bought from Love Crochet.

  23. shelly easton says:

    I’m going to crochet some bunting for a new member of our family and a tiny pineapple, cuase I love pineapples!

  24. I am working on a little amigurumi dog 🙂

  25. I am working on a cute little amigurumi dog 🙂

  26. Linda Milligan says:

    I’m working on a lapghan with my scrap yarn’s. Many colors to reminisce about to what did I make out of this color and that color. My Simple Lapghan has simple hdc and my own simple pattern.

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